Anyone who spends a considerable amount of time keeping their front and backyards in good condition knows that there is one thing that comes at a premium, and that’s storage space for all of their tools. Keeping a collection of landscaping tools can take up quite a bit of space, and that requires the consumer to purchase the best outdoor storage shed available to store it. To help our readers find the storage shed that works best for their needs, we’ve decided to review some of the models that we consider to be the ones most worth using and selected the ones that are most likely to serve our readers well.

Best Outdoor Storage Sheds

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4Suncast Vertical Backyard & Patio Shed


This outdoor storage shed is one that’s sure to have all of our readers take notice. This is a vertical model that’s designed to take up less space than conventional garden sheds, but it does it while also giving the homeowner the maximum amount of storage space available. This is a shed that’s approximately 72-inches high and is 32.28 by 25.59-inches in size. It is the perfect size for storing long-handled tools such as shovels and rakes, and its all-weather construction holds up well to rain, snow, and even sunlight.

This shed also has a neutral color that should fit in with just about any outdoor space without being an eyesore. It’s also worth mentioning that this shed is also equipped with a padlock hasp that allows the doors to be locked—if the consumer purchases a padlock, of course. As is the case with any outdoor shed, the consumer is going to have to prepare a level surface for it to be set up on, but once they do, we think that this shed will serve them well. It’s also a product that can be assembled with only a few tools in only a few minutes.

Probably the most important thing that we can state about this shed, however, is that it’s built to be extremely durable. While the consumer does need to keep it out of strong winds due to its tendency to be blown over, it does have multi-wall panels that ensure that it’s extremely strong and capable of holding up to just about any abuse.

3Kinying Horizontal Waterproof Storage Shed


Another outdoor storage shed that caught our attention was this one from Kinying. This model is made from thick HDPE resin, so it not only holds up to rain, snow, and sleet, but also can handle a fair amount of abuse as well. This is a product that’s easy to assemble, and the consumer can have it ready to be used in under an hour–if not sooner. This is a product that has three doors, so it can be opened in a variety of ways. It can be opened from the front left, the front right, or from the top. This allows the consumer to use it in several different ways.

This product is approximately 50-inches wide, 29.1-inches deep, and 41-inches high. It has internal dimensions of approximately 46-inches by 25.2-inches by 38.6-inches. This product has a durable black bottom, a light beige body, and a UV-resistant gray lid. This is a model that can be used to store a wide variety of garden tools, a couple of trash cans, or just about anything else that the consumer can think about storing in it. While this isn’t the largest shed we’ve seen, it is one that should provide the user with plenty of storage options.

We’d also like to mention that although this product doesn’t come with shelving, the consumer can purchase it separately. Additional features found on this shed include a convex cover that drains rainwater and a lockable latch that only needs the consumer to purchase a padlock to use.

2Rubbermaid Slide-Lid All-Weather Outdoor Shed


Just about everyone has heard the name Rubbermaid. They’re quite famous for making not only a variety of plastic dishes and storage containers for use in the kitchen but also other pieces of equipment manufactured from plastic. So when we discovered that they were now making outdoor storage sheds, we knew that we had to take a look at them and see what they had to offer. We were glad we did because we’ve discovered that they have created some amazing storage sheds, and the shed that impressed us the most was this one that we’ve decided to review.

This model is approximately 55-inches long, 76-inches wide, and 52-inches high. Inside of it, the consumer will find interior dimensions of approximately 52-inches by 72-inches by 42-inches. That’s a good 96 cubic feet of storage space that can be used to store everything from trashcans to tools to mowers. This is a shed that’s dent and weather-resistant, has a sliding lid that allows the consumer to easily access whatever they store within it, and has eight wall anchors that allow the consumer to bolt the shed down if so desired.

This shed is available in a sandstone color that allows it to fit in easily with the décor of whatever space it’s used in. It’s a nice storage shed that can be used in the backyard or on the patio and it’s one that is sure to provide the consumer with years of faithful service.

1Lifetime Desert Sand Storage Shed


The last storage shed that we’d like to review is this one from Lifetime. This is a shed that can be used to store a variety of larger items such as rakes, brooms, shovels, and even most low-profile 24-inch lawnmowers. It’s a product with a nice neutral color that fits in perfectly with just about anyone’s outdoor areas, and it features an impressive 51.25 cubic feet of storage space. This product has exterior dimensions of 67.7-inches of height and 27.5-inches by 53.6-inches of depth and width. That translates to interior dimensions of 65-inches of height and 25.7-inches of length and 52-inches of width.

