A lot of people confuse fire glass with fire pit rocks, so we’re here to set the record straight. Although fire glass is splashy and comes in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes, we feel that fire rocks have a more natural and rustic look to them. They also tend to cost less than fire glass, which is always a good thing when someone is trying to set up their pit for the first time. To show our readers how beautiful these products can be, we’ve decided to review some of the best rocks for fire pits currently available. Any of the following rocks are sure to impress friends and family and give your fire pit a rustic charm that can’t be beaten.

Best Rocks For Inside Fire Pits

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5Mango Garden Products Dragon Glass Pebbles


Anyone searching for unique rocks to add to their fire pit is going to want to look at these beautiful fire rocks. These rocks are sourced from special lava fields in Asia, so right away the consumer can rest assured that they’re getting something that’s unique and exotic. These pebbles come in a mixed bundle of pebbles that range in size from 3/4-inch to 1-1/2-inch in size. These are rocks that will enhance the look of a fire pit, or can even be used for other garden application where a little bit of natural appeal is needed to spruce up space. They’re also ideal for fountains, planters, or to line walkways.

Because these rocks are formed from hot lava, the consumer can rest assured that these rocks will hold up to the test of time. These are rocks that were formed when the lava first touched ocean water and instantly hardened. That makes using these pebbles a little bit like holding a piece of eternity in your backyard—right in your fire pit. These rocks’ uniform shape and beautiful look make them something very special. And considering how rare they are, they’re also offered for a very reasonable price that consumers will appreciate.

4Premium Pebbles Tumbled Fire Pit Lava Rocks


For people who think that all lava rocks look the same, we encourage them to compare this set against our number one pick and note how different they look. These rocks present a very different look from the lava rocks we previously reviewed, may be different enough for people to feel like they would prefer these rocks over any other set of fire pit rocks. These rocks are sold by Premium Pebbles and are sourced from Asia, from real lava fields. However, these rocks aren’t just left in their natural form. They’re also machine tumbled so that they have a uniform look to them. Even though they have a uniform look, not all of them are the same size and they vary in size from 1/2-inch to 1-inch.

Another thing that we liked about these rocks is that they just aren’t for fire pits. We can think of about a million different uses for them. They can be used in flower plants or planters, used to line sidewalks or walkways, or can be added to flower beds to add an exotic focal point to them. Using these rocks will help consumers update their firepits to a more modern look, or they can even be used as a base if the consumer decides they want to use fire glass.

3American Fireglass All-Natural Black Lava Rocks


These black lava rocks are different from any of the other ones that we’ve reviewed thus far. These rocks are smaller, more porous, and jagged than the other types of volcanic rocks for firepits that we’ve reviewed. These medium-sized rocks can hold up to very high temperatures and can do so without falling apart or losing their form in any other way. That makes them perfect for fire pits, but that’s not the only place they can be used. They can also be used to line walkways, to spruce up gardens, or for about a million other uses that we probably haven’t even thought about yet. These are high-quality rocks that are sure to add a tropical look to a person’s firepit or their outdoor spaces.

Something else that we liked about these rocks was that they were very cost-effective. We’ve found them to be approximately 30 to 50% cheaper than some of the leading brands of fire rocks available. We think for that reason alone, they’re going to catch the attention of many of our readers. We feel that a lot of people are not only going to enjoy the exotic look of these rocks but also their more than reasonable price-tag.

2Midwest Hearth Red Fire Pit Rocks


Another set of rocks for fire pits that we thought were extremely unique were these rocks from Midwest Heath. Instead of being black or gray like many of the volcanic rocks that we’ve reviewed so far, these rocks have a beautiful red color to them. And it’s a red color that’s all-natural and isn’t the result of the manufacturer adding colorants or stains to them. These are all-natural volcanic rocks that are capable of holding up to very high temperatures, will never crumble or disintegrate over time, and adds a beautiful natural look to any fire pit. In our opinion, these rocks have more of a river rock look to them than other rocks, which adds a bit of appeal to a roaring fire.

These are rocks that are processed and packaged in the United States and are shipped in very nice condition. They have an average size of anywhere from 1/2-inch to 2-inches, so there is a lot of variety when they’re added to a fire pit. Taking all of these points into consideration, we have no problem recommending these rocks to any of our readers. We think that these fire rocks can spruce up a fire well.

1Fire Pit Essential Red Lava Rocks


Another set of lava rocks that we thought were a good deal and added a beautiful color to any fire table, fire pit, or fire bowl, is this set of rocks. These rocks are naturally red and are approximately 3/4-inch in size, although there may be variations from rock to rock due to the fact that these are natural stones. They can be used with wood-burning fire pits or gas fire pits, and can even be used to replace faux fire logs. These rocks are also easy-to-install and require little maintenance from the consumer. We think that these are truly great rocks.

The only complaint we had about this rock set was that the consumer had to make sure to never let them get wet. If they get wet and aren’t fully dried when they’re used, then they can pop like popcorn. That’s usually true of most lava rock but is especially true with this set. Therefore, if these rocks have gotten wet, allow the fire to burn for approximately 45-minutes to an hour to make sure they dry before approaching the fire. These rocks, as is the case with most lava rocks, need to be covered when they’re not being used.


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