There’s nothing nicer than gathering friends and family outdoors around a nice roaring family. Particularly a fire that’s produced using a propane fire pit. Why are these fire pits so nice? Because they’re powered by propane, there’s no smoke or ash to ruin everyone’s time. Just a nice clean fire where guests can warm their bones, roast marshmallows, and enjoy each other’s companionship. These fire pits are also extremely easy to set up and use, so no one has to be shy about buying one. To show our readers what’s available, we’ve decided to review some of the best propane fire pits currently available.

Best Propane Fire Pits

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3Outland Deluxe Firebowl 19-Inch Fire Pit


Without a doubt, there’s a large number of propane fire pits for consumers to choose from, and they come in a variety of sizes and price ranges. There are small fire pits that don’t cost a whole lot but don’t deliver too much, and then there are expensive models that provide the consumer with everything they could want, but also cost an arm and a leg. Fortunately, we were able to find one that was somewhere in the middle and gives the consumer the features they want for a reasonable price. This model is a 19-inch diameter fire pit that’s made by Outland, and we have to say that it’s one of the best propane fire pits that we’ve reviewed thus far. It has everything the consumer could want and a lot more.

This is a fire pit that the consumer can set up and use regularly in their backyard, or they can take with them when they’re camping. It’s a portable model that’s 19-inches wide, 19-inches long, and 11-inches high. It has a maximum gas supply pressure of 250 PSI and it has a total output of 58,000 BTU per hour. This is a pit that is fully CSA approved and can be used in many areas that have enacted a campfire ban–the consumer should check with their local authority to be sure, however. This is a product that’s made with high-quality steel and has a protective enamel finish that allows it to outlast many of its competitors.

What comes with this unit? Well, there are a few things that come with this unit. This product comes with a carry kit and a handy cover, it also has a 10-foot pre-attached hose that can be connected to a standard 20-pound propane tank. The long hose allows the propane tank to be kept well away from the fire. This product also comes with an adjustable regulator with a chrome valve, and approximately 4.4-pounds of natural lava rock. This is everything the consumer needs to start enjoying this marvelous propane fire pit right away.

2Endless Summer 30-Inch Fire Pit Table


Another propane fire pit that we liked is this 30-inch model from Endless Summer. Unlike the fire pit at our number one position, this one isn’t portable at all. No, no one will probably be taking it anywhere but their backyard. But we don’t think that’s a drawback to this product. We think that this is a very high-end model that we think a lot of people are going to appreciate. We feel that it’s a model that will fit in well with a lot of people’s outdoor decor and allow them to enjoy their outdoor spaces all year round. And considering that this product is priced reasonably well for what is essentially a piece of outdoor furniture, we think it’s a real deal.

Now, let’s talk about specs, shall we? This product is approximately 30 by 30-inches and is approximately 25.14-inches high. It also has a total weight of 67-pounds, which means that it’s a pretty stable table/fire pit for outdoor use. We don’t think that the consumer is going to have to worry too much about it, particularly when they add the 12-pounds of blue fire glass to it. And yes, this fire glass does come with the unit, along with a light-duty PVC vinyl cover that can be used to cover the fire pit when it’s not in use.

This product is a 30,000 BTU fire pit, and it’s equipped with steel side-panels that keep the propane tank hidden from view. It also comes with a piezo ignition that allows for fires to be started quickly and easily, along with a safety valve. And the final thing that we’d like to say about this product is that it’s a beautiful fire pit that people will be happy to show off to their friends and family. Its reinforced fiberglass resin tabletop looks very nice and the push-button ignition makes it fun to use. It’s definitely a product that many of our readers are going to appreciate and want to use all year round.

1U-Max 44-Inch Rattan Fire Pit Table


When we first reviewed this product, we were thrown off a little bit. That’s because it was a propane fire pit that had a PE rattan exterior that we’re sure would fit in with a lot of people’s outdoor decor. Despite this exterior, however, it was still a sturdy fire pit that could 50,000 BTU and is designed to hold up to years of use. Sure, it’s a little more expensive than some of the propane fire pits that we’ve reviewed, but we still think that it’s a good deal and will allow many people to enjoy their outdoor spaces better. This is especially true considering that this table is long enough to accommodate more than one or two people.

Let’s dig into this product’s specifications. This product is 43.5-inches long, 27.5-inches wide, and 24.5-inches high. It comes with a burner lid, a waterproof cover, a 2.4-foot hose and regulator, a wind guard that’s made out of tempered glass, as well as all of the nuts and bolts that the consumer is going to need to put it together. Oh, we almost forgot, it also comes with 11-pounds of blue decorative glass stone for an added effect while the consumer has their propane fire roaring.

