Although every type of smoker has its pros and cons, one of the types of smokers that have captured our attention recently is propane smokers. We have come to truly appreciate these models. We don’t know whether it’s because they’re simple to operate and maintain, or because they’re cleaner than other types of smokers, but we do know we love them. We love them so much that we’ve decided to review some of the models that we feel are the best in this category. So without further ado, below are the models that we think are the best propane smokers available currently.

Best Propane Smokers

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4Char-Broil The Big Easy Smoker


Char Broil’s Big Easy isn’t the first propane smoker that we’ve reviewed but is by far the best. This model is large enough to fit a 21-pound turkey and is easy enough for just about anyone to use. This model provides the consumer with 1,200 square inches of smoking space and it can be used for not only smoking but roasting and grilling as well. Speaking of grilling, this model has a 180 square-inch TRU infrared grilling surface that’s ideal for grilling steaks, chops, wings, burgers, hot dogs, or just about anything that the consumer can think of grilling. And because it has a TRU infrared surface, there are no flare-ups, food won’t fall between the grates, and the resulting food with be juicy and perfectly cooked.

This smoker is also easy to use and well constructed. It has an assembled measurement of 36.inches in height, 23.4-inches in width, and it only weighs about 50-pounds. It comes with a cooking chamber, smoker/roaster basket, a hose with regulator, two half-shelves, a removable grease gray, a stainless-steel smoker box, and a metal thermometer for keeping track of the temperature.

This model also features two side-mounted carrying handles. These handles allow the consumer to take this propane smoker wherever they need to take it—from their backyard to tailgates and beyond. And it’s for all of these reasons why we’ve decided to make this smoker our number one pick. It’s a propane smoker with the style, ease-of-use, and power that people need to smoke truly delicious cuts of meat.

3Camp Chef 24-Inch Smoke Vault


When we first saw this propane smoker, we weren’t completely sure if it was a smoker or a gun safe. It sort of has that gun safe look to it as it sits on its legs. After a little investigation, however, we realized that this was a smoker and a fine one at that. This was a model that stood approximately 44-inches tall, including its legs, and was 24-inches wide and 16-inches deep. This product had a propane burner that had a total output of 18,000 BTU, which not only is hot enough to get the smoking process going but is also hot enough for the user to use it to cook food in it as well. There are quite a few things to like about this product, so let’s take a closer look at it.

Inside the smoker, the consumer will find two adjustable smoking racks, a jerky smoking-rack, a chip tray that’s made out of high-quality steel, and is used to hold the wood chips for smoking, and a water tray to keep the foods smoked in this product from drying out. This product also had a heavy-duty steel door that had a thermometer built right into it. This smoker also comes with a heat-control dial and three damper valves that help the consumer keep the smoker at the right temperature every single time. All of these features make this product one that many consumers are going to want to give its due consideration. It is a great propane smoker.

2Cuisinart 36-Inch Vertical Smoker


Since we’re sure that most people have probably heard about Cuisinart, we’ll spare our readers having to put up with our assessment of that company. We all know that they make quality products, so let’s just jump into their latest creation–this propane smoker. Before we reviewed this smoker, we didn’t even realize that this company made smokers, but after reviewing it, we have to say that we’re glad they entered the smoker market. This is an intelligently designed product that seems to be well made and has most of the features that people smoking at home would want out of their smoker. Sure, it’s not entirely perfect, but its many features and affordable price does make it a product that some people may want to consider.

Let’s continue this review by talking about some of this propane smoker’s features. This model is approximately 19.3-inches long, 38.6-inches high, and 18.1-inches wide. It has a total weight of approximately 70-pounds, and it has 14×14-inch removable stainless-steel shelves. This model gives the consumer great control over their smoking experience and is augmented by an adjustable gas supply that controls heat, a rear vent to control smoke, and a built-in thermometer to measure temperature. This product also features a 40-inch propane hose with regulator, a twist-lock door handle, a porcelain enameled steel tray for holding wood and water, and approximately 45 square feet of smoking space. This is most certainly a smoker that many people are going to enjoy putting to work on their deck or patio.

1Masterbuilt 40-Inch Propane Smoker


Another propane smoker that not only looks nice but also does an amazing job of smoking is this one from Masterbuilt. This is evidently a smoker that’s been engineered from the ground up to deliver everything that the consumer could want out of it. So, if it’s so good why does this unit appear at the bottom of our reviews? It’s mainly due to this product’s price. We’ve found this product to be a little more expensive than a comparable smoker. Fortunately, that’s the only flaw with this product, as soon all of our readers will find out. Let’s examine some of the smoker’s features in detail and see what makes this a great propane smoker.

This product is approximately 22.8 by 28.7 by 53-inches in size and weighs around 92-pounds, which makes it one of the larger smokers of the ones we’ve reviewed. This product provides the consumer with enough space to smoke 6 whole turkeys, 8 whole racks of ribs or pork butts, and up to 16 whole chickens.

It’s a smoker that has a temperature sensor control that controls the burner and keeps it in the desired temperature range, a tank fuel-gauge that lets the consumer know how much propane is left in the tank, and four chrome-coated smoking racks. This product also has a 15,750 BTU stainless steel burner and a safety shut-off valve. This is a smoker that easy enough to use at home but is powerful enough for professional use. And that’s why we give it two thumbs-up.

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