Once you have your pool set up, filled with water and with the appropriate mixture of chemicals in it to keep it clean, the next thing you’re going to want to do is to use the pool. You’re probably going to want to play an assortment of swimming pool games including Marco Polo, Sharks & Minnows, Chicken Fight or Coins On The Bottom. Or, maybe, you just want to break out your best pool toys.

Toys for your pool come in a variety of different sizes, shapes and are used for a variety of different game. Although we can’t tell you what toys you are likely to want to play with because everyone plays different games in the pool. All we can do is present our readers with the best toys for the pool, so they can choose the right one for them.

Best Pool Toys

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10Watermelon Ball For Underwater Games


Anyone who hasn’t heard of the Watermelon Ball is really missing out. That’s because this toy is one of the best pool toys that a person could have in their toy collection. It’s a ball that the user fills with water and can be used by adults and children ages 8-years and older. It can be used for a variety of pool games including pool basketball, pool rugby or pool football. It’s great for family functions, pool parties and for day-to-day use. Why waste your time with other pool toys when this one is ready to entertain and is a whole lot of fun to play with?

9Activ Life Best Kid’s Flying Rings


Although these flying discs are supposed to be primarily used as a Frisbee, the fact of the matter is that it’s a great toy for playing with both in and out of the pool. This flying disc is up to 80% lighter than most of the other flying discs on the market, and it only weighs about 33-grams. That means that it is not only more comfortable to catch but is also safer to play with. Each pack comes with two flying discs, one blue and one red one, so the family can spend hours playing with them. And they’re also great gifts for Christmas, birthdays and other special occasions.

8Melissa & Doug Louie Lobster Claw Catcher


Melissa & Doug is a company founded by a real couple with six kids who wanted to provide their children with an alternative to being on their tablets all day. What they came up with are a set of toys that can be used in an interactive and imaginative way. And one of these toys is this one called Louis Lobster Claw Catcher. This grab and squeeze pool toy comes with three plastic fish that the swimmer can use to catch with the lobster claws. This product is easy to use with one hand and encourages children to be interactive with their toys.

7Intex Underwater Toy Gift Bundle


Designed for children ages 6-years old and up, this pool toy set combines all of the most popular toys for swimming pools into one great bundle. This set comes with 3 aquatic dive balls, otherwise known as fun balls, and also comes with 4 colorful rings. And the final thing it comes with is 5-diving sticks. All of this provides the whole family with more than enough tools to play whatever game they want to play. It’s also a set that’s reasonably priced considering all of the toys that come with it.

6Swim Ways Toypedo Bandits Swim Toy 4-Pack


This 4-pack of torpedoes, or as they call them “toypedos”, is ready to provide children of all ages with a whole lot of pool fun. Each one of these torpedos is in vibrant color and they are printed with colorful and fun faces on them. What’s really remarkable about these toys, however, isn’t how they look but how they perform. They are capable of gliding up to 20-feet underwater, and they can do it without using batteries of any kind. How do they do it? Well, they’re kid-powered and have aerodynamic fins that allow them to glide gracefully under water.

5Swim Ways Fish Styx Swim Toys


This 3-pack of flexible and soft diving fish is a great pool toy that can be used for pool parties, for day-to-day family games or to even encourage new swimmers to strengthen their swimming skills. These fish come in an assortment of colors, and each one of them is about 4.33-inches long, 2.87-inches high and just 0.59-inch wide. They’re recommended for ages 5-years and older, but our guess is that a lot of adults are going to find these toys fun to play with, too. These are toys the whole family will love.

4Intex Assorted Colors Sinking Fun Balls


Designed for children 6-years old and older, this fun ball set is ready to provide wholesome fun for the entire family. These balls can be placed on the bottom of the pool, and the entire family can see who can grab their long fins first. Although they’re a bit heavier than comparable swimming pool balls, they are easy to place by merely tossing them into the swimming pool. And since they’re made in rich, vibrant colors, then they’re easy to see underwater. Hours of fun is within anyone’s reach thanks to these fun balls.

3Intex Underwater Swimming Toy Bundle


With the proper pool toys, just about any game is possible. Fortunately, this set is the proper one for many families. That’s because it comes with 5 diving sticks and 4 diving pool rings that give swimmer almost endless possibilities as to what games they can play in the pool. Whether they’re looking for a spirited game of aquatic ring toss, want to play capture the flag or some other swimming pool game, they can thank this set. Since the sticks stand up on the bottom of the pool, the number of games that can be played is almost limitless. And since this set is made from soft, flexible materials, the whole family can play safely.

2Prime Time Toys Treasure Chest Game


In the past, if anyone wanted to play Coins On The Bottom or some other similar diving game, then they would have to use random objects from around their home. However, that no longer has to be the case. Thanks to this Diving Masters Treasure Chest from Prime Time Toys, anyone can enjoy playing a variety of fun-to-play diving games. This sunken toy chest comes with 39 toy coins that can be spread all over the pool to provide for hours of dive fun. Although it’s not suitable for children 3-years and younger, for everyone else it’s a fun swimming pool game that will provide hours of entertainment.