This product is a CSA-approved fire pit, so consumers can rest assured that it’s very safe to use, as long as it’s used according to its directions. It’s a set that comes with a spark-ignition system that’s powered by a AAA battery and requires only a push of a button to operate. That makes this product just as easy to use as it is durable and safe to use. This product comes with a detailed product manual as well, so the consumer has everything they need to get it up and running. Now all that’s left to do is for a person to purchase this nice looking set and add it to their backyard. It’s a product that we think is going to provide many years of beautiful fires.

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The Ultimate Fire Pit Guide

Once you’ve decided to buy what you feel is the best propane fire pit available, you might be overwhelmed by the urge to immediately buy it. While we understand your enthusiasm, we would like you to take a few moments and think about what you might want out of a propane fire pit before you buy one. You know, just to make sure that you end up buying one that you’re going to be satisfied with.

While we created our top list of the fire pits that we feel are the best, we thought that we’d be remiss if we didn’t at least include some sort of buying guide along with them, so that’s exactly what we did. Hopefully, this guide will help all of our readers find the fire pit that’s perfect for them. Now that we’ve said that, let’s look at some of the features that consumers should consider before purchasing their next propane fire pit.

The Advantages Of Propane Fire Pits

Before we officially begin this guide, let’s talk about some of the advantages that propane fire pits have over other types. Propane tanks are pretty nifty, as you might already know, and that’s quite evident if you look at all of their positive points—points that we’ve listed below.

  • They can be customized with lava rocks, fire glass, or other options.
  • They are quick to start and easy to maintain.
  • They provide precise heat control.
  • They’re environmentally friendly to use.

Consider The Fire Pit’s Shape

One of the first things that the consumer is going to want to consider is the shape or more technically speaking, the style of the fire pit. Yes, not all of the fire pits being sold are the propane rings, there are also some sold in other styles, too. Below is a brief overview of each of these styles.

Fire Pit Tables

These fire pits have a table design that has the flame in the middle of the table, and space for setting drinks around the flame. That allows this unit to be used as a coffee table. This design also has the benefit of keeping the propane fire tank hidden from view.

Fire Columns

Another design that you might want to consider is the fire column. These models are available in both modern and rustic designs, and they usually stand around 24 to 30-inches high. These models tend to cost a little more than other fire pits, but they also provide some of the best flames. Plus, the propane tank is hidden inside of it, so you don’t have to worry about it ruining the look of your outdoor space.

Fire Pit Bowls

The fire pit bowl is one of the most frequently used fire pits available. Some of these models conceal the propane tank and others use a line that connects the fire bowl to the tank. Regardless, these models are usually some of the more inexpensive models available.

Consider The Fire Pit’s Size

It’s also important for you to consider the size of the fire pit. The size of the fire pit that you need is determined by the size of the space you’re looking to heat. The larger the area, the larger the fire pit that you’re going to need. If you’re using a fire pit table, you’re also going to want to consider the size of the tabletop you’re going to need for guests as well.

Consider The Fire Pit’s Heat Output

How much heat the fire pit produces is determined by its BTU—or British Thermal Units. Fire pits can have a BTU rating up to 50,000 BTUs, with the higher the rating the more heat it’s going to produce. Of course, the more BTUs the unit produces, the more propane it’s going to use. That’s why it’s important to weigh how much propane you want to buy with how much heat you want the fire pit to produce to come up with what’s best for your needs.

Consider The Fire Pit’s Construction

It’s also a good idea for you to think about how the fire pit is constructed. Firepit manufacturers make these fire pits out of a variety of materials and each of these materials has its pros and cons. Although it’s beyond the scope of this guide to cover every single material in-depth, we can do a basic overview of some of the more common materials used for fire pits.

Cast Iron

Cast iron is heavy and extremely durable, but it’s also prone to rust. To prevent a cast iron fire pit from rusting, it’s usually applied with a special protective coating.


Aluminum is a material that’s naturally rust-resistant and is also very lightweight. It’s also very modern-looking—much like stainless-steel.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is another common material used for fire pits. Stainless steel is a material that looks very modern and is corrosion-resistant. It’s also an extremely durable material.


The last material we’d like to think about is bronze. Bronze isn’t corrosion-resistant, but it does develop a beautiful patina as it ages, so it develops a weathered look that can fit in with a lot of people’s outdoor spaces. Bronze fire pits tend to be a little more expensive, but they are also very durable.