Furniture covers might not seem glamorous or exciting, but that’s okay because they’re known for their utility more than their appeal. They’re an important piece of equipment for keeping outdoor furniture in the best condition possible, and as such, it’s important for the consumer to take the time and purchase the best furniture covers they can afford. To show all of our readers just how important these furniture coverings are, we’ve decided to review some of the more popular brands. The result is the following list of furniture covers that we consider to be the best ones that a person can use for their outdoor furniture.

Best Outdoor Furniture Covers

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4Leafbay All-Weather Furniture Covers


The problem that many consumers have when they purchase outdoor furniture covers is that they tend to get destroyed by the wind and the weather. That’s because many of the outdoor covers are nothing more than glorified tarps that are designed to be inexpensive but completely ineffective against protecting furniture against the ravages of the elements. Fortunately, this furniture cover isn’t one of these inferior products that so many of us have used over the years. No, this one is made from 100% 600D Oxford fabric—a material that’s thicker and more durable than even polyester 420D. This makes these covers extremely durable and ready to protect furniture against anything that mother nature can throw at them.

This cover comes in two different sizes so that consumers can choose what’s right for their furniture. There’s a large size that’s approximately 37-inches by 40-inches by 30-inches, and there’s a medium size that’s 31-inches by 38-inches by 30-inches. No matter what size the consumer chooses, however, they can expect some of the same features on these beige covers.

The consumer can expect to see two elastic hem cords that are designed to hold the chair in place. There are also four chair-straps and buckles, two large padded handles, and two mesh pockets that are decided to prevent ice from forming on the furniture. When a person combines all of these elements together, it’s easy to see why these covers made it to the number one spot on our list.

3Vailge Heavy-Duty Waterproof Patio Furniture Covers


Another outdoor patio cover that caught our attention was this one from Vailge. This model is the Standard S—which makes it a model that’s designed to fit benches, love seats, or sofas up to 32-inches deep, 58-inches wide, and 31-inches high. However, that isn’t the only model that this company makes. They also make Standard M, Standard L, Deep S, Deep M, and Deep L sizes, so the consumer should definitely choose the ones that fit their furniture the best.

With that said, let’s head back to the Standard S and talk about some of its features. And we think that we’re going to begin this discussion of its features with a discussion of what it’s made from and then work out a way to show how well it protects outdoor furniture.

This furniture cover is made from 600D Oxford fabric, a fabric that allows it to protect furniture from rain, wind, snow, ice, sleet, bird droppings, and just about anything else that nature can toss its way. It’s also UV-stabilized, so it won’t fade out or let sunlight through and fade out the furniture it’s protecting. It also features an adjustable cord lock with an elastic hem-lock that allows the consumer to achieve a more custom fit using this cover.

And because it’s equipped with air vents, this cover won’t build up condensation or balloon and will support proper air circulation around the furniture. We also would like to mention that this product is equipped with padded handles that make removing the covers just as easy as putting them on the furniture in the first place.

2Duck Covers Ultimate 79-Inch Weather-Resistant Cover


The next outdoor furniture covers we’d like to review are the ones from Duck Covers. This company makes covers in 79-inches, 87-inch, 93-inch, and 104-inch sizes. The size that we’re reviewing now is the 79-inch size. This model is 79-inches wide, 37-inches deep, and 35-inches high, which makes it suitable for benches or outdoor sofas.

This model is made from a waterproof canvas fabric that’s resistant to rain and it has seam sealer-tape applied to it during the manufacturing process. This seam-tape prevents water from soaking through the seams and ultimately damaging the consumer’s outdoor furniture. This fabric is also UV-stabilized, so it’s resistant to fading. That allows this durable polyester cover to withstand sun, snow, rain, dust, and ice. It’s also a cover that’s backed by a two-year limited warranty through the manufacturer.

Now that we’ve discussed the fabric and how it’s sealed at the seams, let’s turn our attention to other features found on this outdoor furniture cover. This model is made with double-stitched seams for added durability and it has an elastic hem with a cord-lock. To create more of a custom-fit, this cover also has click-close straps as well.

We would also like to comment on the color of these furniture covers. While many manufactures are happy with producing furniture covers in various shades of beige, this manufacturer has decided to give their covers a different cover. They’ve decided to make them in Mocha Cappuccino brown—which we have to admit is somewhat of a very attractive color that should blend in with most people’s outdoor spaces quite well.

1Ultcover Rectangular Heavy-Duty Outdoor Table Cover


Ultcover is a company that makes several different sizes of these furniture covers. These covers come in 54-inch, 74-inch, 88-inch, 94-inch, 111-inch, and 135-inches sizes. The one that we’re reviewing is these 111-inch table covers—covers that are 111-inches long, 74-inches wide, and 28-inches high. These covers are designed to cover outdoor covers, and in our opinion, they do that extremely well. They’re capable of protecting tables against rain, wind, snow, ice, and sunlight thanks to the material that’s used in their construction.

