When most people think about electric grills, they more often than not think about the models that sit on their counter. However, what few people may realize is that there are not only electric grills for use in the kitchen, but that there are also electric grills made for outdoor use. Sure, these models can’t be left out in the elements all of the time, but they can be moved to an outside location as needed to provide the consumer with a great alternative to cooking with propane, charcoal, or wood.

To show our readers just how great these grills are, we’ve decided to review the best outdoor electric grills that consumers can currently purchase. Grill models that are easy to use and cook just as well as any other type of grill. Let’s take a look at them so we can all discover the ones that work well.

Best Outdoor Electric Grills

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4Weber Q1400 Electric Grill


The Weber Q1400 might seem like one of the many indoor grills available and were popularized by the release of grills such as the George Foreman grill onto the market, but this model isn’t intended to be used indoors at all. No, it’s a model that is designed to be one of the best outdoor electric grills currently available. It’s a model that can be easily picked up and carried outside—all thanks to its very reasonable size.

This model is approximately 14.5-inches high, 27-inches wide, and 16.5-inches deep. It’s a model that’s equipped with a 6-foot power cord that makes it easy to plug into the nearest outdoor outlet, and it comes shipped to the consumer fully assembled and ready to grill.

This is a model that might be portable but is still capable of delivering the cooking space that the consumer needs. This model provides the consumer with 189 square-inches of total cooking space. Not a lot of space for a large family, but more than enough for one to two people who are looking to grill some beef, chicken, pork, seafood, or veggies. It’s also a model that puts the consumer right into the driver’s seat as far as their cooking is concerned.

The Q1400 has an infinite heat control setting and aluminum retention liners that help the grill cook evenly and efficiently. It’s also equipped with a 1,500-watt heating element that heats up extremely quickly and maintains its temperature very well. And because it has porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grates, food doesn’t stick to this model. All things considered, that makes this the perfect outdoor electric grill for the urban grill master or for anyone else who wants a simple and elegant grilling solution.

3George Foreman GGR50B Indoor/Outdoor Grill


When many consumers think about George Foreman grills, they think of the small countertop versions that can be used to cook a dozen hot dogs, four or five hamburgers, or an equal number of chicken breasts. If that’s what people are expecting when they check out this outdoor electric grill, then they’re going to be sorely mistaken. That’s because this model isn’t one that’s designed to be used on the kitchen counter, but is instead designed to grill food out on a patio, balcony, or deck. It’s a model that comes with a removable stand and is capable of cooking enough food for fifteen people at a time.

This model is approximately 22-inches by 20.50-inches by 13-inches and has a total cook space of approximately 240 square inches. That’s enough cooking space to cook for up to fifteen people, as we said earlier, and do it without having to crowd the surface. This cooking surface is also made with a nonstick coating that prevents food from sticking to it. The nonstick coating makes this grill easier to cook with and also makes it easier to clean.

Another thing we liked about this grill was that the grill surface could be removed from the unit, so the pedestal can be used as a little table. If the consumer wants they can remove the grill part and use it as an indoor grill, too. In our estimation, all of these features and this product’s reasonable price make it a good solution for anyone looking to add an outdoor electric grill to their home.

2Giantex 4-Temperature Electric BBQ Grill


For anyone who has been searching for an electric BBQ grill that’s small enough to fit on a balcony but powerful enough to cook just about anything, this model from Giantex might be the model they’re looking for in an outdoor electric grill. This model is 24.8-inches wide, 24.8-inches deep, and 35.6-inches high, and it features a grill plate area that’s approximately 15.7-inches. That provides the consumer with a decent 240 square-inches of cooking space, which is more than enough cooking space to handle the cooking needs of larger groups of people. And because this model doesn’t have a large footprint, it’s easy to set on the deck, on the patio, or even on a balcony.

This grill comes with a stand that has a five-foot base that gives it the stability it needs to be used for cooking but does it without being susceptible to being tipped over. The grill itself can be liberated from the stand and used for cooking on the counter as well. This makes it handy for those grilling occasions when the weather has turned against the grill master. And because the grill surface has a nonstick coating applied to it, food won’t stick to it the way it does with lesser quality electric grills.

Other features that can be found on this model include a UL-certified power cord, a removable adjustable temperature control, a heat-resistant handle, and a collection bowl for collecting grease or juices from what’s being cooked. It also has a 360-degree rotating condiment tray that keeps sauces and spices close to the cook during the whole grilling process.

