Best Inflatable Pools of 2019 – Reviews

Inflatable pools have several advantages over regular size permanent pools. For example, they’re often a whole lot less expensive than regular pools, and they are often very easy to set up. They’re also good for parents with small children who don’t want to erect a full-size pool but want their children to enjoy some aquatic playing.

Of course, before you can buy one of these pools, you’re probably going to want to find out which models are the best one and which ones should be passed over. To help you with your search, we’ve researched the ten best inflatable pools and listed them below so you can find exactly the model that will work best for you.

Best Inflatable Pools

10Intex Smiley Giraffe Baby Pool


Designed for children age 1 to 3-years old, this pool is the perfect addition to almost any backyard. It has a fun, unique giraffe design that’s sure to be the talk of the neighborhood and it has two inflatable rings. This pool is 44×36-inches in size and is 28.5-inches high. This allows it to hold up to 14-gallons of water, which is enough to allow small children to have some fun splashing. This pool also has two dangling noisemakers to help keep the children entertained. All of these features make this one of the most fun inflatable pools currently available.

9Intex Sunset Glow Baby Pool


This soft, inflatable pool has 3-rings and size of 34-inches by 10-inches. It can hold approximately 22-gallons of water and has a soft floor so that it’s easy for children to play in. Designed to be used with smaller children, with adequate adult supervision, of course, this pool is sure to make many toddlers extremely happy. It has a bright, attractive design and because of its size, it can be placed virtually anywhere. For convenience, this pool also comes with a repair patch that can be used to patch any leaks that may develop while this pool is being used.

8Intex Mushroom Inflatable Infant Pool


Even though this inflatable pool can’t be used by older children or adults, it’s the perfect pool for infants that are between a year and three years old. This pool has a soft floor that makes it easy for the child to play on and features a colorful mushroom sunshade that’s designed to be fun and also designed to keep some sunlight off of the child. This pool is 40-inches by 35-inches in size and is made with bright colors. Also included with this pool is a repair patch that can be used to patch up any holes that may spring up during use.

7Intex Crystal Blue Swimming Pool


This 3-ring inflatable pool has a crystal blue color to it and inflates to a size of approximately 45 by 10-inches in size. This is the perfect size for use as a children’s wading pool or maybe to use as a pool to keep your dog cool in the summer. Although it may not be the most durable inflatable pool currently available, it is one of the least expensive pools available. This makes it an attractive alternative to anyone who’s looking for a temporary pool that can be used for a few months out of the year. No matter what it’s used for, however, it should provide the buyer with plenty of splashing fun.

6Intex Family Cabana Swim Center Pool


This large pool proves that inflatable pools don’t have to be boring. This model is designed with a built-in bench that allows parents to relax while they’re children are playing and also has a removable shade. The removable shade is equipped with a water-sprayer, so it not only partially protects the child from the sun, but it also shoots out relaxing cool water. This product is made out of 13-gauge vinyl for durability and is approximately 122-inches by 74-inches by 51-inches in size. And for convenience, it comes with a drain plug and a repair patch, too.

5Intex Swim Center Lounge Pool


This inflatable lounge pool is specifically designed to allow children and adults to lounge and splash in cool water. This pool is 88-inches long, 85-inches wide and 30-inches high when properly inflated and is made out of 13 gauge vinyl for durability. When filled with water, this pool will hold approximately 169-gallons of water, which is more than enough for wading fun. It also has two air chambers that each have a combination valve, and this allows the pool to be easily inflated and deflated. And since this pool has a little inflatable bench in it, parents can lounge while their children splash.

4Intex Swim Center Family Pool


This pool is appropriate for children ages 6-years and older and is made with a high-quality material that’s meant to hold up to a ton of summer fun. This pool is approximately 103x69x22-inches and has a water capacity of 198 gallons. It’s designed to be easy to set up when needed and just as easy to break down when the swimming season has ended. This model has two air chambers that are equipped with double valve intakes and a free-flow exhaust valve. It’s sure to be a pool enjoyed by children of all ages and to bring many seasons of swimming fun to any household.

3Intex Easy-Set 8-Foot By 30-Inch Pool


With a bottom diameter of 8-feet, a top diameter of 6.5-feet and depth of 30-inches, this high-quality pool holds approximately 639-gallons of water. This is large enough to allow anywhere from 2 to 4 people to enjoy the cool summer water. This pool has laminated PVC sidewalls for durability and can be ready to be filled with water in as little as 10-minutes. It also comes with a filter pump that helps to circulate the water and keep it clean. And since it has a drain plug, too, this pool is just as easy to empty as it was to fill.

2Sable Outdoor Family Pool


This family size pool is large enough to accommodate 2 adults and 3 children for hours of backyard splashing fun. This product is made out of a durable material that’s lead and Phthalate free and is 50% thicker than most other inflatable pools. It can easily be inflated in under 5-minutes using an electric pump, and it has two separate water valves the double the speed at which water is drained from it. This pool is approximately 92-inches by 56-inches by 20-inches and is appropriate for children ages 3-years and older with adult supervision. All of which makes it a great pool for big summertime fun.

1Big Mouth Rainbow Inflatable Kiddie Pool


With a size of 5-feet wide and approximately 5-inches deep, this inflatable kiddie pool is designed for children 3-years and older. It’s made out of durable nylon, so it can hold up to several seasons of use. This pool also has a vibrant rainbow design that’s sure to make it the main attraction in just about any backyard. However, this pool isn’t just suitable for use as a wading pool. It can also be used indoors as a ball pit by filling it with your favorite balls. And once you’re children are done using this high-quality pool, it can easily be deflated and stored away for next year.


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