Canopies come in an assortment of different sizes, shapes, and colors. There are pop-up canopies that are easy to set up for an event and just as easy to take down after; and there are permanent ones that are meant to stay where they’re set up. No matter which type the consumer chooses, however, they’re going to want to make sure that they buy the best one available.

To help our readers find one that won’t disappoint them, we’ve decided to not only review some of the best canopies that are currently available but to also write a handy guide on how to purchase one. So, let’s get started and learn a little bit more about these fascinating outdoor tents.

Best Canopies

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4ABC Canopy Double-Tiered Gazebo


One of the first canopies that we want to review is this one from ABC Canopy. This is an 8-foot by an 8-foot double-tiered gazebo that’s available in a variety of different colors. This model is 8-feet by 8-feet by 9.3-feet high, so it offers plenty of sun protection for several people underneath it. It covers nearly 100 square feet, so that means approximately 4 people can enjoy its shade.

Some of the colors in which this canopy is available includes forest green, black, khaki, rust red, and navy blue. That allows this canopy to fit in with the layout and color scheme of just about any outdoor space. It also means that it’s perfect for weddings, birthday parties, or just about any other outdoor event.

This canopy is made with a two-section steel pole construction that’s durable and provides the perfect foundation for it. It’s also made with a top that’s constructed from 180G polyester fabric that’s been treated with a layer of PU. This allows it to be water-resistant, so consumers can enjoy this canopy even on rainy days.

This fabric is also capable of blocking out 99% of all UV light, so it has an effective UPF rating of 50+. It should also be mentioned here that this canopy also adheres to CPAI-84 US standards for fire-retardant material so it’s very safe for people to use. When all of these features are taken together, it’s easy to see why we’ve chosen this as one of the best canopies currently available.

3YOLI Adventure 10×10-Foot Instant Canopy


The next product that we’d like to review is also an instant canopy. This one isn’t 8×8-feet, however, but is instead 10×10-feet and is about 9-feet tall. It’s a product with a total weight of 24-pounds and is easy enough for two people to put up or put away. Let’s take a closer look at some of its design elements and see what this canopy has going for it and why people should consider it.

This model has an angle legged steel-frame that provides a wider base than comparable canopies. This allows it to be extremely stable and to handle wind speeds that would topple over competing canopy brands. Since this quality frame is made out of steel and not aluminum, it also won’t bend during a high-wind. This makes it one of the more durable canopies on the market. And the fact that the steel frame is also powder-coated means that it will resist rust and corrosion as well.

The canopy portion of this tent is designed from high-quality 190T polyester that’s been treated to make it UV resistant. That allows it to protect the people standing underneath it from 99% of the UV radiation from the sun. Since this is a 10×10-foot shade, this cover will protect approximately 6-people underneath it.

This canopy also meets CPAI-84 standards for being water-resistant and flame retardant. This is a canopy that’s ready for some serious action in a person’s backyard or at a person’s campsite while they’re enjoying the great outdoors.

2Mastercanopy Outdoor Grill Gazebo


Another canopy that rates highly on our list is this one from Mastercanopy. This model is approximately 96-inches long, 59.8-inches wide, and 96.5-inches high. It’s made with 6-pole support at the top and its frame features four legs and is made from rust-proof steel. The top of the gazebo is vented and has a double tier that allows grill smoke to escape and air to circulate around the tent. This makes this the perfect grill canopy, or it can be used for other activities such as outdoor birthday parties, wedding receptions, or just about any other outdoor activity that the consumer can think of doing underneath it.

This canopy provides 8×5-feet of shade, which is more than enough for just about any BBQ grill used underneath it. It’s also equipped with shelves that can be used to hold condiments or other supplies, and it has hooks that can be used to hang BBQ or grilling utensils. Because the top is made from high-quality polyester it is not only durable but is also waterproof and resistant to UV radiation. The double tiers also allow more wind to pass through the canopy, which helps it to resist being blown away in windy conditions.

Taking off its features into consideration along with its build quality and it’s easy to see that this is a quality canopy that should provide the consumer and their grill with many years of protection. It’s definitely a canopy that we feel consumers should take a closer look at—especially if they have an abiding love for outdoor grilling.

