It’s hard to believe, but there was a point in time when the only option a person had for cleaning their pool was to use a pool net to remove debris or hire a pool cleaning company. This lasted until pool cleaners equipped with suction began to hit the market and gave pool owners everywhere the exact tool they needed to get their pool crystal clean and ready for the summer season.

Now, these cleaners can be found virtually everywhere with dozens of different companies manufacturing their own versions. And this can create somewhat of a dilemma for most pool owners. How can you find the best suction pool cleaners among the many available? That’s easy. All you have to do is check out our top ten recommendations below, and choose the model that suits your needs.

Best Suction Pool Cleaners

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10Hayward The Pool Cleaner 2-Wheel Vacuum


This Hayward automatic suction pool cleaner is capable of cleaning a pool up to 16×32-feet in size and it’s capable of doing that thanks to its unique design features. For instance, this model features a 2-wheel drive, and patented tire treads that allow this model to move around obstacles and to climb surfaces. It also features a roller skirt that’s completely adjustable and allows this vacuum to maintain constant suction, even when it comes across uneven surfaces. Other features found on this model include pre-programmed steering sequences, self-adjusting turbine vanes for increased power, and interchangeable throats for varied suction performance.

9Hayward AquaNaut Automatic Pool Cleaner


A number of different design features come together in this automatic pool cleaner to give it the ability to clean a variety of different pool types. Designed exclusively to be used with variable speed pumps, this model can navigate just about any surface and has the climbing power to move around obstacles and clean walls. It has a 4-wheel drive and large tire treads that give it a lot of maneuverability, and it maintains a constant amount of suction throughout its entire cleaning job. Additional features found on this model include V-Flex technology that prevents clogs, pre-programmed steering sequences and a roller skirt that minimizes suction loss.

8Zodiac Baracuda G3 Pool Cleaner


A number of exciting features can be found on this familiar looking but innovative suction pool cleaner. It’s designed with a diaphragm that’s designed to hold up to long-term use and is also capable of delivering the movement that this unit needs to properly operate. This vacuum will pick up all different types of debris, from small grains of sand to medium loads of wet leaves. It’s capable of traversing the length of just about any pool and will clean not only pool floors but will also clean stairs and walls as well. And because it’s equipped with a wheel deflector, it’s even capable of navigating tight corners.

7Vingli In-Ground Pool Sweeper


Designed to be used with 3/4-HP up to 3-HP pool pumps, this pool sweeper can be used by a lot of different inground pool owners. It’s easy to set up, and once properly set up, it performs exceptionally well. This model is capable of sucking up a variety of different types of debris including dirt, sand, hair, and even wet leaves. It’s designed to be inexpensive and to provide the power the pool owner needs without being extremely noisy. And because of its unique design, it’s capable of not only cleaning the pool’s floor but can also be used to clean stairs and walls, too.

6Zodiac Baracuda Automatic Inground Pool Cleaner


This pool vacuum is designed to be used with inground pools that use variable speed pool pumps. It’s capable of cleaning a pool well, but it does it with its own unique low-flow design that utilizes the strengths of the pool pump. This model uses cyclonic suction and an articulating turbine blade that allows it to eagerly climb vertical walls. It also features quick-connect swiveling hoses that are easy to use. Included with this system are a 90-degree twist-lock elbow, a flow regulator valve, a hose protector and a hose float. That’s just about everything needed to begin your pool cleaning adventure.

5Pentair K60430 Kreepy Krauly Kruiser


For a relatively inexpensive pool cleaner, this model does do a great job. That’s because it’s a blend of proven design features that’s been mixed in with some innovative features. For example, it has an extra-wide mouth that’s designed to collect a large amount of debris without choking, and yet it’s still capable of delivering great suction. It’s also equipped with a built-in bumper that allows it to move around ladders and stairs quite easy. This allows this automatic device to move freely around the pool, sucking up everything it comes across. And that allows for a much cleaner pool.

4Hayward 2025ADC XL Pool Vac


Hayward has been making pool vacuums for over 3 decades now, so it shouldn’t be too much of a surprise that they’ve created so many good products. And one of their products that really deserves attention is the 2025 ADC. This model is designed with wall climbing abilities that allow it to adequately clean a number of different pool types. It also has a suction path that’s been enhanced, so pool cleaning is quicker and easier than ever before. And because it’s easy to install, this unit can be hooked up in 10-minutes or less, so the pool owner can immediately begin their journey towards a cleaner pool.

3Intey Automatic Pool Cleaner


Everything needed for a cleaner pool is included with this cleaner. It’s easy to assemble, and once assembled, it’s quite easy to use. It’s designed to not only remove wet leaves out of the pool but is designed to remove a variety of different types of debris including hair, sand, and dirt. This suction-side pool cleaner has a transparent cabin that allows the pool owner to see what’s being trapped and easily remove it from the vacuum. And since this model uses a flipper and not a diaphragm to move along the pool, it’s less likely to get clogged up like comparable models.

