10 Best Floating Pool Lights & Underwater Pool Lights to Consider in 2018

best pool lights

Pool lights are a trend that’s been sweeping the U.S and Europe for quite some time and it’s easy to see why. Adding lights to your pool not only makes it more attractive and has the benefit of giving you the ability to see in low light conditions but it also has a number of other benefits that can prove useful to the pool owner.

Some of the benefits of these light include enhancing and defining architectural elements, extending the use of the pool for you and your family into the evening hours, creating a bubble of light that can make the pool area and surrounding yard safer to use, can be used as a mood enhancing element and enhance water effects such as spas and waterfalls.

Because these lights have become popular, they now come in a variety of different forms. There are underwater led lights and floating pool lights. There are types of lighting that hang over the pool and there are spotlight lamps which only light up a particular portion of the swimming area.

Of course, the more variety you have in pool lighting, the harder it can be to choose a model that fits your needs and your budget. Which is why I’ve decided to write this guide. It will detail the best options you have when it comes to lighting for your pool and will tell you how to find a model that will make you happy every time you go out to swim.

Floating Pool Lights & Underwater Pool Lights

1LOFTEK LED Light Ball With Remote Control


If you’re looking for a lighting option that allows you to not only add light to your pool where you need it but also add some color, then the LOFTEK LED Light Ball might be a viable option. This 16-inch ball can be lit in 16 different RGB color and has four different lighting modes.

It can be used to add a splash of color to one portion of the pool or several of them can be used to create a party atmosphere. And with its enclosed remote control, you can control it from quite a distance away. It’s a light up ball that can be lit for 12 hours at a time on a single charge and only takes about 4-hours to completely recharge.

2Intex LED Pool Wall Light


The Intex LED Pool Wall Light is a good option for pool owners who own metal pools. The side on the inside of the pool delivers 50-watts of halogen light to the pool, while the other part of the light is plugged in outside the pool and transmits the energy needed to power the light safely through the pool wall.

It’s a cool, innovative and safe way to light up your pool. The light will float harmlessly once it has been discontinued from its power source and the whole unit is easier to use than battery-powered models. It’s a lighting option that will provide the light you need for swimming and playing pool games.

3Main Access 13-Inch Floating LED Light


This ball light is designed to place the light you need where you need it. It features a waterproof design that allows it to easily float in your pool and can be set to display a number of colors. Not quite round, its ellipsis design will also add a unique note to your pool’s atmosphere and can be set with the push of a button on the wireless remote.

It takes about five hours to charge this device and it can last about ten hours before it needs to be recharged again. This LED ball is an easy solution to add light, atmosphere, and mood to your next pool party or family gathering.

4Topist Submersible 10 LED Lights For Pools & Ponds


The Topist Submersible LED Light For Pools & Ponds is a pack of 10 led lights that can be used in and around your pool or pond. These units are completely submersible and can be programmed to display a variety of RGB colors, change the light levels or set it to flash, fade, smooth or strobe settings.

Pool areas aren’t the only areas where you can place these lights. You can also place them into aquariums, flower vases or any other place you want to light up with a colorful light. It’s a great and inexpensive solution for anyone looking to add a splash of color to their lives.

5Mood Light Garden Deco Balls


This 12 pack of 3-inch balls are a great solution for lighting pools, ponds, aquariums or any other aquatic environment you want to add a burst of light and color. They can be set to one of 7 solid colors or can be set to transition through all of the colors—one after another.

They are completely waterproof and are equipped with replaceable batteries that contain low levels of mercury. Other uses for these swimming pool lights include using them to light a darkened path, lighting up table centerpieces or use them in place of candles for a night time party or dinner.

6Intex Floating Battery-Operated LED Light


This led pool light is designed to be used in small in-ground pools or for above grounds pools up to eighteen feet in diameter. While this unit doesn’t give off a ton of light, it does give off a nice color that can add atmosphere to just about any pool or pond. If you want a solution for larger pool models, you can also buy several of these and use them all at one time.

These units use 4 AAA batteries, which have to be purchased separately and have a 2-hour automatic shut off feature. If you’re looking for a simple lighting solution, then this unit may prove useful to you.

7Dragonfly LED floating Lotus Light


The Dragonfly LED floating Lotus Light is the perfect solution for someone who is looking to add a romantic flair to their pool or pond or merely wants a lighting solution that’s unique and different from other lighting solutions. These warm and romantic lights are made for both indoor and outdoor use and are completely waterproof.

