Although there are many different ways that a person can choose to clean their above ground pool, a lot of people decide to go with a robotic pool cleaner. And that’s usually a fantastic idea because these pool cleaners do a great job of cleaning above ground pools and are virtually foolproof. They also don’t require a lot of maintenance and can be left to do what they do best—which is keeping the pool in pristine condition.

Not every robotic pool cleaner is worth its money, however. As is the case with just about any pool product, some models are spectacular, and there are some models that consumers are better off leaving alone. To help our readers distinguish from the useful and the useless models, we’ve composed the following top ten list which details the best above ground pool robotic cleaners.

Best Above Ground Pool Robotic Cleaners

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10Dolphin E10 Automatic Robotic Cleaner


The Dolphin E10 is a device that’s specifically designed to clean above ground pools. It’s a drop-and-go device that’s one of the easiest models for pool owners to use. All that has to be done is for it to be dropped into the pool and it’s ready to clean the pool very thoroughly. Because it uses advanced technology to get the job done, this product can have a pool cleaned in under a 2-hour span of time. And once the pool has been cleaned, the filter cartridge is easy to remove from the top of this device so that it can be cleaned and used again.

9Dolphin Escape Robic Pool Cleaner


The Dolphin Escape’s active scrubbing brush is scary enough to inspire some real fear in people, but once people see it in action they can see why it was designed this way. This model’s active scrubber can power away dirt and debris, so it can get rid of a variety of contaminants out of the pool. This cleaner doesn’t just have an awe-inspiring brush, however. It also has some other cool features that include continuous tracks that provide improved traction over regular robotic pool cleaner’s wheels, and a filter cartridge that holds a whole lot of debris. There’s no need to fear this device because it’s here to save the day.

8Aquabot X4 Robotic Cleaner For Pools


This robotic pool cleaner has some features that a person might be surprised to find on a pool cleaning device. For example, this model is equipped with 4 wheel drive, so it can navigate a pool’s surface quickly and effectively. It also has high-grip wheels that allow the cleaner to traverse the pool without slipping. Other features found on this model include an advanced filtration system that can collect up over 15-feet of debris and an industry-leading pump that can circulate and filter up to 85-gallons of water per minute.

7Pool Rover S2 40 Cleaner


This little blue robotic pool cleaner is the answer to many pool owners prayers. That’s because this model is designed especially for residential above ground pools and is capable of bringing some real power to deal with common pool debris. This model features a 40-foot kink-free cable, filter media that’s easy to retrieve from the top of the unit so it can be cleaned, and a filtering capacity of approximately 85-gallons per minute. It also has a sleek design that allows it to move well through the pool and it’s capable of cleaning pool floors, coves, and partial walls quite well.

6Aquabot APRVJR Pool Rover Junior


Equipped with four wheels, 40-feet of floating cable and a reusable filter bag, this robotic pool cleaner is ready to pick up debris. This model has a 24-volt pump motor that not only powers its jet-drive propulsion system but also powers its vacuum system as well. Additional features that can be found on this model include a shutoff timer that automatically shuts the unit off after 2-hours and an EZ swivel device that keeps the cable from tangling up while the device is in operation. All of this comes together to make a quality pool cleaner that lives to clean pool debris.

5Aquabot Spirit Pool Cleaner


This above ground pool cleaner works so well because it’s extremely simple in its operation. It uses a dual impeller jet propulsion system to navigate the pool and to blast away containments from the floors and sides of the pool. It also filters the water using its high-quality filtration system and its filters are easy to remove from the device for cleaning. And because this unit has a line that swivels 360-degrees, it won’t tangle like some lesser quality pool robots tend to do. That makes this pool cleaner one of the best in its class for cleaning residential above ground pools.

4Blue Wave Aquafirst Super Rover


The super rover is an above-ground robotic pool cleaner that isn’t as expensive as many of the fancier models available but is still capable of providing great results. It can be used for both in-ground and above-ground pools and features a linear jet motor that allows it to suction up debris fast and furiously. This product is also equipped with a special program that allows it to clean just about any pool in 2-hours or less. And it’s advanced filtration system will remove harmful contaminants such as bacteria, dirt, algae and other types of debris from the pool’s water.

3Aquabot AJET122 S2-50 Pool Rover


This little pool robot might not look like much but it features quite a bit of power. This cleaner can filter up to 80-gallons of water per minute and is just powerful enough to clean large size above ground pools. It has 2 different cleaning cycles that can be set according to pool size, and it has an easy-to-access filtration basket that can be accessed through the top of the unit. Also included with this robot are 50-feet of EZ-swivel cable, wheels that provide it with excellent traction, and two brushes that agitate for a deeper pool cleaning than is possible with comparable pool robots.

2Kokido Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner


With a cordless design that allows it to clean pools that are 24-feet in diameter and a stop and go system that allows it to spend more time picking up debris than comparable automatic cleaners, this little robot is ready to make just about anyone’s pool cleaner. It’s also a model that can be used for both in-ground and above-ground pool models. This model is equipped with lithium-ion batteries, this robot has an extended battery life and is equipped with a special water sensor that only activates when it has been completely submerged, so it doesn’t waste precious battery energy.

