What is one of the first things that everyone thinks about when they think about vacationing at an island paradise? Well, we don’t know what the first thing a person thinks about when they think of tropical climes, but we do know that just about everyone dreams of lounging in a hammock and enjoying a tropical drink at some point during that fantasy. That is how strong of an association that hammocks have with tropical paradises, so it’s no wonder that more and more consumers are adding these lounging racks to their backyards. So many people enjoy them we just knew that we had to review some of the best hammocks available, so all of our readers can transform their backyards into their very own paradise.

Best Hammocks

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5Mr. Mocks Travel & Camping Hammock


We can’t say that we were really familiar with Mr. Mocks before we started this review, but we have to say that we’re quite familiar with them now. And it’s our humble opinion that they make some of the best hammocks that anyone could ever buy. These are high-quality products that have a 500-pound working load, are triple-stitched for durability, and are made with a 210 thread count. They also come in an assortment of exciting colors including blue, light blue, peach, green, and brown. That makes them a sturdy and colorful addition to any backyard paradise.

This hammock is large enough to fit two people and is approximately 125-inches by 79-inches. Even though it has an extra-large size, however, it’s still extremely light and isn’t that difficult for the consumer to set up between two trees or posts. It also comes with some accessories that make it easy to set-up as well. These accessories include two high-quality carabiners, two 10-foot tree straps, and sixteen attachment loops. Best of all, this high-quality hammock is also supported by a warranty—a warranty that consumers can trust because Mr. Mocks is a U.S based company. All of these features are why we’ve decided to put this hammock at the top of our list.

4Wise Owl Outfitters Backpacking Hammock


Not all hammocks are designed to be placed on a windswept beach or in a person’s backyard. Some of them are designed to be taken with people as they explore the great outdoors. In other words, they’re backpacking hammocks that are designed to be durable, comfortable, and to hold up to even the harshest of conditions. And one such hammock that meets all of these criteria is this one from Wise Owl Outfitters. This is a high-quality camping hammock that’s ready for just about any adventure it will be taken on.

This is a 1-person hammock, but this company does make 2-person models if the consumer wants to spend the extra money it costs to get one. This single-wide hammock is approximately 108-inches by 54-inches, and it has a 250-pound capacity (the double-wide model has a weight capacity of 500-pounds). Even though this hammock is 9-feet long and 4.5-feet wide, it’s can be packed down to the size of a grapefruit. This allows campers, hikers, and just about anyone else to transport this hammock from one location to the next quite easily. And because this model is made from 210T parachute nylon, the consumer can rest assured that it will last a long time.

3Anyoo Outdoor Single Hammock


Another hammock that impressed us quite a bit was this one from Anyoo. This is a single-wide hammock that’s has a total length of 106-inches, but only has a bed-length of about 82-inches. The bed size is also approximately 59-inches wide and has a weight capacity of about 440-pounds. It’s also a hammock that’s lightweight and very portable, so it can be taken from the user’s backyard to the beach or even out camping. That makes it a great versatile hammock that anyone can purchase, use, and enjoy.

What makes this quality hammock so durable, light, and versatile? Well, it has a lot to do with what it’s made from. This product is made from colorfast cotton that’s tightly woven. That not only makes it extremely strong but also makes it extremely soft and light. Since it’s made from cotton, it’s also available in a variety of bright color combinations. Some of these color combinations include blue and white, blue/white/red, orange, green/blue/white, blue/yellow/green, and rainbow. That means that there’s a color combination for just about anyone. This product also comes with some accessories that help people set it up and pack it away when they’re done. These accessories include two steel snap hooks, two nylon straps, and a drawstring bag.

2Vivere Double Brazilian-Style Hammock


The next hammock that captured our attention was this double-wide Brazilian-style hammock from Vivere. This model has a bed size of approximately 95-inches by 63-inches, which makes it large enough for two people to lay in it. And it can also support the weight of two people because it has a maximum weight capacity of 450-pounds. It’s capable of holding this much weight because it’s made from high-quality cotton. And since it’s made of cotton, it’s also available in a variety of bright color designs. Some of these color designs include Rio Night, Regal Red, Serenity, Mimosa, Island Breeze, Paradise, and Watermelon.

Something that slightly dampers our ability to fully appreciate this hammock, however, is the fact that it doesn’t come with the accessories that the consumer needs to set it up. It doesn’t come with the tree straps for setting it up or the optional hammock stand and chains that allow it to be set up anywhere. That makes the price of this hammock a little higher than we would’ve liked, but we still think it’s a quality model. And because set up accessories are sold separately, the consumer can decide whether they want to set it up between two trees, on a hammock stand, between two walls, or hanging from chains in their gazebo.

