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Have you avoided sitting poolside because you were afraid that your MP3 player would get soaked? Are you afraid that your player will end up taking a dunk in the pool or even in your bathtub at home? If you are, then you might want to consider getting a player that’s more suited to moist or even wet environments. You should consider getting a waterproof mp3 player.

Yes, thanks to advances in modern technology they now make waterproof music player units that can be brought to the pool, to the beach or anyplace else where there’s a reasonable chance that it will get wet. And you can do so without having to worry if the player you just bought was going to be killed by a little bit of water.

Of course, when it comes to underwater mp3 player systems, not all of them are equal. Some of them are waterproof and some of them are merely water-resistant. The difference is that some can get a little bit of water on them and some of them can be dunked.

Whether the unit is water-resistant or waterproof isn’t the only thing you need to consider. There are a lot of different designs out there and each of them brings something different to the party. You have to sort out the really good models from the not-so-good models before you can even consider purchasing one of them. In order to do that, we’re going to have to do a couple of things first.

The first thing we’ll need to do is to see which ones are the most highly rated waterproof mp3 players available and then we can go over some of the things you should look for when purchasing a new player. With that in mind, let’s get started.

Best Waterproof MP3 Players

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1Underwater Audio Waterproof iPod Shuffle


This waterproof player starts off as a 2-Gigabyte Apple Ipod shuffle, which Underwater Audio then waterproofs. The result is a music player that can be worn while you’re swimming without any problems whatsoever. In fact, some swimmers place them in their goggle straps so they can listen to music while their doing their laps in the pool.

This player is not only lightweight but also produces good quality music. It also charges fairly quickly, so you don’t have to wait around too long before it can deliver your tunes. It’s an mp3 player for swimming that consistently gets good reviews among swimmers.

2Audio Flood Waterproof iPod Shuffle With True Short Cord Headphones


This waterproof iPod is a model that seems to be consistently getting praise. That’s probably because this swimming MP3 Player offers two Gigabytes of music storage, which is over 500 songs, and has fifteen hours of battery life. But the best thing about this player is that it’s waterproof up to 200-feet.

This iPod also comes in a variety of colors and is paired with true short cord headphones. You can wear this player while you’re doing laps in the pool or while lounging beach-side. It’s a player that should provide the beat to your aquatic workouts.

3Underwater Audio Swim buds Headphones and 8 GB MP3 Player


This MP3 player is not only waterproof, up to ten feet of water, but also stores 8 gigabytes of music—which is approximately two thousand songs. This player supports both MP3 and WMA audio formats and is compatible with both Windows and Mac computer systems. This set doesn’t just come with an MP3 player, however.

It also comes with short cord earbuds and earbud tips. Now you can listen to music while you’re in your pool or while hanging out poolside with your friends. Of course, it doesn’t have to just be used in water, you can also wear it on dry land if you wish.

4Diver Waterproof Music Play 4 GB With Waterproof Earphones


This high-quality MP3 player comes in either pink or blue and has 4-gigabytes of built-in storage. That’s more than a thousand songs which can be stored on this unit. This player features a rechargeable battery, is plug-n-play and comes with a USB so it can be hooked up to either a Mac or a Windows PC.

This player is capable of staying submerged for up to 24-hours without being damaged by the water and is easy to clip to swim goggles or a headband so you can listen to music while you are doing laps without fear of losing the player.

5Diver Pink 4 GB MP3 Player With Earphones


Designed for swimmers and athletes who lead busy lifestyles, this music player features an LCD screen and can last for up to 24-hours underwater. It also comes with waterproof earphones that complement this player. This player has a clip that allows it to be clipped to your favorite pair of goggles, so you don’t lose them and is designed to handle the rigors of day to day life without breaking.

This unit weighs approximately 21-grams and is compatible with Mac and PC systems. However, the best thing about this unit is that it will hold up to a thousand songs and also has a built-in FM radio.

6Sigomatech 8 GB MP3 Player With Short Cord Headphones


Designed to be 100% waterproof, this MP3 player holds up to 8-gigabytes of music in either the MP3, WMA and WAV formats. It has a nice clip-back design that allows it be clipped to either a swimmer’s cap or goggle straps so it isn’t lost during laps.

It’s small, lightweight size is perfect to take it along for not only swimming but for any physical activity. This unit is waterproof up to 10-feet and comes with short cord headphones. This is a good unit for listening to hours of music poolside or for taking with you on long runs.

