For a long time, most of the smokers that were available to the home consumer were either barrel models or vault smokers were the ones that everyone was buying. Then something happened. There was a seismic shift and people started to buy the offset smokers. Why? Because people realized that these smokers were not only easy to maintain but that they produced some of the best smoking results.

Now, these products are some of the most popular smokers on the planet, and people all over the world are enjoying their practicality and performance. We didn’t want to be left out of all of the fun, so we decided that it was probably a good idea to review some of these smoker models. Below are the results of our work and our recommendations of the best offset smokers available.

Best Offset Smokers

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4Dyna-Glow Wide-Body Charcoal Smoker


Dyna-Glo is a company that’s been silently cementing its position as one of the top companies in the smoker industry for many years now. This is a company that’s known for making some of the most durable, well-designed, and practical smokers that we’ve ever seen. And so when it came time to review this review, we have to admit that we were a bit excited by the prospect of checking out all of its features. Luckily, it was a model that didn’t disappoint and one that convinced us that it was truly the best offset smoker in the world.

This offset smoker is approximately 21×43.3×50.2-inches and is made with durable steel, so it weighs approximately 84-pounds. It’s a model that is equipped with six cooking grates that are height-adjustable and have an individual food capacity of 25-pounds of food each. The inside of this smoker gives the consumer a total of approximately 1890 square inches of cooking space—which is more than enough to fit the needs of even large families.

Something else that we liked about this model was its charcoal and ash management system. This product had a removable ash pan that’s made out of durable steel, and a charcoal chamber that slides out and has grates that allow oxygen to circulate around the charcoal. This allows for better fuel efficiency and less charcoal waste.

Some final features to talk about include a built-in thermometer, a smokestack with an adjustable flue, and a wide-body design. This is truly a great smoker model and one that we’re sure will appeal not just to the smoker purists but to anyone who needs a quality offset smoker.

3Masterbuilt Gravity-Series Digital Smoker/Grill


When we reviewed this model for the first time, we were a little concerned about this product’s price tag. It was more than just about any offset smoker that we’ve reviewed thus far—then something happened, we started looking at its features and we were hooked.

This is a smoker that’s not only packed with features but is capable of delivering the type of smoked meats that people want their smoker to deliver. And it’s capable of delivering all of this delicious smoked meat with very little user intervention. Ah, the wonders of modern technology know no bounds.

This product is approximately 33x61x52-inches and weighs a little bit over 200-pounds. It’s a model that’s capable of reaching 225-degrees Fahrenheit in about 10-minutes, or about 700-degrees Fahrenheit in 15-minutes. It’s capable of reaching such high temperatures so quickly because it’s equipped with a digital fan that circulates the air in the most efficient manner possible.

This product also has a gravity-fed hopper that can automatically feed the smoker/grill with either 16-pounds of charcoal briquettes or 10-pounds of lump charcoal. And because it uses smart device control, the consumer can control it using the Masterbuilt App and WiFi or Bluetooth to communicate with it.

Using this smoker can be easy as filling the hopper full of charcoal, using a fire starter or paper to light the charcoal, setting the temperature control using either Bluetooth or WiFi, and then letting the grill take over. The app makes it easy to control this offset smoker/grill so that the consumer gets professional results every time it’s used. Sure, it’s a little more expensive than other smokers, but in our opinion, it’s worth it.

2Royal Gourmet 30-Inch Outdoor Grill & Smoker


This Royal Gourmet 30-inch BBQ grill might look like any other grill on the market, but it’s actually one of the better grills and offset smokers being made nowadays. It’s a model that’s also inexpensive, so consumers don’t have to feel like they need to spend a fortune to have perfectly smoked meat. We should know because we’ve reviewed this grill/smoker extensively and know precisely what it’s capable of doing. Let’s explore some of its features and see just what makes this model such a great one, shall we?

This model is approximately 27.2-inches long, 484.4-inches wide, and has a height of approximately 55-inches. It has porcelain-coated steel wire grates that have a total space of 438 square-inches and a chrome-plated warming rack that offers an additional 179 square inches of warming space.

Inside of the smoker box, there’s an additional 183 square-inches of cooking space, so it’s easy to see that this model is capable of cooking quite a lot of food at one time. Speaking of the smokebox, that’s another feature we liked about this smoker. Not only does it have a top door that allows the consumer to tend to the additional food in it, but it also has a side door that allows the consumer to tend to the charcoal.

Some of the additional features that can be found on this high-quality offset smoker and grill combination include a lid-mounter thermometer, handles that always stay cool, the addition of two dampers that help the consumer control heat levels, and a sturdy design that holds up well to weather.

