Best Pool Covers of 2020 – Reviews

To some people, it would seem that the covers made for pools are only designed to do one thing and that’s to keep leaves, insects, and other debris out of the pool’s water. Although these products certainly do that, they also do a whole lot more as well. They can cut down on energy costs, prevent evaporation of pool water, and help the pool maintain its temperature, too. That makes these simple-looking devices extremely important for any pool.

Of course, it’s not always easy finding the best cover for a swimming pool among the dozens of different models available. There’s plenty of things to consider when choosing one of these covers, so pool owners must give it some thought before they purchase one. To help our readers with this vitally important research, we’ve listed the best pool covers below. Now anyone can choose the cover that’s appropriate for their pool.

Best Pool Covers

10In-The-Swim 18-Foot Above Ground Leaf Cover


Manufactured using knitted polyethylene that holds up well in all weather conditions, this product can solve the mess of winter leaves forming on the pool cover. It’s designed to go over the winter cover, collect all of the autumn leaves that may have fallen, and then be taken off after all of the trees have become bare. This virtually eliminates the pool owner from having to clean up wet, sloppy leaves from their winter cover when they go to open up their pool again. That makes it a good tool for anyone who wants to minimize the work that has to be done to open up a pool.

9Sun-Solar Harris 24-Foot Round Blue Cover


What differentiates this pool cover from the multitude of solar covers currently available? The first thing that makes it different from other covers is that it is made out of materials that are 12-millimeters thick, which is almost twice as thick as comparable covers. That means that it can hold up to the rigors of rain, wind, sun, and snow better than a lot of its competitors. The manufacturer is so convinced of its quality, that they’ve warranted it with a full 2-year, and a limited 7-year warranty. That makes it a product that will reduce water evaporation, prevent heat loss and is easy to install.

8In-The-Swim 24-Foot Round Leaf Net Cover


Designed to fit over a winter cover, this leaf net cover prevents the hassle of fall leaf cleanup. It’s made from a knitted polyethylene that allows it to hold up to just about any weather and it is extremely easy to fit 24-foot round pools. After the trees have dropped their leaves for the winter, this pool can easily be removed and thereby taking the dead leaves along with it. Now no one has to put up with having to clean dead leaves off of their winter cover in the spring to get it ready for the swim season. It’s a time-saving device that no pool owner should do without.

7Sun-2-Solar 1600-Series Clear Round Cover


This solar cover is designed for round 18-foot pools and is clear so the radiant energy of the sun can pass through it. When used properly during the searing summer months, this product is capable of preventing 95% of the pool water from being lost to evaporation and helps to reduce a pool’s heating cost. Using this cover, the days of jumping into a cold pool in the morning are all but over. This product can also be easily trimmed using nothing but a pair of scissors so that it can be fit exactly to the size of the pool. And it’s all available for a relatively small cost.

6Sun-2-Solar 1600-Series Pool Heating Blanket


This Sun-2-Solar heating blanket is designed to fit 20×40-foot rectangular pools, and it has an attractive blue hue that helps it to capture the sun’s rays. When properly placed on the pool’s surface, this product will help create an insulating layer that prevents heat loss, all while the top of its surface collects the warmth of the sun. It also helps to prevent 95% of the water lost due to evaporation, so it can easily lower the pool’s heating cost. And because it can be trimmed to fit irregular pools, a lot more pool owners can use this pool cover than some of the competing models available.

5Sun-2-Solar Blue 800-Series Heating Blanket


This pool heating blanket might look like a sheet of bubble wrap, but its design helps it to do its job. When placed bubble down in a pool, the thousands of little bubble will provide an insulating layer that will hold in heat, even during cold mornings or chilly evenings. It’s also capable of preventing up to 95% of pool water evaporation from occurring and helps to minimize pool heating costs. This product is designed to fit 24-foot round pools and has an attractive blue color that not only helps it to retain sunlight but also gives it a nice look while it’s covering the pool’s surface.

4Thermo-Tex 18-Foot Round Solar Cover


Anyone looking to extend their swimming season, help reduce pool water evaporation or lower their pool’s operating expenses may want to take a good hard look at this Thermo Tex Solar Cover. This product is constructed from materials that make it durable against the ravages of wind and rain, and with UV stabilized polymers that prevent it from being downgraded due to chlorine or UV radiation from the sun. It’s a lightweight cover that’s easy to install on 18-foot round pools and does a good job keeping the pool in good condition during the warm summer months. It’s a solar cover that’s ready to help keep the pool running smoothly.

3Intex 18×9-Foot Rectangular Solar Cover


This solar cover measures 17-feet 8-inches by 8-feet 4-inches, so it can easily fit 18×9-foot rectangular frame pools with a bit of overlap to make installation easier. When properly installed, this product will not only help the pool keep its temperature, but will also help prevent water evaporation as well. It’s designed out of a high-quality 160-micron material that holds up extremely well to sunlight, snow, rain, and wind lash. For easy storage, this solar pool cover also comes with a carrying bag that keeps it from taking up too much floor space when not in use.

2Blue Wave Gold 18×34-Foot Oval Winter Cover


This winter cover is designed to be used with 18×34-foot oval pools. When used to shut down a pool for the winter, it will keep insects and other debris out of the pool all winter long and will protect the pool from the elements. Wind, snow, sun, or ice is no match for this cover and it’s designed to hold up for up to 15-years. The cover is 22×38-feet, meaning there’s a 4-foot overlap, so it can be equipped on appropriate oval pools without having to stretch or rip the cover. All of this equals a cover that pool owners can rely on to keep their pool in good condition until swim season starts up again.

1Intex 10-Foot Round Metal Frame Cover


Intex Recreation Corporation has distributed a variety of different tools for swimming pools and spas, so no one should be surprised that they make some of the best pool covers. Take this one, for example. This model is designed to fit round-shaped pools with a 10-foot radius and is designed to fit snugly to keep out bugs, leaves and other debris out of the pool. Using this cover also helps to minimize water evaporation, so the pool doesn’t have to be refilled quite as often. This product is designed from a heavy-duty material that holds up to wind lash quite well and doesn’t degrade quickly due from sunlight exposure.


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