Pool vacuums are amazing devices that can really optimize the process of cleaning up your pool. Without these vacuums, pool owners would have to remove all of the debris from the bottom and sides of their pool by hand. And needless to say, that process would not only be tedious but would also be time-consuming as well.

Of course, a vacuum for your pool is only as good as the head that attaches to it, so it’s vitally important to buy the best one possible. And this is where most people encounter problems because they don’t know what they should look for in a pool vacuum head. Fortunately, they don’t have to, because we selected the ten best models currently available.

Best Pool Vacuum Heads

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10Milliard 14-Inch Spa & Pool Head


This accessory is designed for anyone looking for the best pool vacuum available. It has a nice large 14-inch wide weighted body that can suction large sections of the pool’s floor at one time. Its body is very flexible, so it can make it around a pool corner’s that would trip up other types of vacuums. This attachment is also well-weighted, so it stays on the pool’s floor. And since it has free-rolling wheels, it’s less likely to cause scratching or other abrasions on the pool’s delicate but expensive surface. It also has a 1.5-inch suction port connection and has spring-loaded clips that make it easy to attach to extension poles.

9Milliared Triangular Weighted Pool & Spa Vacuum Head


This 11-inch wide triangular swimming pool & spa vacuum head is designed to fit into areas that can’t be reached by standard rectangular heads. Its plastic triangular body is transparent, so the pool owner can see through it to maneuver it, and its unique shape allows it to fit into corners quite neatly. Since this head is weighted, it stays right where it belongs, and does a fantastic job of vacuuming up leaves, dirt and other types of debris. Its head is also equipped with rubber bumpers that help to prevent it from scratching the pool liner while it’s in the process of cleaning.

8Milliard Extra-Wide 19-Inch Vacuum Head


This attachment is designed to make short work out of cleaning the bottom and sides of swimming pools. It’s made out of an extremely durable ABS plastic that allows it to withstand even heavy cleaning jobs and to provide the pool owner with many years of faithful service. It also features an aluminum handle adapter that can be attached to most standard extension poles and stays firmly attached thanks to spring-loaded clips that lock the unit in place. Since this 19-inch wide vacuum head is weighted, it stays on the bottom of the pool, while it urethane wheels keep it gliding along gently.

7U.S Pool Supply Weighted Butterfly Vacuum Head


When considering this pool vacuum head, two things may spring into a pool owner’s mind. They may consider this attachment to be either a cheap pool attachment or simply a basic one. However, while both of these assumptions may be true, this attachment actually offers a lot more to the pool owner than they would think. This product has a swivel-head connection that can be used with either 1.25-inch or 1.5-inch hoses, has a weighted body to keep it at the bottom of the pool and has an EZ-Clip handle that makes it a snap to attach to pools. And it’s also an attachment that’s suitable for any vinyl-lined pool.

6Milliard Pool & Spa 13-Inch Vacuum Head


Even though this pool vacuum head may look like one of the many others currently available in pool supply stores all over the world, it actually has a few features which make it somewhat unique and easier to use. It has a 13-inch wide head that’s made from ABS plastic and is designed to provide the pool owner with many years of use. It also features air-relief valves that can relieve suction pressure so that the head doesn’t get stuck at inopportune moments. This reduces stress on the filter pump and also makes it less likely that this vacuum head will damage expensive pool liners.

5Swimline Hydro Tools Weighted Half-Moon Vacuum Head


Few things are as annoying as a vacuum head that simply can’t get the job done. Too many vacuum heads refuse to stay down long enough to suck up debris from the bottom of the pool, or they’re not shaped in a way that allows for a more efficient vacuuming method. Which is why it was so refreshing to come across this Swimline Weighted Half-Moon Shaped Pool Vacuum Head. It not only has a special crescent shape that allows it to reach hard-to-reach areas of the pool, but it also weighs 1.5-pounds, so it stays down where it needs to vacuum. All of this results in a cleaner pool.

4Aquatix Pro-Pool Half Moon Vacuum Head


It doesn’t matter what type of swimming pool a person needs to clean because this vacuum head can clean just about any pool it’s presented with cleaning. It has a number of features which not only allows it to pick up more debris but also allows it to be easier to use than some of the vacuum heads it’s competing against. Its half-moon shape is designed to get into tough to reach corners, so no leaves, twigs or debris is left behind. This product is also designed to work with all compatible telescoping vacuum hoses, and it has a large flexible handle that makes it easy to use.

3Swimline Hydro Tools Weighted Vacuum Head


Sometimes it can be difficult for people who own certain types of vinyl-lined pools to find a pool vacuum head that’s not only durable but does a great job of removing debris from these types of pools. Fortunately, this weighted vacuum head is specifically designed to meet the challenges presented by vinyl-lined pools. It has a butterfly design that helps to channel debris into the suction hole, and it’s weighted to keep it on the pool’s surfaces. It is also equipped with a unique Snap-Adapt handle that’s designed to fit on almost any telescoping pool pole that’s currently in use.