1Dolphin Oasis Z5i Robotic Pool Cleaner


Although this pool cleaner might be a little too expensive for some people, it does have a wide array of features that makes it good for above ground and especially in-ground pools. This model uses dual heavy-duty scrubbing brushes that can remove even the toughest of dirt and debris off of a pool’s floor. It also features a powerful suction system and a filtration system that pulls more out of the water than comparable pool robots. And because it’s a drop-and-go model, all the pool owner has to do is set it and forget it and then they’re on their way to a cleaner pool.

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Buying A Robotic Cleaner For An Above Ground Pool

We fully stand behind our statement that robotic pool cleaners are some of the best ways to clean a pool. They automate the task in such a way that the pool owner only has minimal involvement in the entire process. And that’s a good thing, especially with so many of us leading extremely busy lives. No one and we do mean no one, wants to spend more time than necessary to clean their pool.

Consumers have to be careful when they’re buying a robotic pool cleaner for their above ground pool. That’s because some of these models aren’t designed to work in above ground pools and are more designed to clean concrete or gunite pools. Trying to clean an above ground pool with a robotic cleaner made for some other type of pool can be a disaster waiting to happen.

To help our readers find the best above ground robotic cleaner, we decided to write this guide. This simple guide will arm our readers with all of the information they need to buy a robotic cleaner that will work wonders on their above ground pool. Let’s go over some of these tips right away, so everyone can get back to leading their busy lives.

Step One: Make Sure It’s Suitable For An Above Ground Pool

As we stated earlier, the consumer needs to make sure that the robotic cleaner they’re considering buying is rated for above ground pools. Although most robotic cleaners that are rated for vinyl pools can be used on above ground pools, not all other types of robotic cleaners can be used. This is especially true of some of the robots that are designed for cleaning concrete inground pools. Some models can work with both types of pools, but other models will cause damage to an above ground pool, so be sure to read the product’s description very carefully.

Step Two: Make Sure That It’s Lightweight

Sure, consumers who have larger swimming pools do need larger robotic cleaners, but consumers still need to think about the weight of the cleaner. It’s a lot easier to ease a heavy robotic cleaner into the shallow end of an inground pool than it is to place it in an above ground pool. Since you don’t want to struggle any more than you have to in order to get the cleaner into the pool, you should choose one that’s as light as possible.

Step Three: Consider A Swivel Cord

Above ground pool owners need to use a robot that has a swivel cord to keep it from getting hung up. Robotic cleaners for above ground pools are designed to not only clean the bottom of the pool but are also designed to clean vertical walls and stairs, so the consumer should make sure it’s not going to get caught up on these surfaces. A good swivel cord will prevent that very thing from happening and will keep the robotic cleaner running longer without any problems.

Step Four: Consider The Tires

Another thing to think about is the robotic cleaner’s wheels. Ideally, the consumer is going to want a pool cleaner that has wide tires so that it can easily make it rounds around the pool. It’s also a good idea that those tires are made of rubber instead of plastic, although there are exceptions to that rule. It’s also a pretty good idea that the unit is equipped with a 4-wheel drive system to make its rounds around the pool a lot easier to accomplish.

Step Five: Think About Dual-Drive Motors

Anyone who has ever used a robotic pool cleaner with a dual-drive motor will understand why we’ve listed it as an important feature for a cleaner for an above ground pool. A dual-drive motor will allow the cleaner to move a full 360-degrees in the pool for pinpoint accuracy and precision.

Step Six: Think About The Cleaner’s Brushes

It’s also extremely important for consumers to think about the brushes that are equipped on the pool cleaner. Since these are the part of the robot that are directly responsible for cleaning the pool, it’s vital to choose a model that has the right brushes. We recommend buying a robotic pool cleaner that has rotating rubber brushes for cleaning above ground pools, but there are similarly suitable options available such as hard-bristle brushes.

Step Seven: Think About Cleaner Cycles & Timers

Something else that’s just as important as the scrubbing brushes on the robotic cleaner is the programming cycles and timers that are equipped on it. A high-quality robot will give the consumer multiple cleaning cycles that can be adjusted to the user’s preferences. Some robots will even adjust their cleaning cycles on the fly after they’ve mapped the pool and determined the best way to clean it. Programmable timers also help the consumer out because they can be set up without the consumer having to run out there every two seconds to turn it off and on.

Step Eight: Additional Features To Consider

The above bullet points are more than enough for most consumers to think about. Just by following those points, the consumer should be able to find the best robotic pool cleaner for their above ground pool. However, those aren’t the only things for consumers to think about when choosing a new model. There’s plenty of other features to consider. Let’s take a brief overview of some of them, so consumers can decide for themselves whether they need or even want the following features on their new pool cleaner.

  • Mobile App Control
  • A Sturdy Carry Handle
  • Energy-Efficient Operation
  • Oversize Filter Cartridges
  • Lithium Battery Or Power Cord Operation
  • Suction Capacity Of At Least 60-Gallons Per Minute