Unless you intend on just using your swimming pool for floating and/or swimming, then you are probably going to want to get some cool pool activities at some point in time. Nowadays, pool owners have several options when it comes to swimming pool entertainment. There are rings that a swimmer can swim through, there are pool dart games, pool volleyball games, and of course, one of the most popular games in a pool is water basketball.

Although we like all of the water games currently available, playing basketball in the pool is one of our favorite activities, so we decided that we would list our favorite pool basketball sets. That compelled us to do a whole lot of research, and quite a few tense games of H-O-R-S-E to find the ten best pool basketball hoops currently available. Now anyone can play a rousing game of Sharks & Minnows.

Best Pool Basketball Hoops

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10Dunnrite Splash & Shoot Basketball Hoop


Anyone who is looking for a pool basketball hoop that will not only hold up to the elements but will also hold up to spirited aquatic games of basketball is going to want to check out this playset. It features a 40×24-inch base that’s approximately 10-inches high and can hold up to 25-gallons of water. All of that water gives the base an approximate weight of just about 200-pounds, so once it’s set up it stays put. This set also features a 43×28-inch basketball backboard that’s manufactured using polyurethane and is designed to resist sunlight. And it also has a vinyl-coated basketball rim that will hold up to chlorine and saltwater environments quite well.

9Dunnrite Pool Sport Basketball Set


This pool basketball hoop is designed to be durable enough for rough play and to provide the pool owner with many seasons of use. It features a 17x19x38-inch base that can be filled with water and is quite stable when that’s done. It also comes with a stainless steel rim that’s approximately 13.5-inches and is designed to stay approximately 3-feet above the deck. Also included in this high-quality set is a backboard that’s specifically designed to resist the often damaging rays of the sun, as well as stainless steel hardware for assembling everything. Fun and games is waiting for anyone who purchases this fine set.

8SwimWays Pool Basketball/Volleyball Game


This 2-in-1 pool playset gives the average pool owner some options as to what games they play. Using this set, they can play basketball or volleyball and easily switch between the two whenever they want. This playset is super easy to assemble and can be put together in only a few minutes and without the use of any special tools. The two bases of this set can be stabilized by simply filling them with water so that they stay in place. This playset comes with 2 of these bases, which also double as a backboard, a hoop, a 24-foot net for playing volleyball and of course, a basketball and a volleyball.

7Swimline Giant Shoot-Ball Swimming Pool Set


As the saying goes: if you don’t go big, then you might as well go home. Well, few pool basketball hoops are as large as this giant one from Swimline. This model is a full 46-inches tall and is approximately 36-inches wide, so it really brings some oversized fun to just about any pool. Any swimmer in the pool can use it to shoot basketballs because it provides a full 360-degrees of shooting coverage. And speaking of basketballs, this model comes with one pool basketball, so swimmers can begin using it as soon as it’s inflated. All of which makes this a choice game for both above ground or in-ground pools.

6Stumptown Sportz Inflatable Water Hoop


This pool basketball hoop comes with everything a person needs to play rousing aquatic basketball games all season long. This model comes with an inflatable hoop that’s approximately 44-inches tall and ready for some serious play. Also included with this set is a pump to inflate the hoop up with that’s operated by batteries. And when the pool owner is done with it, this pump can also be used to deflate the hoop. If those two things aren’t enough to ensure that this set is worth considering, it also comes with a couple of 7-inch basketballs and a hand pump, too.

5Go Sports Splash Hoop 360


Although many pool basketball hoops are prone to deflation because they’re made of vinyl, this one doesn’t suffer those problems. That’s because its made using high-quality PVC piping as its base. This model is just a little over 21-inches tall and 19-inches wide, so it’s large enough for just about any pickup game of water basketball. Another thing that separates it from vinyl playsets is that it doesn’t require to be inflated, so it can be assembled in only a matter of moments and without using any tools. That makes this a favorite aquatic basketball hoop for many pools across the U.S.

4Pool Master Pro Rebounder Basketball Set


This set is suitable for use either with above ground pool or in-ground pools, all that’s required is a suitable deck for it to sit upon. Once it’s been properly set up, this pool basketball hoop is ready to host some pretty serious games of water basketball. Either water or sand can be used to stabilize the hoop for play. This set includes a hoop that’s 14-inches in size and it comes with a hand-woven net that’s durable enough to hold up to play all summer long. This set also comes with a ball that’s suitable for aquatic use, and even comes with an inflation needle for blowing it up with your favorite pool toy pump.

3Swimline Super Hoops Basketball Game


Swimming pool basketball hoops don’t have to be complex, hard to use or expensive, as this Swimline model proves. This inexpensive set is made using PVC, which makes it durable and stable in a pool, and it comes with a basketball that feels like a real basketball. This pool hoop is 17-inches high, 14-inches wide and is 3-inches deep. This product also has an overall weight of just a little bit over 2-pounds. This makes this heavy-duty set appropriate for all kinds of water basketball games, especially since it’s net is made to be extra sturdy and to hold up to frequent use.

2Pool Master Pool Volleyball & Basketball Playset


Designed exclusively to be used in above ground pools, this basketball playset is ready for some serious aquatic fun. It features a basketball backboard that features top mounts so it can be used on the side of the pool and it also features a volleyball net with top mounts. The backboard can be mounted permanently to a top rail that’s at least four inches in width, as can the volleyball net. The net’s size is approximately 16×30-inches. Additional equipment that helps to make this set extremely useful is that it comes with the poles, an inflating needle and an inflatable ball that’s made from high-quality vinyl.

