Best Pool Filters of 2019 – Reviews

It doesn’t matter what kind of advanced cleaning and water maintenance chemicals you’re using in your pool if you’re using a pool filter that can’t get the job done. That’s because the filter is the pool’s first line of defense against the dirt and other harmful organisms that can be found in the water of an average pool. And keeping them away is essential to your health.

A good filter will remove all kinds of harmful agents from your water and an underperforming one will allow algae, bacteria, and viruses to call your pool home. That’s why you should do everything in your power to buy the best pool filter possible. To help you find the best one, we’ve listed what we feel are the best models that are currently available. Anyone of them is a great defense against the harmful pollutants that may try to call your pool home.

Best Pool Filters

10Hayward C1200 Swim Clear Plus Filter


Designed for pools up to 120-feet in size, this high-quality cartridge pool filter is designed to remove foreign particles from your pool quite efficiently. This model is easy to set up, and once it’s properly set up, it can filter up to 56,000 gallons of pool water. It features a large filtration element that allows it to remove smaller particles than what other comparable cartridge filters are capable of doing. It also has a specially constructed body that’s reinforced with glass, so it can not only hold up to a variety of weather conditions but is designed to last for many, many summers.

9Hayward Perflex Extended Cycle DE Filter


This high-quality pool filter is able to clean particles out of your pool water that’s as small as 2-microns in size. This allows this filter to remove bacteria, algae, leaves, and other debris to make your pool’s water nice and sparkling clean. And it does this quickly and efficiently because it uses a Diatomaceous Earth filter and a special design that really does a great job removing foreign objects from the water. And this model also features a flex tube design that allows fewer cleanings between cycles, to save time and money. All things considered, this is a quality filter that many pool owners are really going to appreciate.

8Intex 0.95-HP Sand Filter Pump


Intex doesn’t believe that you should spend a whole lot of time and trouble operating your pump filter, so they designed one that’s easy-to-install and easy-to-use. This sand filter is designed for medium-sized spas and pools, and it includes a skimmer basket with a 0.95-HP pump. This model also features a 12-hour timer for convenience, and it’s capable of filtering approximately 3,000 gallons of water per hour. Additional features found on this model include a built-in Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter, a UL-listing and a CSA-rating. All of which makes this not only a powerful filter but also a very safe one to operate.

7Pentair Clean & Clear Residential Cartridge Filter


Designed for use with residential pools and spas, this cartridge filter system is capable of filtering a pool with a surface area of 420-square feet at a rate of 150 gallons per minute. This model is equipped with an internal air relief that provides continuous flow, and it is NSF listed for safety. It features an injection molded tank that’s designed to hold up for many swimming seasons. Additional features found on this model include a tension control clamp, 1.5-inch drain clean out ports and a size of approximately 45-inches high by 22-inch long.

6Intex Krystal Clear 16-Inch Filter Pump


This filter pump has several features that make it handy for any above ground pool. This 16-inch model features a pump with a flow rate of 3,000 gallons-per-hour, and it has a system flow rate of approximately 2,450 gallons-per-hour. This pump is specifically designed for pools 16-feet in diameter and larger and is capable of servicing a pool with a water capacity of up to 19,600 gallons. It also features a built-in 24-hour timer that makes maintaining your pool a whole lot easier. And since this pump only requires its sand to be replaced every 5-years, this model is virtually maintenance-free.

5Hayward X-Stream 1.5-HP Above Ground Filter System


This filter system has all the features it needs to make it a great filtration system for any almost any above-ground swimming pool. It’s made with a corrosion-resistant outer layer that’s reinforced with glass and is designed to provide the pool owner with many years of faithful operation. It also features a safety catch that prevents the user from over tightening the lid but still allows it to remain securely in place. Since this filter has a larger filter body, it’s more efficient at filtering the pool water, which also happens to make it more energy efficient, too. And it comes with a 1.5-HP pump that pulls pool water through its filter and into the pool.

4Sand Master Soft-Sided Sand Filter System


This economical pump is specifically designed to be used with soft-sided above ground pools. This sand filter system can filter up to 9,600 gallons of water and is equipped with a pump that can pump water through it at a rate of 20 gallons per minute. This filter system has a 12-inch filter tank that can hold up to 42-pounds of filter sand and has a corrosion-resistant out layer. This model also features two 1.25-inch by 7.5-foot hoses, all the fittings necessary for installation and a pump to filter hose. It’s a pump that operates on 115-Volts and doesn’t consume a whole lot of electricity either.

3Hayward C7040 Swim Clear Cartridge Filter


This quality cartridge filter from Hayward is designed to have an effective filtration area of approximately 725 square feet, and it can filter the water at a rate of about 150 gallons per minute. This filter measures 24-inches wide by 52.5-inches in height and is made from a reinforced polyester that makes it quite durable and long lasting. This filter enables longer filter cycles, so pool water is as clear as it can be in most situations. And since it uses cartridge filters that are reusable and easy-to-clean, this filter system is highly efficient and requires little to no system backwashing.

2Hayward S244T 24-Inch Pro-Series Sand Filter


Hayward is a company that’s been manufacturing pool supplies for over 8 decades now, and their expertise really shows in the quality of their products. Take this sand filter, for example. It’s a 24-inch top-mount filter that’s made using high-quality materials that are corrosion resistant and will work reliably in all different types of weather conditions. This model features a large pressure water drain for rapid winterizing of the filter, and it has a 6-position Vari-Flo slide valve. But what makes this filter really exceptional is that its design allows it to thoroughly filter pool water to remarkable clarity levels.

1Intex Krystal Clear Cartridge Filter Pump


This cartridge filter pump is designed to be quite easy to set up and is supposed to be used with above ground pools. Specifically designed for use with Intex 18-foot easy-set pools, 16 to 18-foot frame pool or 20×12-foot oval frame pools, this filter pump does its job really well. It has a system flow rate of 1,180 GPH and has an insulated pump with presets from 2 to 12-hour cycles. It has an easy-to-clean filter cartridge that really pulls the sediment out of pool water and only needs to be replaced every 2-weeks or so. All of this makes this product one that some pool owners may want to consider.

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