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When most people think about saunas, they think about the big wood-lined rooms or sudatorium baths that are often found at sweat lodges and Turkish baths. Places where you sit wearing only a towel and you sweat with a bunch of strangers. However, did you know that there are now portable steam sauna devices on the market today? Well, they do and they convey a lot of benefits to the people who own them.

These devices may look strange on first inspection but they do provide a number of health benefits—the chief one being the relaxation of the mind and body. They are also safe to use and thanks to increased competition among manufacturers, they are also less expensive than they were when they first come on the market.

However, as more manufacturers have debuted their own brand of saunas, it has become harder and harder choosing the one that’s the best fit for one’s lifestyle. Fortunately, we have an answer to that problem. It’s this guide which not only gives you the best personal sauna reviews but also some of the benefits that these devices offer. All you have to do is pull up a chair and we’ll do the rest.

Best Portable Saunas for the Ultimate Relaxation

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1Serene Life Portable Infrared Home Spa


This home spa unit is one that is made for people who want a no-fuss solution to their personal detox or health wellness regime. Unlike other units that are commonly found on the market today, this unit doesn’t require the person to buy their own chair because it comes with a foldable and quite comfy one already.

This portable unit can be used at home, at the office or just about anywhere else you need the infrared rays to relax you. It’s a unit that some people use to keep their skin looking good, while other people use it to sweat out toxins.

2Ideal Sauna Far IR Negative Ion Personal Spa


This infrared spa is designed to be used in the privacy of your house or apartment, even in smaller spaces that might not be able to fit another home unit. This unit uses a special negative ion generator which purifies the air around you and helps draw out toxins from your skin.

Using this unit for 10-minutes will produce the same amount of sweat as jogging for a half an hour—after which, you’ll feel more relaxed. It can be used just about anywhere in your house and can be used while you’re listening to the radio, watching television or even while watching a movie.

3Durasage for Relaxation at Home Personal Steam Unit


This foldable sauna tent is specially designed to bring the convenience of steam baths into the comfort of your home. It produces steam that can reach temperatures of about 113-degrees Fahrenheit (about 45-degrees Celsius) using a separate steam generator that you can also add plant or flower oils into so you can enjoy the added benefits of these supplements.

This steam generator also has a timer which can be set up to 60-minutes. Taking only a few moments to set up and operate, all that’s required for you to enjoy a nice hot steam is a small stool, towel, and tap water—all of which have to be purchased separately for this particular unit.

4Radiant Saunas Portable Rejuvenator


Manufactured to have many of the benefits that spa users look for in a portable unit, the BSA6310 is a steam sauna that made with several interesting features. First of all, it’s designed to be set up in only a matter of minutes and folded up just as easily so it can be stored away. It also has a cabin construction that is not only strong but is also comfortable as well.

This model also has a hand-held control with 6 automatic timer options available and fits comfortably in the pockets located in the interior of the cabin. Using this portable rejuvenation unit is as easy as sitting down, zipping up the cabin and grabbing the remote.

5Durherm X-Large Negative Ion FIR Indoor Steam Bath


Created so that it can be set up quickly and taken down just as quickly, the Durherm X-Large Sauna is a unit that’s been gaining in popularity for its ease-of-use. It’s also a model that uses very little electricity and emits a minimal EMF signal.

It features washable neck collars that can be zipped on or off so that they can be cleaned, a folding chair for portability and a storage pocket in which the remote control can be stored. This infrared unit also features an integrated and heated foot pad. This model is designed to provide the utmost in comfort and relaxation.

6Relax Far Infrared Ray Sauna


This particular product is more expensive than comparable models made by other manufacturers but is designed to be quite easy-to-use. It’s also designed to put out more FIR light than competing brands. The intensity of the heat can be adjusted by pushing the switch and the remote has a timer in it that allows you to choose your time from 0 to 30-minutes.

It’s a good unit for people looking for a nice hot environment without having to spend a lot of time and energy to achieve that goal. And when the user is done with this unit, it can be easily folded down so that it can be stored away.

7AW Personal Therapeutic Indoor Sauna


This indoor model is designed to not only be less expensive than comparable units on the market but also to offer many of the same features these more expensive models offer. It features a large folding chair, a remote control and a steam pot that can deliver up to 60-minutes of steam time.

This model also has two zippered arm holes that allow the person using it to stick their arms through it to read a book, text on their phone or to work a television remote. Using this device is like owning a small steam room in your own house—one that’s just big enough for you but delivers the type of steam you’d expect from a much larger model.