7Sony 4 GB Sports MP3 Player


This 4-GB Bluetooth sports headset is not only from a trusted name in consumer electronics—Sony—but also has a number of features which make it the right MP3 player for people who lead an active lifestyle. This player is waterproof and features a wrap-around-the-ear design that keeps it in your ears while you’re listening to your favorite songs.

This model can also be used for streaming music or to take hands-free calls while you’re running or swimming. It might not be the best unit currently available but it’s still one that’s quite serviceable for day-to-day use.

8Tayogo Waterproof 8 GB Music Player With Headphones


This MP3 player has a unique design that features a plastic and very flexible headband with earbuds sticking out of it. This design allows them to stay on your head through all forms of physical activity. This unit also features up to 8-gigabytes of memory, which is approximately two thousand songs and it supports a number of different music formats.

It’s also waterproof and heatproof as well. One of the best things about this unit, however, is that it is very portable and very convenient to take with you while you’re working out. It’s a unit that seems made for those with busy lifestyles.

9AGPTek S05 8 GB Waterproof Player With Waterproof Ear Buds


This AGPTek Waterproof player is 100% waterproof and can even be submerged in salt water if it’s rinsed after use. This unit produces high-quality sound with deep bass and clear treble and can support a number of different formats from MP3, WMA, WAV, OGG and Flac formats.

This player provides 18 to 22 hours of playback, on a full charge, and is easy to operate. Since it holds about 8-gigabytes of songs, the average person will be able to store approximately two thousand or so songs on this device. This player can be used while running, jogging, swimming or working out.


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Choosing a MP3 Player That’s Waterproof

waterproof mp3 playerHow do you determine which MP3 player is right for you?

Well, about the only way to find out is to do your research but it does help to know some of the things you need to look for when shopping for one of these miraculous water-resistant players.

The Waterproof Design

One of the most difficult aspects of buying a player that’s waterproof is finding out just exactly what that term means to the manufacturer when they use it. Some manufacturers will state that a certain device is waterproof up to 10-feet, while others will be somewhat vague concerning the details of their product.

Try to only buy brands that explicitly state how waterproof their design actually is. Just be aware that most models won’t be waterproof at a depth of more than 10-feet.

Technical Features

As an MP3 player, the device you choose should be able to do some very basic things—whether or not it’s a waterproof player or not. Some of these features include a pause capability, a shuffle capability, playback mode, and repeat.

Some MP3 players also have repeat current track, shuffle and shuffle playlist. You’ll want to find a player that has all of the features you need to listen to your music the way you want to listen to it.

Music Format Compatibility

You also want to choose a MP3 player that will play your favorite songs in your preferred format. Some of the more popular formats include MP3, WMV, WAV, FLACC and a number of other ones. Just be sure that you choose a player that will support your music library.

Storage Capacity

Another thing that’s important to consider is just how much storage the player provides. Most of the more popular players supply at least 8-gigabytes of storage but others supply a little more or less. If you want to know how many songs will fit on a player with a certain amount of storage, then consult the list below:

  • 1 GB: Approximately 250 songs
  • 2 GB: Approximately 500 songs
  • 4 GB: Approximately 1,000 songs
  • 8 GB: Approximately 2,000 songs
Size, Shape & Button Configuration

Another thing that you seriously need to consider is the size and button configuration of the MP3 you’re thinking of buying. You want to buy a model that’s small enough to carry around with you comfortable but isn’t so small that it has almost no battery life.

You also want to consider the shape of the player. Will it be comfortable to wear or will it irritate you throughout the day? Is it small enough that I won’t even know I’m wearing it or is it kind of bulky? All of these are questions that have to be answered.

You’ll also want to examine the button configuration on the player. Are you going to be able to easily push the buttons while you are doing other activities? Are the buttons easy to access? Will you accidentally hit the wrong button throughout the day? These are also questions that you need to answer to yourself before you decide on a player.

Battery Life

Another thing that really needs to be considered is battery life. On average, most MP3 players will have anywhere from six to eight hours of battery life. If a particular MP3 player doesn’t provide at least that amount of battery life, then it’s probably not worth buying.

A Few Final Thoughts

Well, that concludes this article on purchasing an MP3 that’s waterproof. Now that we’ve gone over some of the more popular models that are currently on the market and described all of their features, I hope that you have found what you’ve been looking for.

At the very least, we hope that the section on choosing a music player will give you a road-map to purchasing one of these remarkable devices.

In the past, it wasn’t even possible to buy a waterproof music player. And when they finally did come out with waterproof models, they didn’t really withstand water all that much.

Fortunately, the models that are being produced today are some of the best ones to have ever hit the market. They not only withstand water but they can now do it at greater and greater depths.