1Swimline Giant Basketball Swimming Pool Game


Anyone who ever wished they could move their basketball court to their swimming pool will probably be overjoyed when they see this swimming pool toy. This 45-inch by 36-inch inflatable is made out of heavy-gauge vinyl and has multiple ports that allow swimmers to attempt making shots into its center. Although it only comes with one ball, swimmers can easily create their own swimming pool basketball court by buying two of these inflatables and then placing them at either end of the pool. It’s a fun and athletic way for the whole family to play in their pool and get a little bit of exercise, too.

Can’t Find What You’re Looking For? Check these suggestions:

A Guide To Pool Toys

Anyone who thinks that the swimming pool is just for swimming has evidently never bought pool toys for their pool. Although the term pool toys make some people think that they’re only for children—they’re also plenty of toys for adults as well. Of course, before a pool owner or anyone who is planning to visit a pool buys pool toys there are some things that they should consider. If they don’t, then they won’t end up buying the best pool toys for their needs.

The Different Types Of Pool Toys

Some people might be surprised to learn that there are a variety of different pool toys currently available and that always wasn’t the case. In the past, many people were limited to either using a small handful of pool toys that were being manufactured or taking toys into the pool that weren’t designed for the pool—for example, volleyball or kick balls. Nowadays, however, things are a lot different. There are toys for just about every age group and every type of activity one could think of doing. That’s why we’ve decided to break down some of the broad pool toy categories, so our readers can determine which one is right for them.

Sports Pool Toys

One of the first categories of pool toys we want to go over is the sports-related ones. Yes, there are a variety of different sport sets for pools that people of all ages can enjoy. Just be sure that if you’re buying a sports set that it’s appropriate for the age group that it’s being used. You don’t want to buy a sports set that contains hard parts for small children.

Basketball Swimming Toys

These toys are designed usually as a center inflatable hoop that floats around the pool or is attached to the side of the pool. Just remember that if you purchase pool basketball sport-sets for the side of the pool, then it might require installation. For children, usually, the floating basketball sets are good enough, but adults might want to go for the ones that install on the side of the pool.

Water Polo Or Volleyball Sets

Another common set of sports set is the netted sports set. This includes water polo and volleyball sets. As is the case with the basketball sets, these types usually come in one of two different varieties. They can be nets that attach to inflatable posts that float around the pool, or they can be attached to posts that are filled with water or sand and sit on the sides of the pool. The one a person chooses depends on their type of pool and the age of the people playing with the set. If a person has an above ground pool or children are going to play with the set, then they will probably choose one with floating posts. Adults or people playing in in-ground pools might want to choose the one with weighted posts.

Ball Sets

Balls are other toys that are very common. Yes, balls might seem like very simple toys that require no explanation, but that’s not the case. Pool balls come in a variety of different types, as you’ll soon discover below.

Beach Balls

These are the balls that most people think about when they think of pool balls. They’re usually brightly colored, are inflatable, and can be played with by both children and adults alike. There’s not much to say about them except that they’re a lot of fun to toss around the pool.

Watermelon Balls

Watermelon balls have become increasingly popular over the last few years. This is a ball that doesn’t float on top of the water but is able to be played with under the water. That’s because it has a natural buoyancy that’s the result of it being filled with water instead of air.

Other Types Of Balls

Of course, there are a variety of other types of balls for swimming pools—too many for us to include in this guide, so we’ll just list some of the more common ones below.

  • Water Volleyballs
  • Pool Basketballs
  • Splash Bombs
  • Water Footballs

Pool Float Toys

Another type of common swimming pool toy is the pool float. We don’t have a lot to say about these toys, other than they come in a wide variety of different shapes and colors. We’ve seen pool floats that look like dragons, unicorns, motorcycles, and even donuts. Feel free to choose one that everyone finds fun and interesting.

Swimming Pool Games Of Skill

Games of skill are other popular pool tools. These include Diving Pool Sets, Swimming Pool Fishing Sets, and Ring Tosses. These games can be fun and give everyone and encourage either cooperative play or competitive play.

Motorized Pool Toys

The last category of pool toys available is motorized pool toys. These toys come in a variety of different styles and price ranges. There are wind-up pool toys that are relatively inexpensive, there are remote control pool toys that are usually in the mid-price range, and high-end motorized toys with Go-Pro cameras attached to them that go for hundreds of dollars.

Other Things To Consider

Okay, now that we know the different types of pool toys that are available, it’s time to think about some of the other things that you might want to consider when purchasing pool toys. When choosing toys, a lot of people fail to think about some of the following points, and as a result, end up getting a toy that they can’t use.

  • Make sure to consider the price range of the toy and the age of the intended users.
  • Make sure that the pool toys are made with BPA-free plastic and don’t pose a safety risk.
  • Make sure to stay within your budget.
  • Make sure that you have batteries, an air pump, or other things that you might need to set up the toy.
  • And finally, don’t forget to buy something fun that everyone will enjoy and will use.