Pool thermometers are not useful for alerting swimmers to how cold the pool’s water is but is a necessary tool for maintaining the health of the pool. If the temperature of the pool is too warm, it can encourage the growth of bacteria and may affect how certain pool chemicals work in the water. That’s why one of these thermometers is an essential tool for any pool, regardless of whether it’s an in-ground pool or an above-ground pool. It’s also the reason why we researched the ten best pool thermometers, so consumers can buy one that will allow them to keep tabs of their pool’s temperature throughout the summer swimming season.

Best Pool Thermometers

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10Milliard Floating Guy Pool Thermometer


This Floating Guy Pool Thermometer is sure to provide a bit of whimsy and some decorative fun to just about any pool, hot tub, spa, aquarium, Jacuzzi, or fishing pond. It’s approximately 7-inches tall and is capable of displaying temperatures accurately in both Fahrenheit and Celsius. It also includes a rope tether that allows the float to be kept in one part of the pool without worrying about it floating off. Other great things about this thermometer are that it’s made from ABS plastic that’s designed to provide many seasons of use, and it is just small enough for it to be stored just about anywhere.

9Millard Floating Polar Bear Thermometer


This pool thermometer is approximately 7-inches tall and features a float that looks like a cute cartoon polar bear on a pool ring. It’s also equipped with a line that helps it to stay exactly where it’s placed so that it doesn’t float away. Since this thermometer is made from a shatter-resistant plastic, it holds up better than comparable products and is sure to provide the pool owner with many seasons of service. This product is capable of reading temperatures in both Fahrenheit and Celsius and provides an extremely accurate reading. All of this makes this thermometer perfect for any pool looking for a thermometer.

8Homga Floating Shark Thermometer


An adorable looking shark float might be on top of this thermometer, but that doesn’t mean it’s not capable of taking care of business. It’s manufactured using an impact-resistant plastic that makes it extremely durable and it’s more than capable of reading water temperatures from 0-degrees to 50-degrees Celsius. When left in the water for several minutes before taking a reading, it takes the pool’s temperature very accurately. It also has a convenient line that allows it to be tied in place so that it doesn’t float around the entire pool.

7eLander Pro Water Thermometer


It doesn’t matter if this water thermometer is used in an inside pool or an outside pool, or whether it’s used in an in-ground pool or an above-ground pool because it just works no matter what. It takes accurate readings of water temperatures and has a large display that’s easy to read from a distance. It can measure temperatures up to 120-degrees Fahrenheit and is made from an impact-resistant plastic that allows it to be used year after year. That makes it a great thermometer for pools, spas, hot tubs, aquariums or even fish ponds. And it’s just the right size that it doesn’t take up a whole lot of space when it’s stored away in the off-season.

6Cyan Cloud Swimming Pool Thermometer


This thermometer might not be fancy but it sure gets the job done. it’s made out of a PVC plastic that’s not only durable and shatter-resistant but is also eco-friendly as well. Unlike some competing thermometers, this one isn’t made with toxic chemicals or chemical components that have a bad smell. It’s lightweight, can read temperatures from 0-degrees to 50-degrees Celsius and always supplies an accurate temperature if it has been in the water for at least a few minutes. And to top it off, this thermometer also has a cute float on it that looks like a mama turtle with a baby turtle on her back.

5Davespa Large Floating Thermometer


When it comes to water thermometers, sometimes simplicity is the best recipe for success. And there’s probably no thermometer out there that’s simpler than this model. It has a buoy design that allows it to be simply tossed into a pool’s water so that it can get on with doing its job. It’s capable of reading temperatures up to 40-degrees Celsius or 100-degrees Fahrenheit and provides extremely accurate readings. It’s also made from a shatter-resistant plastic that holds up quite well to several swim seasons without showing signs of wear. All of this makes this a great product not only for pools but for hot tubs, spas or aquariums as well.

4Aquatix Floating Duck Thermometer


Although most people probably don’t bath with a rubber ducky in their tub, they can add a little bit of whimsy to their pool thanks to this outdoor pool ducky. The duck that sits on top of this thermometer is designed not only to give it a whimsical look, however. It’s also designed to keep the thermometer floating and it manages that feat quite well. This thermometer is made from a shatter-resistant plastic that can be used for year after year without worrying about it degrading over time. It reads temperatures up to 120-degrees Fahrenheit or 50-Degrees Celsius, and it’s suitable for pools, hot tubs, fish pond or even aquariums.

3Aquatix Pro Jumbo Premium Thermometer


This Aquatix pool thermometer is designed to be durable and to provide the pool owner with an accurate reading at any time during the day. And it’s also designed to be easy-to-read thanks to its jumbo size. This product is made from shatter-resistant plastic and measures temperatures up to 50-degrees Celsius and 120-degrees Fahrenheit. It also has an integrated pocket that allows it for use during out-of-pool readings. Now no one has to wonder what the temperature of the water is inside their pool because this thermometer will keep them advised of their pool’s temperature anytime they need it.

2SplashTech Floating Buoy Thermometer


Look through any list of pool thermometers and you’re likely to find an assortment of ones with cute animal floats on top of them. Although there’s nothing inherently wrong with using these types of floats, unfortunately, there’s only a small grouping of them that does a good job of taking a pool temperature. That’s why this thermometer is superior to many of those whimsical models. It’s just a buoy shaped thermometer that’s made from ABS plastic and has an extra-large easy-to-read display. It has an alcohol-based indicator, easily floats on top of the water and comes with a polyethylene cord for keeping it in place. It’s a simple and effective way to track pool temperatures.