8Bellavie Portable Pop-Up Indoor Spa


This indoor pop-up spa is a unit that claims to be able to enhance the immune system, help the user lose weight and remove toxin, relieve pain and reduce stress, all through the power of steam. And this unit does produce some fairly hot steam. Its steam pot can produce just plain steam or scented oils can be added to it to enhance the spa experience.

This unit can produce up to an hour of steam and can be set using the enclosed remote control. Other features of this model include a foldable chair, an instruction manual, a carrying bag and a foot massager.

9WYZ Works Portable Steam Room


Designed for fitness enthusiasts who are trying to combat stress and fatigue or for anyone else who loves the power of steam, the WYZ Portable Steam Room is a model that has some nice features for this very purpose.

Some of these features include a 2-liter water capacity steam pot, a built-in sensor that automatically turns off the power when the steamer runs out of water, a head cover which can be used to optionally steam the face as well as the body, and two zippered slots which allow the user to place their hands outside of the unit so they can text or play games on their phone.

And all of these features are packed in an easy-to-use and easy-to-assemble unit that should provide years of enjoyment.

10Body Spa Personal Steam Model 11083xl


The manufacturers of this steam model believe that the best feature any unit should have is ease-of-use and this unit provides that and more. In fact, it’s not only easy-to-use but it is also easy-to-store, easy-to-carry and even easy-to-handle. It can be set up virtually anywhere it physically fits and can be folded up just as easily.

And it also just so happens to produce steam as well. Other features of this device include two zippered arm holes for handling phones, tv remotes or other such devices and a time that goes up to 60-minutes.


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Which is Better: Portable Steam or Portable Infrared Sauna?

portable saunaOver the past few years, there has been some debate over which type of spa is better for your beauty and health needs. Some people claim the infrared models are better, while others claim the opposite and say steam models are better.

Which prompts the question: who’s right? Well, in reality, they both are.

Both types of models have their own specific benefits, so it really depends on what the user wants to accomplish with their spa. Below are some of the benefits derived from each one.

The Benefits of Infrared

Weight Loss

One of the main benefits of infrared models is that they raise heating levels more efficiently, which in turn raises heart rate and raises metabolic rates. Some user’s have reported weight loss due to this increased metabolic rate.

More Comfortable to Use

Infrared models have lower humidity levels which may make it easier for people who are sensitive to humidity to use. This is especially true of those people who may have respiratory problems such as COPD and asthma.

The Benefits of Steam

Relief of Cold Symptoms

Using steam models can help alleviate some of the upper respiratory problems associated with cold symptoms, sinusitis and allergies. This is especially true when using models that have a head cover. The warm, moist air can clear nasal passages and open up the sinuses.

Skin Hydration

Steam seems to be the better option for hydrating the skin. Some studies even suggest that steam may help balance oil production levels and lead to smaller blackheads.

Some Portable Sauna Tips

Now that we’ve gone over the top 10 best portable sauna models that are currently available, now we’re going to turn our attention to some tips that will make using your device a lot safer and more effective.

✔ Consult a physician. If you’re using your spa for therapeutic use, then be sure to consult a physician before using. Especially if you have a preexisting condition such as heart disease, kidney disease or diabetes.

✔ Don’t use too soon after eating. Wait 1-hour, preferably 2-hours, after eating before enjoying a nice steam or infrared spa session.

✔ Keep yourself hydrated. Make sure that you drink plenty of fluids while you’re using your spa. Drink plenty of water, fruit juice or green tea before, during and after your session.

✔ Relax and shower after session. Make sure that you give your body time to cool-down and then take a shower.

✔ Acclimate yourself to the heat. It’s easy to overheat at first, so give your body time to adjust by starting out with just 10-minute sessions at first and then working up to longer sessions over time.

✔ Don’t overdo it. Don’t spend too much time in your steam or infrared spa. Most users average 2-3 30-minute sessions a week.

✔ Pay attention to your body. If you feel nauseated, dizzy or develop a headache while you’re in the unit, then terminate the session immediately.

✔ Pay attention to the heat. If you feel like the heat is too much for you, then either turn it down or step out of it for a little while.

✔ Use appropriate clothing. Preferably, you’ll either want to use the sauna nude or wear a swimming suit. Don’t try to increase the heat level by bundling up inside the unit—that is dangerous.

✔ Use towels to absorb perspiration. Place towels on your seat and keep a towel with you to absorb excess perspiration.

✔ Pay attention to the spa. If it’s malfunctioning or doesn’t work properly, then discontinue use and consult a technician. Never attempt to use a model which isn’t working within its specifications.