Just about any homeowner who spends a considerable amount of time outdoors is going to want to get a gazebo for their backyard or pool area. These products can not only be used to protect the family from the elements while they’re enjoying their outdoor spaces, but they can actually improve the usefulness of their outdoor areas. And it’s almost guaranteed that once you see one of them being used in someone’s backyard, you’re going to want to get one for your home.

Finding the best gazebo for your home isn’t always an easy proposition, however, so we decided to list ten of the ones that we feel are the best ones available and will add value to your backyard or pool areas. Although we listed them from the ones we found least valuable to the ones we found most valuable, the truth is all of them are great models.

Best Gazebos

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10Sunjoy 10×10 Summer Breeze Soft Canopy


What makes this the best gazebo available is that it’s the perfect combination of style, price, and functionality. It has a 10×10-footprint that provides the homeowner with plenty of space for summer festivities. It also has a rust and chip resistant frame that’s been powder coated for durability and a 100% polyester canopy that keeps out sun rays and is easy to clean. Although assembly is required on this unit, it’s instructions are clear and most people have no problems setting this up in their backyard, pool area or patio. All of which makes it the perfect canopy for keeping summer parties comfortable and fashionable.

9Quick Set 72×72 Traveler’s Shelter


Even though this isn’t the fanciest or portable hunter’s gazebos, it does provide the wearer traveler with a quick shelter that can be set up easily. It’s 72×72-inches in size, so it’s large enough to hold up to 3-people at a time. It comes with four tent stakes and ties down stakes, so it can be set up even in the middle of a field. Other features found on this quality product include a triple layer corner pole pockets, an oversized carrying bag and a water-resistant roof with taped seams. This makes this hunter’s gazebo perfect for anyone looking for a portable shelter for the field.

8Gazelle Tents Portable Pop-Up Tent


What makes this pop-up gazebo a worthwhile one to own isn’t just its reasonable price tag, but it’s also because it can be set up easily in 60-seconds. That allows it to be set up at a moment’s notice when the need arises. Once set up, this product is 86-inches high and 124-inches hub-to-hub. This means that it provides over 90-square feet of useable space that’s large enough to comfortably hold up to 8-people. It’s also a product that’s easy to take to the location where it’s supposed to be set up and even comes with a convenient carrying bag.

7Sunjoy 10×12 Chatham Hardtop Canopy


This attractive looking Sunjoy Chatham gazebo is designed to become a permanent fixture of any outdoor area. It’s made with a hard top steel roof that’s designed to be rustproof and to hold up to all different types of weather conditions. It also has a rust-resistant frame that’s made out of aluminum that’s been powder-coated to increase durability. If the homeowner desires, this gazebo can even be bolted into place. Since this product has a vented roof, people who are using it will enjoy a good level of airflow and will remain comfortable even during hot summer weather.

6Outsunny 20×21 Large Party Tent


This wedding gazebo is perfect not only for weddings but for any special occasion where a large outdoor structure is needed. Since it doesn’t use indoor columns to hold up its canopy, this wedding gazebo has more floor space than comparable tents. Its canopy is capable of blocking up to 90% of the sun’s ultraviolet rays to keep everyone safe and comfortable even during hot summer weather. This set comes with ten sidewalls, eight windows, and two pull-back doors, so the homeowner or party planner can begin setting it up immediately when they receive it. It’s a nice octagonal set for any occasion.

5Master Canopy 10×10 Roman Canopy


This product is designed with a beautiful classic Roman design that’s sure to improve the aesthetic of any outdoor space. This product is made with rustproof legs that are constructed out of aluminum, and a soft breeze top that’s dual-tiered. Its canopy is also vented and is quite stable, even when used in windy weather conditions. To protect against rogue mosquitoes and other annoying insects, this gazebo also has mosquito netting that provides more than adequate protection against bugs. All of which makes this product suitable for any outdoor area those host gatherings or parties of 12 people or more.

4Kozyard Rosana 10×12 Hardtop Canopy


This Alexander-style hardtop permanent gazebo is designed to be installed in a person’s backyard or other outdoor area and is designed to be left up all year round. It’s capable of holding up to a variety of weather conditions because it not only has a durable aluminum frame and a hard metal roof. It comes with durable PBV-coated polyester mosquito netting and also comes with removable steel rails on all of its four sides. This products metal roof is not only resistant to sunlight and rain, but it is also strong enough to hold up to heavy snow. This makes it a great permanent solution for any homeowner.

3Sonoma 10×10 Soft-Top Garden Tent


Made from high-quality materials that allow this gazebo to be functional and versatile, this garden tent is perfect for a variety of occasions. This product has a polyester cover and is equipped with a steel frame that’s designed to last through season after season. Its heavy-duty materials make it weatherproof, so it can be used around pool areas or on decks and balconies. And since it’s manufactured with a classic design, not only is this product functional but it will also beautify the area it’s placed in. And all of these are good reasons why a homeowner may want to check it out.

