It’s an unfortunate truth that many people avoid sitting outside due to conventional deck furniture hurting their backs. They simply aren’t comfortable sitting in most outdoor chairs because most outdoor chairs put undue pressure on people’s lower backs. We say most because some outdoor chairs are designed to relieve the pressure on a person’s back and these chairs are aptly called zero gravity outdoor chairs.

These pieces of furniture are designed in such a way that they take the pressure of the sitter’s lower back, allowing them to enjoy their outdoor spaces for longer periods. Since we want all of our readers to be able to enjoy their outdoor spaces without worrying about back pain, we’ve decided to review some of the best zero-gravity outdoor chairs currently being manufactured. Chairs that are sturdy, stylish, and above all else, are comfortable.

Best Zero Gravity Outdoor Chairs

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5Goldsun Oversize Extra-Large Lounge Chair


This chair is designed to meet the needs of just about anyone who purchases it. It’s a great zero gravity outdoor chair that’s larger than most other lounge chairs, and it’s this feature above all else that makes it comfortable. This product is approximately 71-inches long, 31.5-inches wide, and 45-inches high.

It’s a chair that is capable of supporting weight up to 350-pounds thanks to its rectangular steel tubes that are designed to hold up to a lot of pressure. This product also has a fully padded back and seat, which when coupled with the zero-gravity design of this product, makes this one of the easiest chairs to lounge in. This is a chair that relieves stress off of the lower back, allowing the sitter to sit for longer periods.

This chair is not only equipped with lumbar support but is also equipped with headrest support. That allows the sitter to kick back and feel like they’re sitting on a cloud. Another feature we liked about this chair is that it came with a large ABS cup holder that allows the consumer to not only lounge in style, but also enjoy a cold beverage while they’re doing it. And this cup holder is built into a detachable side tray that can be used for setting a sandwich or other food item.

4Amazon Basics Folding Lounge Chair


For consumers who aren’t looking for an over-sized extra-large chair designed to accommodate heavier people, this product is ready to fit their needs. This product is capable of holding up to 200-pounds thanks to its steel frame that’s not only durable but is also powder-coated to hold up to just about any weather conditions. Over this steel frame is strung a weather-resistant fabric that’s made out of Textilene, a fabric that’s designed to hold up well against sun, rain, wind, and snow. This high-quality fabric is strung to the frame using a double bungee support system. This support system prevents sagging and ripping that can occur with other chairs.

These chairs also come in a variety of different colors that allow the consumer to match them to their outdoor decor. Some of the colors this chair is available in include beige, burgundy, black, or blue. Each of these chairs is 43.3-inches long, 25.5-inches wide, and 35.5-inches high. We also liked the fact that these chairs had padded arm-rests and head-rests that keep the sitter nice and comfortable. And finally, this product is only 16.5-pounds, so it’s quite easy for the consumer to put into or take out of storage, or to take over to a friend’s house.

3Coastrail Oversized Chair With Wood Armrest


Another oversized zero gravity outdoor chair set that we appreciated was this one from Coast rail. This is a product that’s capable of supporting up to a 400-pound weight capacity and can do it while ensuring the consumer is as comfortable as possible. This set is approximately 33.5-inches by 21.6-inches by 44.9-inches when it’s set up, and it has a folded size of 37.8-inches by 5.9-inches by 33.1-inches. This product’s seat is approximately 26-inches wide, which is considered extra-wide, and this chair has a total weight capacity of twenty-five pounds. This is a chair that’s sturdy enough to hold up to just about anything the consumer throws at it.

This product has a frame that’s made out of tube steel with a polyester cover. It’s capable of reclining from 0-degrees to 170-degrees and can be locked into positions along the way using the chair’s infinite locking system. These chairs are also equipped with extra-large wood armrests that are comfortable for the sitter to use, a removable side tray that has a cupholder built into it, and an adjustable foam-padded pillow that’s approximately 16.5-inches by 7.5-inches. When you put all of these features together, it’s easy to see why this zero-gravity outdoor chair made our list. It’s a quality product worth a good look.

2Best Choice Products Folding Lounge Chair


From its frame-up, it’s easy to tell that this is a quality zero-gravity lounge chair. It’s made with a steel frame that’s capable of holding approximately 250-pounds of weight, and it has a UV-resistant Texteline mesh that’s not only designed to resist sun fading but is also resistant to snow, rain, and sleet. This product has a locking reclining system that allows the person sitting in it to glide to a zero-gravity position and lock that position into place. Because the Texteline mesh is attached to the frame using replaceable elastic cords, they’re capable of adjusting to the body as the sitter reclines. This allows the person sitting in the chair to remain comfortable as if the chair was cradling them.

Something that makes this chair stand out from the rest of the chairs out there, however, is the small features that can be found on it. For example, this chair has a headrest that supports the consumers’ neck but can be replaced if need be. It also features an adjustable canopy that can be used to help the consumer keep sunlight off of his or her’s face. It’s also a lightweight model that’s equipped with a cup holder tray for holding lunch and a drink.

1Best Choice Products 2-Person Double Wide Chair


Another chair from Best Choice Products that we enjoyed was this double-wide model that’s designed to seat two people. This is a product that’s 35-inches long, 50-inches wide, and 37-inches high and can support up to two people for a total weight capacity of 450-pounds. This chair can also be reclined to a full 160-degrees, so the people sitting in this chair can lounge for long periods without having to worry about it hurting their back. It’s for these reasons alone that this chair belongs on our list.

It’s also worth mentioning that this chair is not only easy to sit in, but it’s also easy to move. It has a foldable design and lightweight that allows it to be taken from one place to another quickly and easily. That’s primarily because this chair has a frame that’s made from aluminum. And because this chair is available in colors that include beige, orange, or brown, there’s likely a chair that will fit in with just about anyone’s home décor.


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