Salt Water vs Chlorine Water

Most people would like to know the difference between Chlorine pools and saltwater pools. Even though the pools might not look different to some people, there are some factors that make the difference.

The main factors include maintenance, cost and the health of people using the pool. Below are some of the differences between salt water pools vs. chlorine pools.

Saltwater Pools vs. Chlorine Pools

Saltwater Pool

Several people consider saltwater pools over chlorine pools due to the benefits they provide. One main benefit of these pools is that they have less chlorine. Here are some of the factors to consider when choosing a salt water pool.

Cost: The initial cost of putting up a saltwater pool is the main factor that keeps people away. You need a big budget for buying salt water generator or a saltwater chlorinator among other accessories for the pool. Happily, after the installation, the cost of running the pool is relatively cheap.

Maintenance: One advantage of a saltwater pool is the low cost of maintenance. Unlike the chlorine pools, saltwater pools need very little maintenance. The pH level of salt water pool does not matter like that of a chlorine pool.

Health: Saltwater pools are good for your body and skin health compared to chlorine pools. Although most people think salt water pools have a lot of salt, the amount is very low. Chlorine is a harmful element that can hurt your eyes and damage the clothes. Actually, salt water is good for the hair and the skin. It helps to replace damaged cells and also serve as a moisturizer.

However, do not consider to get a salt water pool if:

You have a metal pool. The walls and the lining of a metal pool can be destroyed by the salt water and damage the entire pool.

Your deck is wooden. The salt water can be too harsh on your wooden decks. With wooden pool decks, you need to stick with the chlorine pool.

Pros of Having a Saltwater Pool

  • Cheaper to run than a chlorine pool
  • The pool need less maintenance
  • Good for the skin and hair

Cons of Having a Salt Water Pool

  • High installation cost
  • Not a good one for all types of pool
  • Do not kill bacteria fast

Chlorine Pool

The most common pools you may get are the chlorine pools. This is because they are easy to set up and efficient for many people. Below are the main factors to consider if you want to have a chlorine pool.

Cost: The main reason why chlorine pools are popular is that the initial set up cost is very low compared to saltwater pools.

Maintenance: Although the value of having a chlorine pool is cheaper, the cost of maintenance is very high. The pH level is high thus it is important to keep maintaining the pool. So, with a chlorine pool, you need a good pool cleaner and monitor the pH levels every week.

Pros of Having a Chlorine Pool

Cons of Having a Chlorine Pool

  • More expensive to maintain
  • Need a lot of work to maintain
  • You are more likely to get a green pool


When choosing a pool, both of them have pros and cons. Hence, it is always important to pick one that suits your needs.

If you want to use less money on the setup or a metal lining pool, a chlorine pool is the best for you.