Floating pool lights are a great way for pool owners to not only extend the usability of their pool for their nocturnal swimmers but is also a great way to add a little bit of ambiance to the pool area at night. It’s no wonder that these types of lights are becoming more and more popular, both in the U.S and in Europe. Although most of these types of light work well in creating a magical atmosphere for the pool, not all of them work quite so well. That’s why we decided to find and rate the best floating lights for pools, so consumers can find the ones that will add a bit of style and light to their swimming pool.

Best Floating Pool Lights

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10Esuper 14-Inch Outdoor Pool Ball Lamp


These 14-inch color-changing spheres are not just the best floating pool lights available, but they’re also the best outdoor sphere lights available. That’s because they have a variety of features that allows them to be used in different capacities. For example, they float and are IP68 waterproof, so they can be easily used in pools or ponds. But they’re also durable, so they can be used to play games or to light up garden paths. And since they come with hooks, they can also be hung from tree branches and used as ambiance lighting. That makes them a great light for anyone to own and use.

9Loftek 12-Inch RGB Color Sphere


This 12-inch sphere is a great pool light because it’s designed with the utmost care. This product is not only waterproof up to IP68 standards, but it also has a rechargeable battery and comes with remote control. This product can be set to one of 16 different RGB colors and one of 4 different lighting modes. And because it’s free of mercury, lead and other toxic chemicals, it can be used for a wide variety of different applications. It can, of course, be used as pool or pond light, but it can also be used as a child’s night light, to light garden paths or for just about any other use a person can think of using it for.

8Homemory 24-Pack Waterproof Floating Tea Lights


In the past, people have often used real floating tea lights to light their pools, and they usually worked quite well—at least for a while. The problem with using tea lights that have real flames is that they tend to burn out prematurely or to go out after they’ve been doused with water. Fortunately, there’s a solution to that dilemma and these tea lights are it. These waterproof floating tea lights use flickering LED light in place of a real flame, so they provide the candle effect in the pool, but do it without burning out. Now anyone can use these lights for a night wedding or a romantic evening and be confident that they’re going to do a good job of lighting the pool.

7ESEYE Outdoor Garden & Pool Lights


These brightly colored lights are so versatile, homeowners are going to want to keep several sets around at all times. Not only do these lights float so they can be placed in swimming pools, ponds or fountains, but they’re also shatter-resistant, so they can also be used along pathways, on stairs or one pool decks. With this 4-pack set, a person has virtually limitless options of what they can do with them. And because they absorb the light from the sun and then use that as power at night, these lights are also very eco-friendly. That makes them a set that anyone can love and appreciate.

6LoGuide Floating Dragonfly Flower Lights


Anyone looking to add a little bit of whimsy, color or romantic flair to their outdoor pool or pond is going to want to check out these floating pool lights. They’re designed to look like lotus flowers that have a dragonfly perched in the middle of them. Each of these flowers can be set to display light in a particular color, and some of the color options include red, green, purple, blue, white, cyan, and yellow. Their dainty design and gentle color not only make them suitable for pool parties, but they also make great pond decorations for outdoor night weddings.

5Pop 4-Pack Floating 12-Inch Sphere Lights


The main thing that separates these light spheres from all of the other floating pool lights available is their size. Instead of being just 3-inch floating lights, these spheres have a commanding 12-inch size. But that isn’t the only thing that makes these light a good choice for anyone to add to their pool. They can also be set to show one continuous color or to cycle through their colors every 15-seconds. Each of these balls is capable of displaying colored light in white, red, blue or green colors, and they’re designed to last for up to 3-hours at a time.

4MicroTronixx 12-Mood Light Decorative Balls


This 12-pack of pool light orbs is bound to inject a little bit of magic into anyone’s pool area. Each 3-inch ball is completely water-resistant and can be set to one of 9 different settings to set the precise mood that a person needs for their pool. Another thing worth mentioning about these orbs is that they’re easy to use. All the user has to do is press its button and it will light up in a certain color. Press that button again turns it off. If a different color is desired, then all a person has to do is press the button until it lights up in the color of their choice. Thanks to these orbs, anyone can light their pool in style.

3Esuper 4-Pack 14-Inch Pool Ball Lights


These inflatable floating pool lights are designed to be left in the water and to automatically charge using the power of the sun. Unlike many of the other comparable ball lights out there, these pool lights can stay in the water through all kinds of different weather conditions. That’s because they’re weatherproof up to IP68 standards. And each of these balls is designed to provide up to 8-hours of light after they’ve been fully charged. Their red, blue, green and white alternating colors are also likely to impress anyone who gets to gaze upon them while they’re floating in the pool at night.

2Aokely 3.1-Inch RGB Color-Changing Ball Lights


These 3.1-inch floating pool ball lights are about the size of a baseball and are waterproof up to IP68 standards. This allows them to be easily placed into not only pools but also ponds and other bodies of water quite easily. Each of these balls lights up and their colors can be changed using the handy remote control that’s capable of controlling several of the balls at once with a range of approximately 30-feet. These ball lights aren’t just fun, however, they’re also eco-friendly and are never made with harmful chemicals. That means that pool owners can use them in confidence, even in pools where children swim.

1Loftek 10-Pack 3-Inch LED Waterproof Lights


This affordable 10-pack of floating pool lights is a great way for a pool owner to add a little bit of light and color to their pool area. Each of these balls is waterproof up to IP65 standards and can be used for both indoor and outdoor pools. Just by pressing the bottom of these balls, the user is capable of changing them to the color of their choice. They can be also be used outside of the pool and make wonderful table decorations or for lighting pathways to the pool area. And because each of the RGB balls is made to exacting standards, they are free of lead, mercury and other toxic chemicals, so they’re always safe to use.


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