In our opinion, you can’t have an outdoor kitchen without having a quality outdoor refrigerator. After all, where are you going to store your sauces, your meats or veggies, or even your cold beverages? An outdoor fridge is a great way to add a bit of convenience to your outdoor areas, as long as you purchase a model that’s rated for outdoor use and can deal with the weather fluctuations. To help everyone reading this find the best outdoor refrigerator for their needs, we’ve decided to review some of the ones that impressed us the most. The following outdoor fridges will add style and convenience to the average outdoor kitchen.

Best Outdoor Refrigerators

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3Bull Outdoor Products Stainless-Steel Refrigerator


One of the first outdoor refrigerators that we’d like to review is this one from Bull Products. We’ve known the company Bull Products for quite some time now and have always thought of them as a company that makes high-quality outdoor products. So, we weren’t surprised when this stainless steel fridge turned out to be one of the best outdoor refrigerators we’ve reviewed.

This is a product that’s specifically designed for outdoor spaces and is engineered to hold up to outdoor conditions. No outdoor fridge can be used without any protection from the weather whatsoever, but this one can be used when properly placed on an outdoor island that does offer it some protection from rain, snow, and sleet.

This product is approximately 33-inches high, 20.5-inches wide, and 20.75-inches deep. It has a capacity of approximately 4.4 cubic feet, which is large enough for most people’s needs, and it has a door that’s made out of 304 stainless-steel. Another thing worth mentioning about the door is that it can be reversed by the consumer as necessary so that it either swings out from the left or the right. It’s also great that this product has a flush back design that makes installing it into an outdoor kitchen island quick and easy. As long as the consumer has properly measured for this fridge, they should have no problem sliding it right into position.

What other features can be found on this stylish outdoor fridge? Well, let us tell you that there still several features we’d like to talk about. For example, this product is equipped with full-temperature control, so the consumer has complete control over this fridge’s operation. It also has a beverage dispenser that can hold approximately seven 12-ounces can of seltzer, soda, or beer. It’s also designed with a standard look that allows it to fit in with the look of other outdoor appliances from this company. Anyone reading this review should be able to realize just from these points that this fridge is one of the better models currently being made.

2Danby 4.4 Cubic-Foot Mini Stainless-Steel Fridge


Danby isn’t a company that we can honestly say we were familiar with before reviewing this fridge, but we must say that we’re glad that this company has shown up on our radar now. This is a company that takes great pride in their work and puts great care into the design of their products. They have made an outdoor fridge that’s truly designed for outdoor use.

This product has exterior plastics that are completely protected against ultraviolet rays, mechanical components that are protected from rust, electrical housing that’s completely waterproof, and an epoxy resin undercoating that keeps the underside of the fridge protected. It even has castors made with stainless steel bearings, so that they’re completely rust-resistant.

This product even has an IPX4 waterproof rating. What does that rating mean? It means that the outdoor fridge is protected from splashing water from any direction. This refrigerator can not be submerged into water or shot with powerful jets of water, but it is rated to hold up against splashing water. This alone should give the consumer some confidence in its outdoor performance.

Another thing that we liked about this product was that it had a nice retro style that could add a bit of class to any outdoor space. But trust us, this fridge has a lot more going for it than looks. It also has the features the consumer needs. Let’s take a closer look at some of the features of this fridge.

This product is equipped with a cooling capacity that allows it to be used in a desert or tropical environment without any problems. It also has an LED interior light that allows the consumer to look inside of it—even in the middle of the night. This is a 21.3 by 20.75 by 33.06 inches fridge that uses an annual energy consumption of 238 Kilowatt hours per year and has a 4.4 cubic foot capacity. This is also a fridge with automatic defrost, and reversible door hinges for convenience. We think all of these features make this a great outdoor refrigerator.

1Black & Decker Compact Mini Fridge With Freezer


Even though this mini-fridge from Black & Decker isn’t specifically rated for outdoor use, we’ve known quite a few people who have used it in their outdoor kitchen islands without any problems. Sure, these outdoor islands were covered so that the fridge wasn’t exposed to rain, snow, or sleet in any way, but it still managed to operate outside.

While we recommend the first two fridges more than this one for outdoor use, we’re sure this product would be fine in milder climates that aren’t subject to drastic temperature changes, high humidity, or heavy rain. With that said, let’s review this product and see what features it has.

This is a compact fridge that’s approximately 17.5-inches by 18.5-inches by 26.6-inches. That’s just the right size for storing food, beverage, or just about anything else the consumer might need. This product is available in one of three design styles that include black, white, or stainless steel, so there’s a fridge for just about any decor.

Because this is a small fridge it’s ideal for home bars, garages, small apartments, or even RV campers. We’d also like to state how quiet this model is. This fridge only generates about 45 decibels of sound, which makes it quieter than some of the other fridges we’ve reviewed.

Some of the other features that can be found on this fridge include leveling legs, a small 12.8×4.3-inch tall freezer, additional door storage for five 12-ounce cans, a door that can be reversed so that it can open outwards from either the left or right and a 2-liter door storage.

This fridge is also backed by a one year warranty, so consumers can rest assured of its continued operation. And all of this comes from a fridge that’s reasonably priced and won’t destroy the consumer’s budget. It’s not the best fridge, but it does deserve some attention for consumers who need to keep their drinks cold.


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