2Abba Patio 10×13 Patio Canopy


This 10×13 foot patio canopy is designed for anyone who needs simple shelter from the elements while they’re grilling, having outdoor parties or for other such activities. It’s a soft-top gazebo that has a fully enclosed mosquito netting screen that keeps those standing under it safe from a variety of different insects. This model’s canopy is double vented and is also UV treated, so that holds up to the sun fading better than some of its competing models. This product is versatile enough to not only be used for home use but can also be used for tailgating events, or even for setting up over craft’s tables.

1Sunjoy Madison Pavilion 11×13 Soft Top


Designed with an 11.4×13.2-foot footprint, this hex-shaped gazebo is sure to provide the space any homeowner needs for their outdoor festivities. Its canopy is supported by powder-coated steel frames that are designed to hold up to the elements and are completely rust-proof. It has a vented soft-top canopy that’s stable in most weather conditions and holds up even when things get a little bit windy. Although assembly of this unit is required, it does come with an instruction manual that gives the user the information they need to get it set up as soon as possible. It’s a great way to beautify just about any outdoor space.

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A Guide To Purchasing A Gazebo

One of the fastest ways to increase the value of an outdoor area is to add a gazebo to it. Gazebos are a great way to provide a space for friends and family to gather and enjoy the outdoor area. All the consumer has to do is buy the best gazebo available, make sure it’s properly set up and enjoy it for years to come. To help our readers accomplish that goal, we’ve created this guide that will help them purchase one and enjoy it.

The Uses For A Gazebo

Before purchasing a new gazebo, the consumer is probably going to want to find out if they need one or not. Although it’s our humble opinion that every single household with the space available should buy a gazebo for their home, not everyone feels the same way. So to sway the opinion of those individuals who might not see a use for having a gazebo in their backyard, we’ve compiled the following list of uses for a gazebo.

  • Weddings & Receptions
  • Poolside Shade
  • An enclosure for hot tubs or spas
  • Enclosures for play areas
  • Great place to BBQ
  • Great for garden areas

Choosing A Gazebo

The first thing any homeowner is going to want to consider before they buy a new gazebo is which one is right for them. The most popular gazebos made nowadays are either made out of some sort of wood or they’re made out of vinyl. Although each of these two materials have their pros, some people may prefer one over the other. With that in mind, we decided to give a brief overview of each of these gazebos, so consumers can choose one that’s right for them.

  • Wood Gazebos – These gazebos come in a variety of different wood options with the most popular woods used include pine, redwood, bamboo, and cedar. They give outdoor areas a beautiful rustic look, and wood is not only environmentally friendly but also durable as well. These models are also more prized and retain their value for quite a long time. They also tend to be a little bit more expensive than vinyl models and require extra yearly maintenance to keep it looking good for as long as possible.
  • Vinyl Gazebos – Vinyl gazebos are less expensive than wood gazebos, but they don’t retain their value quite as long. These models are easier to maintain, however, and there’s never any need to seal, stain or paint vinyl gazebos. They can easily be cleaned with a power washer in a matter of minutes. They’re also extremely easy to set up, so just about anyone can set these up quickly and easily.

Choose A Size

The next thing that the consumer should carefully consider before buying a new gazebo is what size they need. This is not only going to be dictated by what the consumer wants but is also determined by how much space the consumer has available to set it up. Nowadays, gazebos come in several different sizes, from 8×8-foot models all the way to large 20×20-foot models.

Choose A Style

Another thing for the consumer to consider is what style they need the gazebo to have and that’s mainly a personal decision that they need to figure out for themselves. Gazebos are available in just about every style available, so consumers have no shortage of styles to choose from. And consumers have even more options to consider because some gazebo manufacturers allow for custom railings and posts. Some of the more common gazebo styles can be found in the list below.

Gazebo Styles:

  • Standard
  • Cupola
  • Pagoda
  • Bell Roof
  • Pinnacle Roof

Other Features To Consider

The final thing for gazebo lovers to consider before they buy a new model is what additional packages they may or may not need. Some manufacturers offer additional features that can include things as simple as wrap-around benches or as complicated as full electrical packages. Of course, if the consumer doesn’t need any of these extra features, they don’t need to buy the optional packages that come with many gazebos.

In Conclusion

It’s easy to see that gazebos have become more and more popular over the last few years. That’s probably because more and more people are discovering that they’re not only great for weddings or receptions but are great as a centerpiece of outdoor entertaining. Now that all of our readers know what to look for when buying one of these gazebos, they can buy the best one for their home.