If you want to maintain an accurate temperature level for your pool house, greenhouse or even just for a room inside of your home, then you are going to want to own an accurate indoor thermometer. One that’s reliable, will provide accurate temperature readings, and is durable enough to last quite awhile. Fortunately, we have found quite a few of these thermometers, so we decided to review the ten best ones and present them here for our reader’s consideration. And thanks to technology improvements, these products are not only more reliable but are also more inexpensive than they ever were. So without further ado, below are our picks for the ten best indoor thermometers currently available.

Best Indoor Thermometers

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10iPower Hihumdx4 Digital Humidity & Thermometer Monitor


The best indoor thermometer on our list isn’t a single thermometer but a 4-pack of them. This 4-pack of thermometers is designed to give the homeowner the ability to keep track of humidity and temperature levels in different areas around their home. These thermometers can measure temperatures from 14 to 122-degrees Fahrenheit and humidity levels from 10 to 99%. It has a humidity accuracy range of 5%. These units are powered by 3-volt CR2032 button batteries, which are included with the units. And since these thermometers can be mounted using a fold out stand or using their magnetic backings, they can be placed anywhere.

9ThermoPro TP53 Digital Thermometer & Hygrometer


There are quite a few reasons to love this thermometer. It has a touch activated backlight button that’s situated right on its bezel, so it’s easy to light up the screen in dark conditions to keep track of temperature and humidity during the night. It also has an air comfort indicator that lets the user know if the humidity level in their home is comfortable. Other features that can be found on this thermometer include 24-hour minimum and maximum humidity and temperature level display, the ability to display temperatures in either Fahrenheit or Celsius and a slim design that’s only 0.13-inch thick.

8Thermo Pro TP50 Digital Temperature & Humidity Monitor


This thermometer may be small, but it has some pretty powerful features integrated into it. This product has a 2.7-inch smart display that has large, easy-to-read digits, so it’s always easy to read. It is also equipped with a simple humidity level indicator that lets the homeowner know when the temperature is dry, comfortable or moist. It displays all-time low and high temperatures and humidity levels. This product can display temperature readings in either Celsius or Fahrenheit, and it’s powered by a single AAA battery. That makes this portable thermometer one that some homeowners may want to investigate further to see if it’s a good fit.

7Homidy Digital Hygrometer & Thermometer


Anyone who needs to keep track of their indoor temperature or humidity so they can stay on top of their arthritis, allergies or to maintain proper room temperature for a baby is probably going to want to check out this indoor thermometer. That’s because this model provides accurate temperature readings in either Celsius or Fahrenheit and accurate humidity levels, too. It comes with three different ways to install it including a desk base, a wall mount, and a magnetic backing. That allows one of these thermometers to be placed in every room of the house to provide accurate temperature and humidity readings year round.

6Veanic Mini-Digital Electronic Thermometers


Sometimes all a homeowner needs are a set of electronic thermometers that can measure the temperature in different parts of the house. For example, a homeowner may want to keep track of the temperature on their sun porch, in their living room, in their kitchen, and in their bedroom, but they may not want to spend a fortune on thermometers. That’s where this 4-pack of thermometers comes in handy. It comes with 4 inexpensive models that can keep track of the temperature in Fahrenheit and have an operating range of -58 to 158-degrees Fahrenheit. And since they can also measure humidity level as well, that just makes the deal even sweeter.

5La Cross Technology Digital Thermometer


As is the case with similar La Crosse indoor thermometers, the brilliance of this model is that it’s simple and very accurate. It displays the temperature in large 1-inch digits, and it has a temperature range of -4 to 122-degrees Fahrenheit. This model can display the temperature reading in either Fahrenheit or Celsius, according to the user’s needs, and it can display the temperature range from 20 to 99% relative humidity. It also has a comfort level icon that displays where the humidity and temperature in the room are comfortable. Other features include a 2.25×2.25-inch size and a 12/24-hour manual time set.

4La Crosse Technology Silver Digital Thermometer


What makes this indoor thermometer such a great product is its simplicity. What we mean is that it doesn’t contain a whole lot of unnecessary features. It just presents the user with the indoor temperature, humidity, and a small handful of other features. It can display temperature readings in either Celsius or Fahrenheit and has a temperature range of -4 degrees to 122-degree Fahrenheit. It also displays humidity ranges from 40 to 60%. This model has a 2.25×2.25-inch LCD display and can either be stood on a table or hung on the wall for easy access. And since it displays the temperature in full 1-inch digits, it’s also easy-to-read.

3AMIR Digital Temperature LCD Meter


This thermometer has so many features it may be difficult to list them all in the space allotted, but we’ll give it a shot. This thermometer comes with the main unit and 2 transmitters that allow the most accurate temperature readings possible. This product has a large LCD screen with easy-to-read large digits and is powered by several AAA batteries. This product can display indoor or outdoor temperature, has a temperature trend indicator arrow, and stores minimum and maximum temperature readings. And since this product can display temperatures in either Fahrenheit or Celsius, so anyone can use it for their home.

2Oria Digital Hygrometer & Thermometer


This quality thermometer has a number of innovative features which makes it a pleasure to use in the home. It has a large backlit LCD display that displays temperature, and humidity levels quite clearly and it has a light button that turns on the light for 15-seconds at a time. This model allows the homeowner to check the temperature and humidity levels over a 24-hour period and it can be mounted in several different ways including wall mounting it using the hanging hole, using its magnetic backing to hang it on a refrigerator or standing it up on a table.

1AcuRite Indoor Hygrometer & Thermometer


Available in a classic black style, this digital thermometer and hygrometer are designed to provide the user with the most accurate temperature readings possible. This product can monitor indoor temperatures in both Fahrenheit or Celsius and displays humidity levels along with humidity indicators such as Low, Ok, or High. This product can stand upright or can be attached to a metal surface using its magnetic backing. This product is very easy to set up, is extremely easy to use and comes with 1-year of support from the manufacturer. All of these features make this a quality indoor thermometer that can be used by almost everyone.


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