1Techwood Electric Indoor/Outdoor Electric Grill


The last grill that we’d like to review is this one from Techwood. This is a portable indoor/outdoor electric grill that’s not only easy to set up and put into position but also does an amazing job of cooking food. This model is approximately 31.8-inches by 19.6-inches by 16.9-inches and weighs under 20-pounds. It has a nonstick 240 square-inch cooking rack and it has a 1,600-watts heating element. That gives it enough space and enough power to cook approximately 15-servings of food at a time. And because the cooking surface is nonstick, after everything is cooked, the grill is extremely easy to clean and put away.

The grill portion of this product is also removable, so the consumer can use it either indoors or outdoors as the weather dictates. It’s a grill that apartment lovers are going to enjoy because there are no charcoal, propane, or flare-ups for them to deal with. Just set it up, turn it on, and get right to work cooking. It’s a model that’s equipped with precision heating control, so every single thing cooked on it will be cooked according to the cook’s needs. It’s for all of these reasons that we’ve decided to put this incredible grill on our list. It’s certainly a model worth trying out.

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A Beginner’s Guide To Outdoor Electric Grills

Even though electric grills are often written off by the general public as grills that are inferior to propane, wood, and charcoal grills, we think that it should be obvious to anyone checking out our reviews that these grills have come a long way. They are no longer the small, inefficient and cheap grills that some people keep on their counters, but are instead high-end outdoor models that can cook anything that other types of grills can cook.

Now that we know that outdoor electric grills have caught up with the form and function of other types of grills, it’s now time to figure out what we need to consider when purchasing one of these grills. Since all electric grills have their own specific features, we simply can’t lump them all into one category. No, we’re going to have to look at the features the consumers need to consider so they can sort the great models from the not-so-great models. And that’s the purpose of this guide—to help our readers find the best outdoor electric grill for their needs.

The Pros And Cons Of Outdoor Electric Grills

Before we dig into these grill’s different features, we would like to reinforce the idea that these grills are just as good as others by taking a look at some of their pros and cons. Below are some of the things that we like about these grills, as well as some of the things we don’t like about them. By reading this section, the consumer can decide for themselves whether electric outdoor grills are right for them, or if some other type of grill might suit them better.


  • These grills have more exact temperature controls than other grills.
  • Electricity is one of the most inexpensive ways to power a grill.
  • They’re usually portable and easy to transport.
  • They don’t have flare-ups or other mishaps like other grills tend to do.
  • They don’t require charcoal, lighter fluid, or propane.


  • They tend to be smaller than other grills.
  • Some of them require a significant heat-up period.
  • They don’t give the food the same smoky flavor that wood or charcoal grills do.

Purchasing The Best Outdoor Electric Grill

Okay, now that we briefly covered some of the pros and cons of outdoor electric grills, it’s time to move our attention to purchasing the best one available. Below are some things that the consumer is going to want to consider before they purchase their next grill to ensure they get one that works well for them and suits their needs the best.

Consider The Grill’s Size

One of the first things that the consumer should consider is the size of the grill, and the consumer should choose a grill based upon the number of people they need to feed. As a general rule, a grill that’s approximately 250 square-inches is going to be able to cook about 12 hamburgers (or cheeseburgers) at a time. For some people, that means that they can cook 12-servings at a time, but for other people, this means that they’re only serving 6-8 people. It all depends on how much food their guests can eat. On the other hand, some people only need to cook a few servings of food at a time, so they might want to choose a grill that’s under 200 square inches in size. All of these things should be factored in before they decide on what grill size they’re going to need.

The Grill’s Power

Deciding on how much power a person needs their grill to have is one of the easiest parts of this process. Most people are going to want to find grills that are approximately 1,200 to 1,600-watts. That should be powerful enough to meet just about anyone’s needs.

The Grill’s Temperature Controls

It’s also important for the consumer to think about the grill’s controls. The more settings that the grill has, the easier it is to use, and the more options that the consumer has when they’re using it to cook food. While older electric grills were either on or off, and that was all the temperature controls they had, the modern versions usually give the consumer a lot of options.

Additional Features To Consider

Okay, once the consumer has chosen the grill’s size, power, and controls, they are almost done with choosing their next outdoor electric grill. However, there are a few other things that the consumer might want to consider before they purchase their next model. Below are some of the “optional” features that consumers might want to ponder and decide for themselves whether these features are useful or not.

  • Built-in thermometers
  • A nonstick surface.
  • A built-in timer
  • The price of the electric grill