Best Pool Filter Sand of 2019 – Reviews

Even though the sand that can be found in many pool filters are an essential part used to keep pool water clean, it’s also a subject that often causes confusion among pool owners. That’s because not everyone knows how sand works in the pool’s filter system for water purification. And it’s also because no one has really made it clear what the difference is between filter sand and other mediums used in many above ground pools.

Fortunately, we’re going to cut through some of that confusion with this guide on buying the best pool filter sand. We’ve done quite a bit of research on the subject and have found ten products that seem to do the best job filtering sediment from pool water when they’re used properly in a suitable pool filter system. Now everyone can buy the best product for their pool setup.

Best Pool Filter Sand

10Fairmount Minerals #20 Grade Silica Sand


This high-quality filter media is designed to remove the containments out of the pool’s water efficiently and effectively. It’s manufactured from 100% natural #20 silica sand that’s easy to backwash and is chemical-free. This product is designed to be safe for the environment and is designed to never channel or clog in the filter. This product will filter out dust and dirt particles, algae, hair, body oils, leaves and insects out of the water. This will leave the water sparkling clean and ready for people to swim in. When used as part of a regular pool maintenance routine, does a great job at cleaning just about any pool that uses a sand filter.

9Mystic White II Swimming Pool Sand


Designed exclusively for the pool filters that are used with above ground and inground pools, Mystic White pool filter sand is ready to restore pool water back to its former glory. At the factory, this sand is screened very carefully using the proper equipment and is graded to the correct grade for use in residential swimming pool filter systems. This prevents large pieces of sand from clogging up the system and allows for the best purification possible. This also means that this sand doesn’t ball, pack or channel like some other cheaper filter sands may tend to do in filters.

8HTH 67074 50-Pound Filter Sand


When used with a proper pool maintenance schedule, this product is capable of really keeping a person’s swimming pool nice and clean. It comes in 50-pound bags that are easy to pour and easy to use, and they are always ready for use. This filter media is composed of #20 silica sand that does an amazing job at filtering dead organic components and other forms of sediment out of swimming pool water. This product can be used equally well for fresh water filtering systems as it can for filtering systems used with saltwater pools and it’s made in the U.S according to strict standards.

7HTH 61300 50-Pound Filter Sand


Specifically created to be used in sand filter systems for above ground pools, inground pools or spas, this filter media is ready to remove all of the impurities from your pool’s water. It’s a non-toxic formula that’s made of at least 87% crystalline silica, so it can filter out a variety of containments from your pool’s water. It’s packaged in 50-pound bags that are easy to store until they’re ready to be used and are easy to pour when it’s time to add the sand to the filter system. This product is also made in the United States and can be used with either fresh or saltwater pools.

6ZeoSand Swimming Pool Filter Media


ZeoSand is a product that’s made with natural crystalline minerals that mimic the filtering properties of sand but is designed to be more efficient. 50-pounds of this product is supposed to replace 100-pounds of filter sand in any pool filtering system that uses sand as its medium. It’s high-surface area and irregular crystalline shell structure, makes it extremely effective for trapping fine containments and it’s capable of even trapping ammonium compounds caused by decomposing organic material in your pool water. And since it also removes chloramines, water filter by this medium is less likely to burn the eyes.

5Quickrete Swimming Pool Sand


Quikrete may be a brand that’s well known for making concrete and pavement gravel, but fewer people realize that they also make pretty good sand for swimming pool filters. This silica sand has a 20/40 graduation, so it’s properly graded to be used in the sand filter systems of above ground and/or inground swimming pools. This product comes in 50-pound bags, and its fine grade allows it to filter out a variety of harmful chemicals out of the pool’s water. This restores the pool’s balance and allows the pool owner to swim in sparkling clean water that they know is safe.

4In The Swim Filterballs Pool Filter Media


Another sand replacement, this pool filter media is designed to provide the same quality of filtering as ordinary sand in the typical sand pool filter. One pound of these high-quality filter balls are designed to be a replacement for up to 100-pounds of number twenty silica sand. By using this product, the pool filter has a lower working pressure, and that results in less energy being consumed by the system. Each pound of this product is designed to provide 45% greater flow rates than systems that use sand, and it’s also designed to last for up to 4-years at a time. And since this media holds more contaminants, fewer backwashes are usually needed.

3Caribbean Blue Sand Assist Filter Aid


To avoid confusion, it should be noted that Caribbean Blue Sand Assist isn’t designed to be a replacement to pool filter sand. No, the person using this product will still need to buy sand for their pool filter. The purpose of this product is to help enhance the properties of that sand, so it does a better job. It’s capable of doing this by penetrating the sand with a polymer formula that enhances its efficiency. One 6-ounce package of this product is enough to help sand filter 100,000 gallons of water. And it’s a good product for restoring water quality after heavy rains or when the filter media needs a little bit of help.

2Rx Clear White Luster Filter Media


This product is another filter media that isn’t sand but is designed to be used in sand pool filters. It’s an eco-friendly media that’s made from polyethylene that can filter pool water down to 3-microns. This enables this product to remove sediment and dead organisms from the pool’s water quickly and efficiently. Another advantage to this product over sand is that one 1.5-pound box has the same filtering capacity as 50-pounds of sand and it tends to have a longer lifespan than some sand mediums. All in all, this makes this media great for much above ground or inground pools that use sand filters.

1Blue Wave Zeobest Sand Alternative


Although this product isn’t technically sand, it is designed to be used in sand filters and works in much the same way as sand. It’s made out of Zeobest, a product that’s made using nothing but natural zeolite minerals. These minerals are able to filter out small particles down to 3-microns to make your pool’s water cleaner than ever before. This filtering media is able to reduce not only sediment but is also able to remove the ammonia that’s produced from decomposing organic material in the body, thereby reducing the chemical demand placed on the pool. This results in clearer and purer water without having to increase the chemicals added to the pool.


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