1Oklahoma Joe’s Highland Smoker


The last offset smoker is this one from Oklahoma Joe. This is a model that’s known as the Highland, and it’s designed to be a grill and offset smoker hybrid that can do both equally well. It’s also designed to be a mid-range smoker that is built better than many of the budget smoker models but isn’t as expensive as some of the top-end offset smokers. Let’s take a closer look at this product and see exactly if it fits its intended niche well.

This model is approximately 39x20x23-inches in size and weighs just a little bit over 175-pounds. This is a model that’s powered by wood and/or charcoal, so just about anyone can use it and get good use from it. If there’s one drawback to it, we’d have to say that it isn’t the most portable of units, so wherever the consumer sets it up, it’s probably going to stay.

Inside of the main cooking chamber, the consumer will find approximately 619 square inches of cooking space. It also contains a smoker box that provides an additional 281 square-inches of cooking space. And because the firebox has a side-door, it’s easy for the consumer to tend to the fuel source to keep it burning efficiently.

This is an offset smoker and grill that we feel many consumers are going to appreciate using. It doesn’t have many of the bells and whistles that some more sophisticated smokers have, but it still gets the job done quite well.

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A Simple Buying Guide To Offset Smokers

Anyone reading this guide at this point is probably interested in buying the best offset smoker available. We think that’s pretty safe to say at this point. That’s not surprising considering that our reviews might be able to identify the smokers that are the best, but they aren’t exactly capable of deciding which model is best for YOU! You’re the only person who can determine what you need from one of these remarkable smokers, so it has to be you to make the final call.

Yes, we’re quite aware of the fact that not everyone is an expert on offset smokers, so you might not know what you need out of one of these smokers. And that’s why we’ve decided to write this guide. We wanted this guide to be a simple buying guide that will help all of our readers identify the models that are best for their needs. This isn’t a guide for people who are already expert smoker users but is more geared towards novices in the field. If you’re still reading, then come on with us and allow us to show you what are considered to be the most important features found on an offset smoker.

How Is The Offset Smoker Constructed?

One of the first things that you are going to want to consider is how the smoker is constructed. Although most of these smokers or smoker/grill combination look the same, not all of them are the same. Some of the high-quality models are made with heavy-gauge steel, and some of the lesser quality ones are made with rolled steel, buying one that’s made of 1/4-inch or thicker steel will ensure that it lasts a long time. Sure, it adds a little bit to the end cost of the offset smoker, but it does mean that it’s going to last longer.

How Big Is The Offset Smoker?

The next thing that you’re likely going to want to think about is the size of the offset smoke. Not only its exterior size and how it’s going to fit in with the area you have allotted for it but also the size of its smoking/grill area. If you’re looking for a model that can smoke a lot of meat, seafood, or veggies at one time, then you’re going to want to look for a model with a higher internal surface area and removable racks. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a model that’s only useful for smoking a few items at a time, then one of the smaller smoker/grill combinations might be right for your needs.

Does It Have A Fuel Door?

Another thing that you’re going to want to consider is whether the offset smoker has a dedicated fuel door that can be easily accessed. While most of the full-size smokers have this feature, not all of the smoker/grill combinations do. Some smoker/grill combinations require the consumer to remove the cooking rack in the offset smokebox to access the fuel. In our opinion, that’s unacceptable. Always make sure whatever smoker you’re buying has a dedicated fuel access door. That will make your life so much easier, trust us.

How Portable Of A Unit Do You Need?

It’s also worth asking yourself if you need a portable offset smoker or if you need a model that’s just going to sit in your backyard. This is important to think about because some of the full-size models are hundreds of pounds—and that can make them extremely difficult to move from one location to another.

How Is Smoke Contained & Controlled?

You should also take a good hard look at how smoke is contained within the smoker itself and how it’s released. The smoker should have high-quality seals that lock in the smoke and keeps it from venting to the outdoor air. The offset smoker should also contain dampers that allow the consumer to control the temperature and the smoke levels inside of the smokebox. This will allow the consumer to maintain the proper smoke and temperature levels throughout the entire smoking process.

What Other Features Might You Need?

Before you make the final decision on which offset smoker is right for you, you should consider some of the features that you might need. Of course, discovering what features you might need can be difficult if you don’t know what standard features can be found on most offset smokers, so we’ve listed some of the more common features you’re likely to come across. Making sure your new offset smoker has one or more of the following features can mean the difference between a smoker that gets the job of smoking done adequately well and one that hits a home run every single time it’s used.

  • Built-In Thermometer
  • Digital Controls
  • Porcelain-Coated Grates
  • Wheels For Moving The Unit Around The Yard
  • Double-Wall Construction
  • Bluetooth & WiFi Capabilities