Best Winter Pool Covers of 2020 – Reviews

Even though you can cover your pool during the summer months with just about any pool cover you come across, during the winter months pool owners are probably going to want a little bit more protection for their pool. They are going to want to buy something that keeps debris out of the pool so that when Spring shows up, the pool can easily be opened up for the season. This is when the best winter pool cover comes in handy. After some extensive research, we’ve come across ten of the best pool covers for winter and placed them in a handy list for our reader’s convenience.

Best Winter Pool Covers

10In The Swim Round Pool Cover


This round winter pool cover is designed for 18-foot above ground pools. It’s made from high-quality polyethylene that’s designed to hold up against wind and leaves for the winter season. This cover also comes with everything needed to fit it securely on the pool, and this includes a metal winch, fastening loops, and wire cables. With the purchase of this pool cover, anyone can shut down their pool for the winter season and rest assured that it won’t be filled with leaves when they reopen the pool during the start of the summer swim season. All of which makes it a quality and inexpensive cover.

9Blue Wave Rectangular In-Ground Safety Cover


Since this pool cover comes in sizes from 14×28-feet to 20×40-feet, there’s one of these covers in the right size for just about any inground pool. What’s truly remarkable about this cover, however, is that it comes with a number of features which really helps it protect the pool from the elements. It features reinforced wear strips on the backside of the cover that helps to protect it from fraying. It’s also stitched along multiple seams, and this helps to prevent the cover from tearing during use. Additional features of this cover include a drill & tamp brass anchoring system and stainless steel hardware to go along with it.

8Blue Wave Gold Above Ground Oval Cover


There’s a size of these Blue Wave Gold pool covers that will fit a variety of different pools. These covers can be bought for oval pool sizes from 12×20-feet all the way to 21×41-feet, so just about anyone with an oval pool can find one of these covers in an appropriate size. This cover is designed to close pools down for the winter and does a great job at protecting the pool against high winds, heavy sunlight, snow, ice, and rain. It features a 4-foot overlap and wide top rails, too, so the pool owner can fit it properly on their pool without having to stretch or rip it.

7Water Warden Pool Safety Cover


This product is designed from the bottom up to provide not only a suitable winter covering for appropriately sized in-ground pools but is also designed to be a safety-cover. This product has a break strength that exceeds 4,000-pounds and is triple-stitched for durability. Other features found on this product include X-tack stitching and come with double-strapping for an additional layer of protection. This cover also comes with hardware kits that are made from stainless steel and solid brass. And because this product can be installed in only a few minutes, there’s no reason why just about anyone can install it on their inground pool.

6Blue Wave Gold Pool Cover


This 24-foot winter pool cover is 28-feet in size, so it has a 4-foot overlap that allows it to fit the pool without a whole lot of trouble. This keeps the pool cover from having to be stretched or being ripped while it’s being fit to the pool and ensures a better fit. This product is designed to protect against a variety of weather conditions including high winds, rain, snow, ice, and the damaging UV rays of the sun. And since it’s made from high-quality materials and is designed to exacting standards, it’s backed by a 15-year warranty from the manufacturer as well.

5Intex Deluxe Round Pool Cover


There are plenty of reasons to like this round pool cover that’s available in 10-foot, 15-foot or 18-foot sizes. First of all, this cover is made out of durable and UV-resistant polyethylene that holds up to wind rip and heavy rain or snow. It’s also easily secured with the rope ties that come with it and has an 8-inch overhang, so the pool owner can fit it nice and tightly on their pool. To prevent the water accumulation that often occurs with less quality pool covers, this model is equipped with drain covers that allow rainwater to slow be relieved.

4Pool Mate Heavy-Duty In-Ground Pool Cover


In-ground pools need as much protection as above-ground pools, but unfortunately, there aren’t as many pool covers available for them. Having said that, however, we did find this high-quality model that’s designed to protect these type of pools from harsh winter conditions. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to protect the pool against seasonal rain or need to keep it covered through heavy snowfalls, this cover is designed to do the job. It’s made from polyethylene, has a 5-foot overlap that makes it extremely easy to install, and comes with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty. And these covers are available in sizes to fit pools from 12×24-feet to 30×60-feet.

3Robelle Round Pool Cover For Swimming Pools


With an 8×8 scrim and with a heavy-duty polyethylene construction, this 24-foot round pool cover is ready to protect any suitably-sized pools. As is the case with most of the pool covers created by Robelle, this cover is designed with a dual-side design that helps to keep the pool safe during the winter season. Its top layer is designed to resist UV radiation, and its backside is designed to resist algae growth. This cover also features a 4-foot overlap that makes it extremely easy to install on the pool and ensure a secure fit. And it’s available in a variety of different colors and sizes for different pool types.

2Robelle Platinum Swimming Pool Cover


Constructed using some of the strongest polyethylene material that’s used for pool covers, the Robelle 331833 Platinum Cover is designed to hold up to just about any weather conditions. It can hold up to rain, snow, wind, sleet and even hail, as long as it’s properly installed. The top of these covers are designed to resist the sun’s ultraviolet rays, and the backside of the cover is designed to resist algae growth. This combination allows this cover to keep the pool in stable condition right until it’s time to open the pool up for the summer swim season. And since it’s available in a variety of sizes, there’s one for just about any pool.

1Pool Mate Oval Above Ground Cover


Designed to protect above ground swimming pools during even harsh winter conditions, this quality pool cover is durable and is designed to be of professional quality. This product is backed by a 12-year warranty by the manufacturer and is made from tough polyethylene that will hold up to all kinds of different conditions. All of this cover’s seams have been heat-sealed for improved performance and grommets are placed in a way that makes pool installation a snap. This winter pool cover is not only lightweight, but it’s also well-designed, and there’s a size available for just about any above ground pool.


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