Many parents want to introduce their toddlers to the joy of swimming but do it in such a way that it’s safe for their children and also easy to manage. In most cases, parents already have a family pool that’s too large for their toddler to use, so they search for something a bit smaller and is a bit safer to use. And that’s where toddler pools can come in handy. With proper parental supervision, these pools can be a great way to introduce toddlers to aquatic fun and do it without worrying about their safety. That’s why we’ve decided to find the ten best pools for toddlers, so parents can find the ones that are perfect for their children.

Best Toddler Pools

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10Step 2 Play & Shade Pool


This toddler pool is made of molded plastic and is designed to be a safe product for children up to the age of 3-years old. It features molded-in seats, comes with a 40-inch umbrella, and contains a pool lip that’s designed to hold the toddler’s favorite water cups. It also comes with a 7-piece water play set that gives the toddler some toys to play within the pool. All of these features make this wading pool a great solution for parents who are looking to introduce their children to some fun summer aquatic fun. It’s also a pool designed to hold up to frequent use.

9Sable Inflatable Family Swim Center Pool


Although most of the toddler pools available are designed as wading pools, this one is designed to accommodate the whole family. It has a 118x72x20-inch size that allows it to hold 2 adults and 4 children at one time. It’s made out of a puncture-resistant material and is made without using lead or phthalates. It’s also 50% thicker than most blowup pools, so it’s designed to have an increased service life. The manufacturers of this product are so confident in the quality of this item, that they’ve even backed it by a limited 12-month warranty.

8Intex Mushroom Baby Pool


This 40×35-inch toddler pool is just the right size for one or two toddlers and is sure to provide hours of fun. This pool is designed for children ages 1 to 3-years old and has a 5-inch wall height. It also has a built-in mushroom sunshade that not only gives it a magical look but also helps to protect children’s sensitive skin from the summer sun. This pool is easy to inflate and deflate and holds approximately 12-gallons of water. It also comes with a repair patch that allows parents to patch the pool if it ever springs a leak.

7Intex Sunset Glow Baby Pool


This colorful wading pool is only 34-inches by 10-inches in size and only holds 22-gallons of water. That makes it a great swimming pool for one or two toddlers to play in at a time. Although its small size doesn’t mean that parents can leave their toddlers in it unsupervised, it’s small size doesn’t minimize the risk of accidents while the child is in the pool. This product is easy to inflate and deflate with storage and comes with a repair patch that allows it to be used if it ever springs a leak. Any parent looking to get a high-quality toddler’s wading pool may want to investigate getting one of these for their backyard.

6Intex Candy Zone Inflatable Play Center


This inflatable play center is a sweet treat for any child who likes to have a little bit of summertime fun. This 116×75-inch play center is designed for children 2-years up to 10-years of age and is a colorful addition to any backyard. It features a waterslide, 2 inflatable lollipops, rails for rolling balls down and of course, 6 balls. When a garden hose is attached to the upper portion of this aquatic play center, it will also produce a spray of water that keeps everyone on the slide nice and cool. All of which makes this a great toddler pool that should provide a full summer’s worth of fun.

5Crystal Blue Inflatable Wading Pool


Even though this inflatable wading pool doesn’t have a fancy animal shape or castle design doesn’t mean that it’s not an enjoyable pool because it is. This pool will provide children aged 2-years and older with a whole summer of aquatic fun in the sun. It’s approximately 45-inches by 10-inches when it’s inflated and has a water depth of 6.5-inches. That’s deep enough to provide toddlers with some water to play in but not so much that it becomes a safety concern. When used with proper adult supervision, this pool is a great wading pool for toddlers who want to play.

4Joyin Whale Baby Shade Beach Play Pool


If swimming inside the mouth of a whale isn’t too scary for their child, then parents may want to consider buying this whale baby pool for Joyin. It has a design that features the bottom portion of the whale’s mouth as the pool and the top mouth portion as a sunshade that protects the children inside the pool. This product has an 11-inch wall height, is 54-inches by 56-inches and can hold approximately 14-gallons of water. Since it’s a blowup pool, it’s easy to inflate and when the summer is over, deflate for easy storage. Best of all, this product meets all US safety standards and is made from non-toxic materials.

3Intex Royal Castle Baby Pool


With an inflated size of 48-inches by 48-inches and a whimsical fairy tale castle design, this pool is perfect for children ages 1 through 3-years old. This product is easy to set up and will provide children and their parents with hours of fun. The castle part of this device is attached to the pool so that it stays in place and it provides much-needed shade to those inside the pool. And because it has windows in it, children can enjoy this shade without parents losing sight of them. This product has a 5-inch wall height and holds approximately 18-gallons of water. It’s a great wading pool for any child who loves fairy tales.

2Intex Whale Spray Pool


Designed for children 3-years and older, this 82×62-inch pool is sure to provide plenty of summertime fun. It has a water depth of approximately 7-inches, so it’s just deep enough to splash around in without being so deep that it causes a safety concern. It’s whimsical whale shape if fun for people of all ages and its tail has a built-in sprayer. When connected to an ordinary garden hose, this sprayer will provide a shower-like stream of water that helps keep toddlers in the pool nice and cool. This pool is easy to set up and takedown, and it comes with a repair patch that can be used to fix it if it ever springs a leak.