This shed offers consumers more than just storage space, however. It’s also equipped with a variety of great features. This product is UV-protected so that it can withstand sitting in sunlight without fading, has a weather-resistant construction for year-round storage, and has a slider latch locking system.

It also has a design that’s very low maintenance, has stain-resistant floors and walls, and is steel reinforced for added durability. And because of the way that it’s constructed, this storage shed is also very easy to clean. In most cases, the consumer can clean it off using nothing more than their garden hose. This shed is also backed by a lifetime warranty, so the consumer has a little peace of mind when they’re using it. All things considered, we feel that it’s a quality outdoor shed that should provide anyone who purchases it with the storage space that they need.

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A Guide To Buying Outdoor Storage Sheds

While we could spend all day picking out the best outdoor storage sheds for our readers, we feel like some people are going to want to make their own sheds without our advice. We can certainly understand that, and that’s why we’ve decided to write a guide on the subject. The following information provides a road map that our readers can use to purchase storage sheds on their own. Now that we’ve made that statement, let’s jump right into things and find out what our readers should think about before purchasing their next outdoor storage shed.

Step One: Choose A Shed Type

One of the first things that any consumer is going to want to think about before they purchase a new outdoor shed is what type they’re going to want to need. These sheds come in a variety of different types, but the most common ones are available as either Corner Sheds, Vertical Sheds, or Horizontal Sheds. Let’s examine each of them more closely to see the primary characteristics of each one.

Corner Sheds

These sheds are designed to be placed into tight corners or other spaces where space is limited. They don’t offer a lot of storage space—being that they’re only about 3-feet tall, 3-feet wide, and 2-feet deep—but they’re big enough to hold some commonly used tools such as weed eaters, shovels, etc.

Vertical Sheds

Vertical sheds are designed to accommodate long-handled tools. Tools that include shovels and racks. Some of them are also big enough to accommodate mowers as well. These sheds are usually around 5-feet tall, 4-feet wide, and 3-feet deep.

Horizontal Sheds

The last sheds we’d like to talk about are horizontal sheds. These are approximately 3-feet tall, 4-feet deep, and 5-feet wide. As their design informs us, these sheds are primarily used for mowers and other tools that are low to the ground.

Step Two: Consider The Shed’s Material

The next thing that a potential outdoor shed buyer should consider is what the shed is made from. In our experience, these sheds are usually made out of plastic, wood, or metal. Let’s examine each of these in a little bit more detail, so everyone can understand what differentiates one from the other.

Plastic Sheds

Plastic sheds are some of the easiest sheds to take care of. Most of them are UV-resistant, so they resist fading, and they are also water-resistant. They can usually withstand quite a bit of punishment as well. The only problem with these sheds is that some of them are extremely lightweight, so they have to be anchored to keep them from being blown over by the wind.

Wood Sheds

Wood sheds are generally more expensive than other sheds and that’s due to the fact that they require a bit of construction to be manufactured. They usually have stud-framed walls and are covered with siding. They also have asphalt shingles. These sheds need to be regularly painted to keep them from rotting.

Metal Sheds

Metal sheds tend to have a simple frame and are usually covered in a metal that’s been painted or vinyl coated for durability. This makes these sheds very durable and capable of withstanding just about anything. Unfortunately, if they become scratched, then they can begin to corrode or rust over time.

Step Three: Consider User Access To The Shed

Something else that’s important for the consumer to consider is how they can access their tools once they have placed them in the shed. Some sheds only have a door in the front of them, but other types of sheds also have sliding roofs that allow the consumer to access their tools from the top of the shed as well as from the front. A shed with this feature can be a lot easier to use than one that doesn’t have it.

Step Four: Consider Some Final Features

Before this article has ended, we thought that we’d mention some of the other features that consumers should think about before purchasing their next outdoor storage shed. After all, you didn’t think that the above features are the only things that need to be considered did you? Well, of course, you didn’t. Fortunately, we’ve listed some of the other features that you and the rest of our readers might want to consider before they buy their next outdoor storage shed.

  • Does the shed come with a floor or foundation?
  • What color is the shed and does it fit in with your décor?
  • How hard is it to assemble?
  • Does it come with any additional decorative details?