2Pentair K50600 Kreepy Krauly EZ-Vac


This product’s name is quite suitable considering how it works. This model does kind of creep along the bottom of the pool sucking all different types of debris up with a powerful suction that few other pool vacuum models can match. Since this model only has one operational part that moves, it can perform longer than more complicated devices. It has no gears that need to be serviced, and no wheels that need to be replaced. It just crawls along the pool’s floor, and really sucks up everything it comes across. And because it has a skimming valve, it maintains proper cleaning speed at all times.

1Zodiac MX8 Suction-Side Cleaner


This suction pool cleaner is equipped with a number of useful technologies all encased in one cool looking unit. This product has cyclonic vacuum technology that provides a high level of suction and is designed to be directly connected to either a 1.5-inch vacuum line or to a skimmer. This cleaner also features X-Drive technology, which allows it to navigate the floors and walls of a pool without hanging up. And because it’s also equipped with X-Trax tires, it’s able to maneuver in a variety of different ways and can even handle vertical wall or extremely tight pool corners.

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A Guide To Suction Pool Cleaners

Suction pool cleaners use the suction that the pool pump uses to pool dirty water out of the pool so that it can be filtered to create a vacuum that cleans debris out of the pool. These tools are easy to set up and use and provide the pool owner with a powerful tool that enables them to get their pool nice and clean.

Unfortunately, it can be difficult for many pool owners to choose just one of these cleaners because there are so many available nowadays, but we thought we would make the buying process a little bit easier. We’re going to do that by listing some of the features that pool owners should be on the lookout for when they’re buying the best suction-side cleaner for their pool. Let’s get started.

Choosing The Best Suction Pool Cleaners

There are a few things that consumers might want to consider when they’re shopping for a new suction-side cleaner. The following recommendations are some of the most important things to consider and are the ones that will usually mean the difference between the consumer getting a good cleaner and ending up disappointed.

Is It Compatible With The Pool?

The first thing that the pool owner is going to want to think about is whether a particular model is right for their swimming pool or not. Not all pools can use these types of cleaners either because their pool pump isn’t powerful enough or their pump doesn’t have a way to hook up an external cleaner. After finding out that the cleaner can be used with a particular pump, the pool owner should then make sure that they have enough hose to hook the cleaner up and allow it to reach every part of their pool. And finally, the pool owner should look at the specific cleaner model and make sure it works with their type of pools. Some cleaners are designed to be used with all pools, while other models can’t be used on vinyl or fiberglass pools. It’s up to the consumer to determine which one they have.

Determine Debris Removal Needs

Another thing the consumer needs to think about is whether the pool vacuum they’re considering will handle the amount of debris in their pool. As a general rule, most suction-side pool cleaners can remove debris such as dead bugs and small leaves quite well. However, some models may struggle with sucking up that type of debris. The pool owner should also consider the amount of debris that ends up their pool to ensure that a suction-side pool cleaner is appropriate. Pools that end up with a lot of leaf debris might need an alternative solution that is capable of handling large amounts of debris.

Choose An Automatic Or Manual Cleaner

The next thing for pool owners to consider is whether they need a manual or an automatic pool cleaner. With manual cleaners, the consumer has to pull the vacuum around the pool and guide it towards the debris they want to clean up. Automatic models, on the other hand, don’t require user intervention and can operate on their own. Some of them are even capable of climbing walls thanks to diverters and other special design features.

Consider The Cleaner’s Cost

It’s also extremely important to consider the cost of the unit before they run out and buy one. Some models are fairly inexpensive and work quite well, and other models are very expensive. So the consumer needs to consider their budget before they make a final decision on which suction-side pool cleaner is right for them.

Suction-Side Pool Cleaner Maintenance Tips

Once the pool owner has purchased the best suction-side pool cleaner for their pool, they are going to want to make sure that they take care of it. Although most of these cleaners are fairly easy to maintain, the consumer still needs to ensure that they perform some basic maintenance regularly to keep their cleaner in good working condition. If the cleaner isn’t maintained, then it’s most likely to fail and the consumer may end up replacing it sooner than they would’ve liked. Therefore, just about all pool owners are going to want to perform the following steps to ensure their cleaner remains in good working condition.

  • For long-term storage, be sure that all hose sections are disconnected.
  • For long-term storage, ensure that all hose sections are laid flat.
  • Always store the cleaner’s hoses and head out of the sun and in a safe location.
  • The cleaner shouldn’t be left on all of the time. 2-3 hours a day is long enough for most pools.
  • Remove the cleaner before using the pool.
  • Remove the cleaner before shocking the pool.