Best Telescopic Pool Poles of 2019 – Reviews

Although it’s true that modern swimming pools require quite a few pieces of equipment to run properly, it’s a necessary part of keeping the pool in good condition. And one of the tools that every pool owner needs to ensure that their pool is clean is a pool pole. Without this invaluable tool, retrieving items from the pool or using a leaf net can be a real pain. All pool poles aren’t created equally, however. There are good telescoping models and some models that don’t work very well at all. Fortunately for our readers, we’ve sorted the good from the bad and have come up with the best telescoping pool poles available.

Best Telescopic Pool Poles

10Unger Professional 8-Foot Connect & Clean Pole


Not everyone needs a 12-foot, 16-foot or 20-foot pole for cleaning their pole. Some people have smaller pools and would rather have a light pole than one with more reach. For these people, this 8-foot pole from Unger is just the right tool for the job. This product can extend from a minimum length of 4-feet, all the way up to 8-feet quickly and easily. And because it’s not very long and is made from aluminum, it only weighs a little bit over a pound. This allows the pool owner to use this pole for extended periods of time without having to worry about arm fatigue.

9Swimline Anodized Telescopic Pole


This telescopic pole from Swimline is made with an anodized finish, so it not only looks good but also is durable. This model is also extremely functional and comes in 3-pieces with dual external locking cams. It’s adjustable from 5-feet all the way to 15-feet, so it can be used easily on a number of different pool sizes. This model also has a universal fit that allows it to be used with most pool accessories, including but not limited to pool brushes, skimmers, nets, and vacuums. And since it’s priced to be fairly affordable, there’s no reason why any pool owner can’t own one of them for use in their pool.

8Swimline HydroTools Step-Up Pole


This step-up pool pole is designed with the features pool cleaners and pool owners need to keep their pools clean. This model telescopes from 6-feet all the way to 12-feet, so just about any pool can easily be worked on. It has a blue anodized finish that makes it durable, and also gives it a professional look. Equipped on the outside of this pole is a locking cam that helps to keep the pole stable, even when the user is overextending their reach. And since it’s designed to have a universal fit, this model can be used with just about any compatible brush, net, or skimmer.

7Stanley 16-Foot 2-Piece Telescopic Pole


This telescopic pool pole from Stanley is designed to do professional jobs, which is probably why it’s manufactured using professional quality components. This pole has a 1mm thickness and has smooth grips on it that allow the pool cleaner to get a good grip on it while they’re cleaning a pool. This model can adjust from 8.5-feet up to a total length of 16-feet, so it’s more than big enough for most jobs. And since it comes with external locking cams, this pole is also extremely stable during use. All of this makes this product one that’s worth checking out.

6JED Pool Tools Deluxe 16-Foot Pole


When a pool owner needs a little bit of extra reach, this telescopic pool pole is ready to lend a helping hand. This model comes in 2-parts and is capable of being extended from 8-feet all the way up to 16-feet in length. To keep it stable, this model also features a large external cam lock that holds it in place. Additional features that can be found on this model is a commercial grade thickness of 1.24 mm, a smooth finish, and the ability to be hooked up to a number of different pool cleaning accessories. This model can be easily hooked up to brushes, skimmers, nets, vacuums and other such pool cleaning equipment.

5Aquatix Pro Swimming Pool Pole


This swimming pool pole is not only designed to be universally compatible with most pool accessories, but it’s also designed to give the pool owner the reach he or she needs. This model can be extended from 4-feet all the way to 12-feet, so it can be used on all kinds of different pool sizes. It’s manufactured using 1.1 mm ribbed aluminum poles and comes equipped with a lock mechanism that ensures it’s always stable. This model is perfect for either above ground or in-ground pools and will provide the pool owner with years of faithful service.

4U.S. Pool Supply Professional Aluminum Pole


This high-quality aluminum pole is designed with the needs of pool cleaning professionals in mind. It’s made out of blue anodized aluminum that’s been ribbed for extra strength and is equipped with two slip-resistant locking cams. This keeps this 12-foot pole completely stable as the pool cleaner uses it for rakes, skimmers, brushes, nets or vacuum heads. It comes in 3-different pieces and has a minimum length of 4-feet, so it can not only be efficiently used with large pools but can also be used quite well with smaller pools. All of which makes it quite a versatile pool tool.

3Ocean Blue Water Products Pro


This heavy-duty aluminum pole expands from a length of 8-feet all the way up to a length of 16-feet, so it’s suitable for use with a wide variety of different pool sizes. This model is also easy to use and has a special no-slip grip that gives the pool owner a little bit of purchase when they’re using a pool brush, vacuum, or a leaf net. It also features a handy easy-release tab that makes swapping out pool tools extremely easy and efficient. And since this model has two different locking cams, one on the inside and one on the outside, it has more stability than a lot of lesser quality poles.

2Aqua-Select 7.5-Foot Pool Vacuum Pole


Although this vacuum pole isn’t as long as some of the other poles on this list, it does convey quite a few benefits to the user. For example, this pole has a universal fit with just about all pool accessories, is easy-to-use and doesn’t cost too much. It’s also made to be extremely durable and to not only last through one pool season but many. It can expand from 2.5-feet all the way up to 7.5-feet, so it’s just the right size for people with smaller to mid-size above-ground pools. Using this pole, the pool owner can attach a net, or a skimmer to it to keep their pool in good condition.

1Aqua EZ 3-Piece 12-Foot Pole


When choosing a telescopic pool pole, it’s important to choose one that has universal compatibility with all of the pool accessories a person may need to go with it. For example, one of these poles isn’t very useful if it isn’t capable of attaching to some of the most common nets, skimmers, and pool brushes, so it’s important to make sure the pole will fit. Fortunately, this pole is specifically designed to fit all major pool accessories. It’s a 3-piece pole set that goes from only 4-feet in length all the way to a length of 12-foot. That extends the reach enough so that it’s useful for most home-based pools.

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