1Pool Supply Town Floating Goldfish


This inexpensive, simple to use and adorable pool thermometer is ready to keep accurate track of just about anyone’s pool. It’s approximately 9-inches tall and features a cute float on top of it that looks like a goldfish. This thermometer is made from impact-resistant ABS plastic that’s designed to last from one season to the next and comes with a rope tether that helps to keep it exactly where the pool owner wants it. Above all else, however, this thermometer’s greatest asset is its ability to keep an accurate temperature reading thanks to its dial that reads the temperature from 30-degrees to 120-degrees Fahrenheit.

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The Ultimate Pool Thermometer Guide

When most people purchase thermometers for their pool, they end up just buying whatever thermometer is the cheapest. Unfortunately, that is somewhat of a hit or miss proposition and can result in a person getting a lackluster or even a defective pool thermometer. We think pool owners should pay as much attention to the thermometer for their pool as they would for any other piece of equipment.

Since we know the importance of being choosy when purchasing the best pool thermometer for your needs, we’ve decided to go ahead and write a guide on the subject. In this guide, it’s our attention to not only alert all of our readers to the role that the pool thermometer plays in keeping the pool healthy, the appropriate temperature of swimming pools, and a few other odds and ends that we’ve gathered on top of that. And as we said, we’re also going to help our readers choose the best thermometer for their pool by giving them some basic information on the subject.

Every Pool Owners Needs A Pool Thermometer

We think that we’re going to kick this guide off by talking about the importance of keeping an accurate track of a pool’s temperature. We decided to start this guide off because we’ve personally met several people who think that using a pool thermometer is somehow optional. They think that as long as the water temperature is fine for swimming in, then it’s fine. Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth.

The truth of the matter is that having an operational pool thermometer provides the pool owner with some concrete benefits. Chlorine and other pool chemicals have to be used in pool water that’s within a certain range for them to be effective. Having a pool thermometer can also alert the pool owner if they’re equipment isn’t working correctly, and finally, keeping the water at a certain temperature will ensure that swimmers stay healthy. Let’s examine each of these points in greater detail, shall we?

Chlorine Needs A Certain Water Temperature Range

Let’s take a look at our first part: that chlorine and other pool chemicals need a certain water temperature range for them to remain effective. This is something that’s been proven over and over again, thanks to diligent scientific research. Chlorine is most effective when it’s used in water between 65 and 99-degrees Fahrenheit, and bromine is the most effective in water above 75-degrees Fahrenheit.

A Thermometer Can Troubleshoot Malfunction Pool Accessories

Another thing that makes pool thermometers important pieces of equipment is that they can help the consumer troubleshoot defective solar pool covers or pool heaters. If the pool’s temperature remains low, then the pool cover or heater might need to be replaced. This is especially true if turning up the pool heater doesn’t result in a higher pool temperature. Without knowing the exact temperature of the pool when trying out different troubleshooting strategies, then all you can do is guess.

The Health Benefits Of Well-Regulated Pool Temperature

The last thing we’d like to discuss is the health benefits of well-regulated pool water. Water that is too cold or too warm can aggravate certain medical conditions—especially skin conditions. And having the right water temperature can not only prevent the aggravation of certain medical conditions, but it can also help provide the swimmer with some relief. For example, people with arthritis often benefit from soaking or exercising in a warm pool.

Things To Consider When Purchasing A New Pool Thermometer

Now that we all understand the benefits of owning a pool thermometer, it’s time to think about some of the features that the pool owner might need. While many people are perfectly content with buying one of the many simple pool thermometers, other people might need a little bit more precision from the thermometer. Below are some things a person might want to think about before purchasing the next thermometer for their pool.

The Durability Of Its Materials

The first thing the consumer is going to want to think about is what the thermometer is made out of and whether it’s going to last more than one or two seasons. Since the pool thermometer is going to be exposed to sunlight and chlorine, it’s important that the consumer makes sure that it’s UV-resistant and chemical resistant. One of the best ways to do this is by checking our customer reviews and finding out if anyone has had any issues with the brand you’re considering buying.

Basic Or With Advanced Features

The next thing a person is going to want to think about is whether they need a basic model that only gives the temperature reading in Celsius and Fahrenheit, or if they need a model that has advanced features like being able to connect to WiFi, storing temperature results, or whether it can also act as a dispenser and dispense chlorine or bromine.

Other Features To Consider

The above two features are not the only things that the consumer is going to want to think about. They’re also going to want to keep a few other things in mind. Below are some things that pool owners might want to consider during their pool thermometer search.

  • Whether it comes with a teether line that keeps it from floating all over the pool.
  • Whether it has some type of character on top of it that makes it easy to see.
  • Whether it has a digital or analog display.
  • Whether it’s solar-powered.
  • Whether it has a large display.

And That’s All There Is Too It

Although this guide became a little bit larger than we anticipated, we do feel that we covered all of the basics a person might need to consider when purchasing a new pool thermometer. Most people wouldn’t think there’s was all that much to consider when buying a new thermometer, but hopefully, we have them thinking differently about what they need to consider shopping. If they do that, then they should have no problems ending up with the best pool thermometer available.