These color changing have no flame and dispense no heat, so they can be used just about anywhere candles can or can’t be used. It’s a great solution for home use and also for weddings, parties or any other special event where a unique lighting solution is needed.

8GAME Solar Underwater Light Show


Are you tired of having to replace your batteries in your pool light every other week just to keep a festive atmosphere going? If so, then the GAME Solar Underwater Light Show might be the solution you’ve been looking for all of this time.

This light can be used both in and out of the water and can fully charge with just 8-hours of daylight—even if it’s partly cloudy. When the sun goes down, this unit then automatically comes on and puts on a show that will really set the mood. Thanks to its ultra bright LED lights, it can put out a 10-foot display of disco-effect lighting.

9Generic Le Magic Solar Powered Color LED


The Generic Le Magic Solar Powered Color LED is a night light that’s powered completely by the sun and can be placed in your swimming pool, garden pool, spa, pond or courtyard. During the day, it absorbs the power of the sun and stores it so that when night finally comes it can come on as a nightlight.

It only requires 6-hours of sunlight to be fully charged and will provide hours of light for your party or swimming session. These color changing lights will add atmosphere to just about any occasion. It’s a solution that seems perfect for people who don’t want to mess with battery-operated units.

10Superdream Solar Power Floating Lotus Flower Accent Light


Have you ever wanted to enjoy the beauty and serenity of lotus candles floating upon the water but don’t want to worry about the fire hazard? Well, then the Superdream Solar Power Floating Lotus Flower Accent Light might be the lighting solution you desire.

This solar powered light will give twelve hours of continuous light if left to charge for at least 8-hours in direct sunlight. It doesn’t need batteries, candles or any electricity whatsoever and its long-life bulb will deliver at least twenty thousand hours of service. It’s a good solution for adding ambiance to pools, ponds or any other body of water you want to add atmosphere.

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Choosing the Right Lights

choosing the best pool lightsNow that we’ve covered the top 10 models of lights, a list which includes everything from floating lights to underwater lights for pool and ponds, I will now turn my attention to telling you what to look for when searching for one of these lights.

So let’s get started on those topics.

When it comes to these types of lights, there are three different varieties. There are ones with halogen bulbs, ones with fiber optic bulbs and one with LED bulbs.

Let’s take a look at the difference between these two types.


Halogen lights are powerful lights that can really light up a pool area. However, there power often comes at the expense of efficiency. LED light use almost half the energy that halogen models do. Another drawback to using halogen bulbs is that you are usually limited to just a handful of colors.


One of the more popular options currently available, LED Lights are used in the majority of the lighting available for pools. These types of lights are not only energy efficient but can also be used to display a wide range of different colors. They are also a cheaper option than halogen lights and have pretty much replaced fiber optic lights as a pool lighting option.

Fiber Optic

At one point in time, fiber optic lights were a popular option for pool lighting. These types of light are usually placed in a dry box around or above the pool and this bulb lights up the entire string. Which means that when it comes to replacing the lights, all you have to do is replace one bulb for the fiber optic kit.

However, fiber optic lights are not without their disadvantages. They are usually higher priced than LED lights and usually don’t last as long. Also, most fiber optic kits require a fan to cool down the extremely hot bulb used to power the string. This can drive up electricity costs.

Types of Lights

You’ll also want to take into consideration what type of lights you need to light a particular pool or pond. Do you need some that float on top of the water or are under the water? Do you need fixed spotlights or do you want something more flexible?

Most likely, you’ll want to choose several different lights for a particular area to make the impression that you want to make. Don’t rush through this process. Decide what types of lights you need and then get those particular lights.

Additional Tips for Lighting Your Pool

➔ Don’t under-light your pool
➔ Don’t point lights at seating areas
➔ Have two lights facing each other for a bolder look
➔ Consider how your pool liner will alter your lighting
➔ Buy as many lights as you need to adequately light your pool
➔ Use a combination of spot beams, floaters and underwater lights for a really impressive look
➔ Add pool deck lighting as needed
➔ Highlight trees and foliage for a more layered look
➔ Give water features such as fountains or waterfalls their own lights

In Conclusion

As you can see, choosing the right light for your pool doesn’t have to be a difficult decision or require a ton of research.

Once you know which models are the best ones and what features you should look for in lighting, you can simply choose one that’s fits your pool, your lifestyle and your budget.