2In The Swim Supreme Vacuum Head


This vacuum head is designed to be used with concrete, fiberglass, Gunite, and tiled pools and has advanced features that help it get the job done quickly and efficiently. This disc pool vacuum head has a wishbone frame that allows it to be extremely flexible but also allows it to retain its strength during tough pool cleaning jobs. It’s also equipped with powerful suction that does an amazing job retrieving debris, dirt, twigs, and leaves from the bottom of most pools. Additional features found on this head include a swivel hose connection to prevent line kinking and a molded-hinge that helps it avoid stubborn obstacles.

1Sunsolar Swimming Pool Vacuum Head


Designed to be used with fiberglass or vinyl-lined pools, this high-quality weighted pool vacuum head is easy to use and provides consistent results. It comes with a swivel adapter that can be attached to 1.25-inch and 1.5-inch vacuum hoses and has a handle that’s equipped with Snapt-Adapt, a feature which allows the head to be attached to 1.25-inch telescopic poles. This unique head also features an air relief valve that prevents the vacuum head from getting stuck, and it also has a special spring-loaded handle that keeps the vacuum head right on its intended target at the bottom of the pool.

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A Guide To Pool Vacuum Heads

Pool vacuum heads are vitally important pieces of pool equipment. We say that because it can have a dramatic effect on not only how clean a person can get their pool, but also how much work it takes to attain that cleanliness level. We feel that it’s so important, we couldn’t resist writing a guide on the subject. So, if you want to learn how to purchase the best pool vacuum head available and use that tool effectively, then you might want to consider reading this guide.

How To Buy A Pool Vacuum Head

Okay, we’re going to begin this guide with a few of the things that people should think about when choosing a new pool vacuum head. Although these tools are simply by design, there are a couple of things you’re going to want to think about before buying a new one.

The Width Of The Head

One of the first things to consider is the width of the pool vacuum’s head. The wider the head, the more surface area of the pool that the vacuum is going to be able to cover. Most heads are approximately 12 to 14-inches wide, but there are also some extra wide ones available, too. Make sure that the vacuum head is wide enough to cover a large section at one time, but not so large as to be unwieldy.

The Shape Of The Head

Another thing to think about is the shape of the head. Most of the ones sold nowadays are either square or rectangular. Usually, the smaller 10-inch models are square and the 12-14 inch models are rectangular. However, those aren’t the only vacuum head shapes available. There are also wedge-shaped ones that are easier to shove into corners than square or rectangular ones.

Consider The Bristles

It’s also vitally important to consider the bristles. Vacuum heads have bristles that are designed for a certain type of pool and aren’t suitable for other pool types. For example, a pool head vacuum that’s designed for vinyl pools isn’t going to have the right type of bristles for cleaning a concrete pool. Conversely, brushes made for concrete pools have bristles that aren’t well suited for vinyl pools and may, in fact, damage the pool.

Consider A Weighted Head

Another thing to consider is whether you want a weighted head or not. Weighted heads are good because they allow them to stay down on the bottom of the pool and the user doesn’t have to push it down all the time. The disadvantage of weighted pool vacuum heads is that they have a tendency of being harder to use because of their increased weight. Just something to think about before purchasing one.

How To Use A Pool Vacuum Head Effectively

Now that we’ve helped you find the best pool vacuum head for your needs, it’s time to turn our attention to helping you use that tool effectively. And that’s precisely the purpose of this guide’s section. In this section, we’re going to teach all of our readers the basics that will help them keep their pool clean.

Gather Your Tools

The first step is to have your pool head vacuum with you, but you’re also going to need a few other tools as well. You’re going to need a Vacuum hose to connect your vacuum head to your pool pump through the skimmer inlet. This will help provide the suction the vacuum head needs. And to connect that vacuum hose to the skimmer inlet, you’re going to need a vacuum plate. You’re also going to need a telescoping pole to attach to the head and provides you with the reach you need. Once you have those tools, you’re now ready to start the cleaning process.

Step One:  Assemble Your Vacuum Head

The first step is to assemble the pool vacuum. You can do so by attaching your telescoping pole to the vacuum hose, and then attach one end of your vacuum hose to it. The other end of the vacuum hose is going to be attached to the skimmer via a vacuum plate. When doing this, be sure to remove the skimmer basket first.

Step Two: Decide On Your Filter Valve Settings

The next thing you’re going to want to do is to figure out how big of a vacuum job lies ahead of you. If it’s a large job, then set your filter system to the Waste setting. This setting sends the water down the drain and not through the pool’s filters. For smaller jobs, you can set your valve filter to Filter for light vacuuming suction.

Step Three: Vacuum The Pool

Now, it’s time to get to work. Pool vacuums work much the same way as regular vacuums, so use them in much the same way. Use slow passes and do one strip of the pool before moving on to another. If there’s a lot of debris, then you may need to empty out the pump strainer at some point—of if the pool is really dirty, several times during vacuuming. Just continue on until you’re pool has been completely vacuumed.

Step Four: Finish Up

When the pool has been vacuumed, it’s time to put everything away. Start by disconnecting the vacuum hoses from your vacuum head and cleaning your skimmer. You should also change your pump filter settings back to their regular settings. If you have a sand filter, now’s the time to do a quick backwash before putting the pump on its final settings. Then you can put all of your tools away in your pool shed. Congratulations! You have just finished vacuuming your pool.