1Intex Floating Volleyball & Basketball Pool Game


Regardless of whether you’re looking for a rousing game of pool volleyball or looking for a game of Sharks & Minnows, this pool playset provides all of the tools needed to play. This set comes with a blow-up volleyball net that features special grommets that allow weights to be attached to it so that it will stay in one location. This set also features a ten gauge vinyl pool basketball hoop that has a base that fills with water for additional stability. Also included with this high-quality pool playset are three inflatable balls—a kickball type ball, a basketball, and a volleyball.

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A Guide To Pool Basketball Hoops

Regardless of whether you’re looking to play a game of Sharks & Minnows, Bucket Ball, or a game of aquatic H.O.R.S.E., you are going to need one valuable piece of pool play equipment, and that’s the best pool basketball hoop available. How do you choose the best hoop for pool basketball? Well, you can either choose one of the models on our top list, or you can read through this guide; A guide that will give all of our readers the information they need to make an informed decision.

First off, we’re going to cover some of the basics that consumers need to think about before they buy their next basketball hoop for their pool. Don’t worry, this isn’t going to be a detailed or extensive section that requires a whole lot of planning. No, buying the best pool basketball hoop is a pretty easy endeavor, so we should be able to sum up the entire process for our readers in just a few short paragraphs. Let’s get started.

Step One: Choose A Type Of Basketball Hoop

When it comes to pool basketball hoops, consumers generally have three options available to them. They can choose a floating swimming pool game, a portable swimming pool game, or a deck-mounted swimming pool game. We’re going to take a few moments and look at each of these categories more closely, so all of our readers understand the options they have available to them.

  • Floating Swimming Pool Games – As the name of these pool games implies, these are basketball hoops or game sets that float out in the middle of the pool. These sets are easy to use because all the user has to do is to throw it in the pool when they want to use it and then remove it from the pool when they’re done playing with it. They’re also one of the most inexpensive options available to consumers, so if they’re unsure whether or not they would enjoy pool basketball, they can always buy one of these floating sets. That way, if they tire of playing with it, then they haven’t invested a whole lot of money in it. Another thing to like about these sets is that you can not only find pool basketball sets but can also find combination sets that combine two sports into one set—such as basketball and volleyball.
  • Portable Swimming Pool Basketball Hoops – The next category of pool basketball hoops we’d like to talk about are portable ones. These hoops don’t float out in the center of the pool like floating hoops but instead stand on the side of the pool. For it to be stable, the consumer has to fill their base with either water or sand (depending on the brand). This makes them harder to set up than floating hoops but not as difficult as deck installed hoops. The main drawback of these hoops is that they can be difficult to put away when the user is done with them. Putting them away for winter usually involves emptying their base (if they’re filled with water) and then finding a place big enough to store them. When buying one of these hoops, consumers should look for one that has a heavy-duty base and is adjustable so kids, teens, and adults all can play with it.
  • Deck Mounted Pool Basketball Hoops – One of the last categories of basketball hoops that consumers might want to consider is deck-mounted models. Although these hoops do require a little bit of extra installation time and are generally more expensive than either floating or portable hoops, they do have a streamlined look to them that’s very pleasant. They also are more likely to hold up to rousing basketball games and are more suitable for older teens and adults. When purchasing one of these models, the consumer should make sure they look for an adjustable one and also comes with all of the hardware needed for its proper installation. It’s also a good idea to look for models that can be removed easily when they’re not being used.

Step Two: Consider Basketball Hoop Size

The next thing the consumer is going to want to consider is the size of the basketball hoop. Most floating basketball hoops are anywhere from 18-inches to 36-inches above the waterline, and portable or mounted pool hoops are anywhere from 3.5 to 7-feet high. Therefore, the consumer has some options when they’re considering a new pool hoop. The trick to buying the right size basketball hoop is to consider all of the people who might be using it. If the hoop is for small children, then a smaller hoop height is preferable, while a hoop for adults should be much, much taller. When thinking about pool hoops, just be sure to choose a model that’s tall enough to foster competition but not so tall as it’s unusable.

Step Three: Avoid “Cheap” Models

The last thing to think about before purchasing a new basketball hoop is what the product is made from. High-quality models will be made from high-impact plastic or polyethylene. On the other hand, cheap models will use a cheaper, flimsier type of plastic. Cheap plastic hoops are not only more prone to breaking during use, but pool chemicals and UV radiation end up breaking them down. That means that in the end, cheaper pool hoops are not all that cheap because they have to be regularly replaced. Therefore, the consumer is better off buying a quality pool basketball set made of quality materials and one that will last for quite some time to come.

Some Final Pool Basketball Tips

Once you have determined the best basketball hoops for your pool and your play style, it’s time to think about installing and using it properly. Although these sets are generally safe to use, anything can become dangerous if it’s used improperly. The following tips are designed to help our readers enjoy their pool basketball hoops safely. Thank you for reading.

  • Please Read All Instructions.
  • Properly Install The Pool Hoops.
  • Don’t try to dunk or hang from the hoop set.
  • Make sure children are supervised during use.
  • Immediately replace any pool set that shows signs of damage.