1Sunjoy 10×12-Foot Parlay Gazebo With Netting


The last canopy on our list is a soft-top gazebo that is not only going to add some much-needed sun and rain protection to whoever erects it in their backyard but is also going to add a bit of style and elegance as well. This is a canopy that’s 12-feet by 9.99-feet and is 9.64-feet high. It has a soft, vented top that’s made from high-quality polyester and provides the consumer with the sun and rain protection they want from a canopy. This is a product that’s perfect for weddings or other formal events and is sure to impress anyone who sees it or gets the chance to dine underneath it.

We would also like to note that this canopy is made with a frame that uses both steel and aluminum. This allows it to be sturdy, but not so heavy that it’s too difficult to set-up. This frame is rust-resistant because the manufacturer decided to add a powder-coating to it. This was a very good decision indeed. This product also comes with mosquito nets that allow the consumer to keep mosquitoes and other flying insects out of the canopy.

Even though this product isn’t as easy to set up as comparable pop-up canopies, it only weighs about 100-pounds, so a couple of people could easily set it up for use in no time flat. Taking all of this into consideration, we have to say that this is a quality product worth checking out.

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What To Consider When Buying A Canopy

Having spent some time reviewing both permanent and popup canopies, we feel that we have become sort of experts on the subject. As a result, we now feel qualified to give our readers some helpful pieces of advice on how to purchase the best canopy for their needs. Anyone who needs a little help choosing among the different types of canopies might want to read this guide because we’re going to be laying out a wealth of information in it.

Step One: Choosing The Right Canopy Type

One of the first things that consumers are going to want to figure out before they buy their next canopy is what kind of canopy they need. These products come in a lot of different styles that range from permanent gazebo type canopies to instant canopies. Some of the more common canopy types are listed below so all of our readers can decide what’s right for them.

Gazebo Canopies

Gazebo canopies are semi-permanent structures that are meant for long-term use but not as long as a wood gazebo. These are perfect for family functions or birthday parties. They can even be used for craft fairs or other outdoor events.

Instant Canopies

The next type of canopies that we’d like to talk about is instant canopies. These are also sometimes called pop-up canopies because they can be easily erected and taken down as needed. That makes them easy to transport and easy to setup. That makes them perfect for impromptu outdoor events or backyard barbecues.

Sports Canopies

Sports canopies are the next category of tents that we want to talk about. These are designed to be taken out camping or for use during tailgating events. They’re easy to put up and transport, but they’re only designed for short-term use and aren’t all that durable.

Grill Canopies

Have you ever wished that you could grill out in the rain or snow? Well, if you have, then you might want to check out grill canopies. These are designed to cover grills while they’re being used. As a result, they’re usually equipped with double-tiers and smoke vents that allow the smoke to easily leave the interior of the tent.

Event Canopies

The last canopies that we’d like to talk about are known as event canopies. As can be ascertained from its name, these tents are designed for events. Therefore, they’re usually very large (20 to 30-feet long) and have heavy steel frames. The main disadvantage of these tents is that they’re bulky, hard to set up, and usually cost the most of any other type of canopy.

Step Two: Think About The Canopy’s Frame

The next thing that the consumer should think about is how the frame is constructed and what it’s made from. Although most canopies made nowadays have steel or aluminum frames, there are some models that have fiberglass or plastic ones as well. Since each of these different materials have different characteristics, we should look at each one individually to see which one might be right for you.


Steel is the preferred material for canopies because it’s strong and won’t be bent by heavy winds. Unfortunately, it’s also a little bit heavier than other frame types, and if it’s not powder-coated, then it may tend to rust. Powder-coated steel is the best frame any canopy could have.


Aluminum is another material that’s used frequently for canopy construction. This material is lightweight and won’t rust, but it will bend under stress so consumers shouldn’t use it in areas that are prone to having high winds or heavy storms.

Plastic & Fiberglass

Fiberglass and plastic aren’t very durable, but they’re both cheap and won’t rust. Unfortunately, they can crack if they’re exposed to extremely cold temperatures and they can snap if exposed to high winds. Therefore, we feel that most people should avoid these materials when they’re shopping for a new canopy.

Step Three: Choose A Canopy Material

The last order of business for anyone searching for a new canopy is to think about the canopy top itself. It should be made out of a high-quality material that’s water-resistant and will hold up to ultraviolet radiation from the sun. The best canopies are made from 650D Oxford polyester, but other types of polyester work well, too.

When buying a canopy, especially a brightly colored one, you might also want to make sure that it’s UV-stabilized so that it doesn’t fade out over time. It’s also a good idea to make sure the canopy has a vent in it that allows air to circulate around the interior and prevents the wind from grabbing hold of it and dragging it away.