These covers are made with 600D polyester canvas with a waterproof backing. That makes this cover not only waterproof but also capable of breathing as well. That allows these covers to protect furniture against the elements but also allow air to properly circulate around the furniture so that it doesn’t mildew or develop ice buildup.

Of course, it wouldn’t matter how durable a cover it is if it didn’t stay on the furniture, so it’s a good thing that these covers are also equipped with elastic hem cords with toggles that allow the consumer to custom-fit the covers to their furniture.

These covers also feature attachment strap buckles over the legs that help to secure the cover to the furniture. This prevents the wind from ripping it off and carrying it away. These covers also have air-vents that prevent ballooning and encourages airflow around the furniture.

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A Guide To Buying Outdoor Furniture Covers

Even though outdoor furniture is designed to be out in the elements, it doesn’t mean that it should be left outdoors unprotected all-year-round. Wind, rain, snow, and even sunlight can have a damaging effect on outdoor furniture, so it’s important for consumers to take the time to protect it. And the best way to protect the furniture is to use an outdoor furniture cover.

Of course, running and buying the first outdoor furniture cover you find probably isn’t a very good idea. You’re likely going to want to do your research and find out what features the best outdoor furniture covers all have in common. If that’s what you’re here seeking, then let us say that you’ve hit the jackpot. That’s because that’s exactly the kind of information we’re going to be dishing out.

In this guide, we’re going to go over some of the basics of buying outdoor furniture covers. We’re going to look at the different types of covers, the fabric that’s used to make the best covers, and the features that the better-made models are going to have. Once you finish this guide, you should know everything you need to know to buy not only the best covers for your outdoor furniture but the right covers for your furniture.

Tailored Versus Universal Covers

The first thing that we’d like to discuss in this guide is the difference between tailored covers and universal covers. Don’t worry, this will be quick. The main difference between these two types of covers is that tailored covers do fit better than universal covers. We can’t deny that fact.

However, they also cost more than universal covers and require additional time to get made. That’s why we’ve concentrated all of our reviews on universal covers. We feel universal covers are the best ones for most people because they’re inexpensive, don’t require the consumer to do a lot of measuring, and can be ordered and received quickly.

Choosing The Right Outdoor Furniture Cover Fabric

The next thing that we’d like to discuss is what outdoor furniture covers are made from. Most of these covers are made from polyester—a material that’s water-resistant and protects against snow and rain. However, not all polyester is equal, some of the cheaper models use 200D or 400D polyester. We consider this polyester to be of a lower quality than 600D polyester—which is the material that we recommend the covers be made from. 600D polyester will protect against anything that nature can throw at it, and it’s thick enough to hold up to wind lashing.

It’s also a good idea for the consumer to choose a polyester that’s also UV stabilized. UV stabilized polyester won’t fade as readily as polyester that hasn’t been treated. Sure, all colored polyester will eventually get bleached out by the sun, but UV stabilized ones hold up to sunlight better.

Make Sure It Has Proper Fasteners And/Or Tie-Downs

The next things that you should do when choosing new outdoor furniture covers are the fasteners and tie-downs used to keep the cover on the furniture. Tie-downs hook on to the legs of the furniture and prevent the wind from pulling it up and away. Some models require the consumer to tie down the tie-downs to the furniture, but many of the high-end models use elastic tie-downs that can be secured quickly and easily. Fasteners are merely buckles that help keep the furniture cover nice and secure.

Ventilation Is Also Very Important

It’s also a good idea for the outdoor furniture covers you choose to have some sort of ventilation. Proper ventilation allows air to circulate around the furniture and helps to prevent the growth of mildew or fungi that thrive in anaerobic conditions. Good ventilation also prevents the cover from ballooning—a process that can eventually weaken the cover’s fasteners or tear the fabric over time.

Measure Your Furniture For Best Results

If you want to make sure that your furniture is adequately protected, you are going to have to make sure that you purchase the right size outdoor furniture covers. And in order to get the right size covers, you are going to have to measure your furniture. After all, if the cover is too small, it won’t provide the protection the furniture needs and if it’s too big, then it will catch the wind and end up becoming a very expensive rag. To help all of our readers find the right size cover, we’ve included some measuring tips below.

Measuring Cover Height

To get the height of the cover needed, measure the furniture from the bottom of the feet to the top of the furniture.

Measuring Length

Length is the distance between the furniture’s sides. Start from one side and then measure to the next to get the length. Some furniture covers don’t have a length but instead have a width, but it’s still the same measurement.

Measuring Depth

The last measurement is depth. Depth is the distance from the front of the furniture to the back.

Once you have all three of these measurements, you can then find the best outdoor furniture for your needs. As we promised, buying one of these covers isn’t difficult, it just takes a little forethought and attention to detail to get the one that suits your needs.