1Taylor Toy Snapset Kid’s Swimming Pool


This toddler pool has a diameter of 470-inches and has an approximate depth of 10-inches. It’s capable of holding 59-gallons of water, so it a good solution for introducing children to the joys of swimming without it being too deep. This pool is easy to set up and can be set up without the use of any tools. It can also be just as easily put away when the summer season is over and its time to put it away. And since it folds flat, it can easily be stored in a shed or garage. overall, It’s a high-quality pool for toddlers, that will provide children with a much-needed respite from the heat of summer.

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A Guide To Toddler Pools

As we stated in our introduction to our reviews, toddler pools are a great way for a parent or caregiver to introduce children to the joys of playing and swimming in water. Of course, not all of these pools are created equally or have the features that parents expect them to have and that’s why we’ve decided to write a guide on the subject. The following guide will hopefully help all of our readers decide on a toddler pool that works best for them and their children.

A Definition Of A Toddler Pool

Although there are a variety of different pools for small children available, not all of them are toddler pools, so it’s best if we begin this article by talking about what makes a pool a toddler pool. These types of pools usually measure between 3 and 5-feet and are either inflatable or made from hard plastic.

Buying A Toddler Pool

Now that we have a definition of what constitutes a child’s pool and what constitutes a toddler pool, let’s turn our attention to buying one. In this buying guide, we’re going to go over some of the basics that the consumer may want to think about before purchasing their next pool for their toddler.

Consider The Pool’s Materials

One of the first things that consumers are going to want to think about before they buy a new kiddie pool is the materials used to make it. Consumers should look for pools that are made with quality PVC and/or BPA-free plastics. The pool should also be thick enough that it will hold up to regular use and the kind of abuse that only toddlers can do to a pool.

Consider Whether The Pool’s Floor Is Inflatable

Although an inflatable pool floor isn’t necessary for a toddler pool to be useful, it can prevent some accidents. Toddlers are likely to fall in a pool, and having an inflatable pool floor can make that fall a lot safer. Inflatable floors are also more comfortable for children. However, that’s not to say that hard pool floors should be discounted outright. Older toddlers might fare better in a pool with a non-inflatable floor because they’re less likely to damage it.

Make Sure The Pool Is Appropriate For The Toddler’s Age

It’s also important for the consumer to think about the age and size of the toddler to ensure that they buy a properly sized pool. If the child is too small for the pool bought, it can pose a significant safety risk, and if the pool is too small for the child, then it can be uncomfortable. Therefore, it’s important for the consumer to choose the right size pool.

Consider Whether The Pool Has A Drain Plug

Another important consideration, especially for toddler pools that fall on the larger end of the pool spectrum, is whether it has a drain plug or not. While some pools are too small to warrant a drain plug and can be emptied simply by tipping them over, having a drain plug for a larger pool makes it a lot easier to drain it when you’re finished with it. Just something for people to consider before purchasing their next toddler pool.

Consider Whether It Protects The Child From Sunlight

Parents might also want to decide whether they need the pool to have a canopy or inflatable shade that will help to protect the child’s sensitive skin from the scorching rays of the sun. For parents choosing this option, they should make sure the canopy or sunshade not only blocks out sunlight but is also UV-resistant so it blocks out the invisible ultraviolet rays that can be so damaging to the skin.

Additional Features To Consider

There are also a number of other features that the consumer might want to think about when choosing a new toddler pool. Below are some of the options that can be found on the best toddler pools nowadays that parents might want to think about.

  • Whether It Has Attached Toys
  • Whether It Has A Hose Attachment For A Sprayer
  • Whether It Has A Fountain Feature
  • Whether It’s Collapsible For Easy Storage
  • Whether It Has A Fun Design
  • Whether It Has A Slide

Maintaining Your Toddler Pool

Now that we’ve gone over some of the things that consumers should think about before purchasing their next toddler pool, we want to go over some equally vital information. In this section, we’re going to talk about how parents can make sure that their kiddie pool is in the best condition possible by following some of the best maintenance practices.

Check The Pool After Each Use

It’s surprising how hard toddlers can be on a pool, so it’s important for parents to check the toddler pool for cracks, puncture holes, or rips after each use and before the child uses it each day. That will ensure that it’s safe and in good condition when the child uses it.

Clear The Pool Immediately After Potty Mishaps

If the child has a diaper malfunction or a potty mishap while they’re in a pool, then be sure that child is removed from the pool and in a safe location before the parents empty and clear the pool.

Clean The Pool Regularly

It’s also important for the consumer to make sure that they regularly clean their pool. This can be done using one part bleach added to five parts of water to clean the pool. Once the pool has been disinfected, be sure to rinse the pool to remove any remaining bleach. The pool can then be filled.

After Each Use, Let The Pool Dry

Although some people think that they should leave water in their pool, that’s not the proper thing to do. The pool should be emptied after each use and that will help the pool last longer than if water was left in it. After draining, allow it to dry for at least four hours in the sun before storing it away. This will ensure that mildew doesn’t build upon its surface.