1Gold Armor Extra-Large Camping Hammock


The last hammock we’d like to review is this one from Gold Armor. This is a model that’s double-wide so that two people can use it, is extra tough so that it can hold up to 500-pounds, and comes in a rainbow of bright colors. These hammocks are available in colors that include yellow/pink, black/gray, orange/red, purple, green, fuchsia, khaki, gray/rose, and sky blue—among others. It’s even available in the American flag style. That makes it a great place to lounge but also makes it the centerpiece of any outdoor space.

And unlike some hammocks that we’ve seen, this model also comes with everything the consumer needs to get it set up. It comes with two ten foot long tree straps, sixteen attachment loops, and two heavy-duty carabiners made out of steel. This is a hammock that’s made by a family-run business located in the United States and is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so consumers can rest assured they’re getting a high-quality 125-inch by 79-inch hammock.

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The Ultimate Guide To Hammocks

Hammocks are some of the most fascinating and storied pieces of furniture to ever be developed. They’ve been used by people looking for comfort and a good night’s sleep for over 1,000-years. Their original purpose wasn’t for comfort or leisure, however. They were first designed to keep the people sleeping in them elevated above the ground so that insects and animals such as rodents could feast on them in the middle of the night.

Nowadays, however, the main purpose of hammocks is for naps and/or leisure, so the consumer needs to buy the best hammock for their needs. That means that the consumer is going to have to take some time and think about their options carefully. To help facilitate our readers’ decision-making abilities and help them find some truly remarkable hammocks, we’ve decided to write this guide. As its title states, this guide is the ultimate guide to hammocks and should give consumers everything they need to know about these products—and probably, a little bit more. Shall we get started?

The History of The Hammock

Before we begin with the portion of this guide that deals with buying a new hammock, we thought that we’d begin it with a section on the history of hammocks. After all, these things have been around for quite a long time—at least 1,000 years, so it’s fun to think about where they came from and how they became one of the most important pieces of leisure furniture today.

The word hammock comes from an Arawakan word that means fishnet. It was a tool that was invented by Native Americans in Central America and many historians believe that it goes back all the way to the Mayan civilization.

These first hammocks were used to raise the sleeper off of the ground so they wouldn’t be pestered or harmed by insects, rodents, and other aggressive animals. When Christopher Columbus saw their use by the Taino people of the Bahamas, he brought some back to Europe. Since cotton and canvas were also brought back to Spain during its colonial expansion, they began to make hammocks from these materials.

From the mid-16th century onward, the English and Spanish navies began to adopt the use of hammocks for their sailors to sleep on. From then on, they continued to be used heavily by not only the military’s that served from then until now but have been adopted widely by the general population.

How To Choose The Best Hammock For Your Needs

Okay, now that we know that hammocks have been around for a very long time and are enjoyed by people all over the world, it’s time to turn our attention to buying the best hammock available. Although this piece of equipment isn’t very complicated, the consumer is still going to want to keep a few things in mind before they purchase their next one.

Think About The Size Needed

The first thing that the consumer is going to want to consider is what size hammock they need. These products are usually available in single-size or double-wide sizes. As the name suggests, single-size is big enough for one person, while double-side is meant to accommodate two people. Of course, a lot of people buy a double-wide one and use it for themselves for some extra space and comfort.

Choose Between Durability & Portability

Different hammocks are made for different purposes. Some are meant for use in one location, and as a result, they’re designed to be extra durable. Others are designed to be portable and therefore their main advantage is their lightweight. The consumer should choose a home hammock for their backyard, and a camping hammock for camping or hiking.

Accessories Make All The Difference

Another thing that consumers need to think about when buying a new hammock is the accessories that may or may not come with it. Even though there are dozens of hammocks that ship with all of the equipment needed to set them up, there are also a surprising number of hammocks that don’t have any accessories. For the hammocks without accessories, that means that the consumer is going to need to buy them separately. Some of the accessories the consumer might want their hammock to have include:

  • Tree Straps
  • Attachment Loops
  • Heavy-Duty Carabiners
  • Hammock Stands

Think About What It’s Made Out Of

The last thing the consumer is going to want to think about is what the hammock is made from. Most camping hammocks are made out of polyester or nylon, and most home hammocks are made out of cotton. Polyester and nylon tend to be lighter, but they don’t breathe as well as cotton does. On the flip side, polyester and nylon hammocks dry quickly after they’ve been exposed to rain, but cotton does not. The consumer should keep all of these facts in mind when they’re shopping for their hammock to ensure they buy the one that works best for their needs.