Best Outdoor Umbrellas of 2019 – Reviews

A good outdoor umbrella not only protects people from the scorching heat of the sun while they enjoy their deck, patio, or backyard area, but it also adds a sense of style to the area. When careful consideration is paid to their style and color, they can tie together two separate outdoor areas into one distinct and cohesive recreational area that can be used for entertaining or for personal use.

Of course, when purchasing one of the umbrellas, the consumer is also going to want to make sure they purchase one that will hold up to many years of faithful service. To help expedite the process of our readers finding an umbrella that fits their needs, we decided to go ahead and review ten of the best outdoor umbrellas that are currently available for purchase.

Best Outdoor Umbrellas

10Abba Patio 9-Foot Umbrella With Crank


This well-made outdoor umbrella is the perfect combination of durability, price, and style. It has a diameter of 9-feet and features a canopy that’s made from high-quality polyester. This polyester fabric is rain resistant and is also capable of providing up to 1,000-hours of UV protection. This canopy is also resistant to fading, so it will look good for quite some time to come. This model comes with a crank lift that is easy to open and close, and also has a tilt that allows its angle to be changed. And since it has a vented top, consumers don’t have to worry about it inverting or being blown away.

9Rubeder 9-Foot Outdoor Market Umbrella


This 9-foot umbrella is made from durable polyester and is available in conservative beige color. The fabric of its canopy can block up to 98% of the sun’s UV rays and is completely fade-resistant. It’s also rain-resistant as well and is designed to be durable enough to provide the consumer with many years of service. This umbrella comes with a 7.5-inch iron pole and 8 square powder-coated ribs that provide the canopy with a bit of support. These umbrellas are not only good for use in residential backyards, gardens or patios but can also be used to provide shade for restaurant patio tables as well.

8Sunnyglade 7.5-Foot Table Market Umbrella


Even though this table market umbrella is not the biggest outdoor umbrella available or the one with the most features, it is one of the more economical ones currently available. This umbrella has a diameter of 7.5-feet, which is more than large enough to provide shade for a table of 3 to 4 chairs. It also comes with a lightweight aluminum pole that unscrews for easy storage and a push-button tilt mechanism so the umbrella can provide shade from different angles. Other features found on this umbrella include a top air vent, a crank handle and a fade-resistant canopy that comes in colors from black & white to blue or tan.

7ABC Canopy Solar Patio Umbrella


Although the main appeal of most outdoor umbrellas is their ability to shelter those sitting underneath it from the sun, this umbrella is one that can be used at nighttime as well. That’s because on the underside of its canopy are 32 LED lights that are solar-powered and will provide light for up to 12-hours at a time. These solar lights have a rechargeable battery and an easy-to-use on/off switch. This umbrella also has a powder-coated aluminum frame with 8 ribs for stability, a detachable pole and a crank handle. It’s everything a person needs for a party during the day or at night.

6Purple Leaf 10-Foot Double Top Umbrella


This outdoor umbrella has the size and durability to shade just about any outdoor space. It has a 10-foot square double-top canopy that not only is rain-proof but is also fade-resistant and UV-resistant as well. It features 8 heavy-duty ribs that provide the umbrella with the support it needs, and it has a crank system that allows the user to choose from 6-different heights and several different angles. It has a 360-degrees of rotation, to provide the maximum amount of shade, and it’s available in a variety of different colors. All of these things together make this one of the better umbrellas currently for sale.

5Best Choice 10-Foot Umbrella With Crank


This quality umbrella not only comes in a larger size than many comparable outdoor umbrellas but it also seems to come in a wider range of colors. This 10-foot umbrella has 6-steel frame ribs for added support and comes in exciting colors such as yellow, blue, burgundy, grey, green, orange, tan, and light green. It’s made from a UV resistant and water-resistant polyester fabric and is placed on a rust-resistant steel frame for added durability. Other features found on this umbrella include a single wind vent to prevent umbrella inversion, has a crank handle for easy opening, and an easy-tilt system to provide the user with the best sun protection available.

4Hasle Outfitters 9-Foot Outdoor Umbrella


This quality umbrella has a diameter of 9-feet and is available in exciting colors that include orange, beige, dark green or navy. The canopy of this umbrella is made from a fade-resistant polyester that is waterproof and does a good job of shading those underneath it from the sun’s rays. It casts about 48-inches of round shade, which is more than enough for a table with 6 chairs around it. It also has a steel frame and comes with a powder-coated steel pole that has a diameter of 1.5-inches. It’s a great umbrella for use in residential backyards or for use on restaurant patios, gardens or other outdoor areas.

3Blissun 9-Foot Market-Striped Umbrella


With a 9-foot diameter that’s made using a polyester fabric, this canopy umbrella is ready for just about any outdoor activity. It’s big enough to provide shade for 4 to 6 people, and this tent is not only waterproof but is also 98% UV resistant, too. The canopy has a special wind vent that allows for proper airflow and prevents it from inverting. Additional features found on this umbrella include powder-coated aluminum pole and aluminum supporting ribs for additional stability, a crank handle that makes opening and closing it easy, and a tile feature that can be utilized with just the push of a button.

2Uhinoos 9-Foot Patio Umbrella


This patio umbrella is available in either ivory, wine or green, so it’s the perfect complement to anyone’s outdoor decor. It’s made out of a polyester fabric that not only protects those underneath from the rain but also UV radiation emanating from the sun. It’s designed with 8 aluminum ribs that lend it a bit of extra support and it has a wind vent that prevents it from being carried away. This umbrella is also mounted on an 8.16-inch powder-coated aluminum pole and is ready to be placed into a suitably sized umbrella holder. It also features an easy-tilt setting that helps the user keep the sun away from them, no matter where the sun is in the sky.

1Sunnyglade 9-Foot Outdoor Table Umbrella


Designed to be placed into an appropriately sized table stand, this outdoor umbrella can protect anyone dining out in their yard from the rays of the sun. It has an aluminum pole that’s been powder-coated so that it’s weather-resistant and it has a canopy made of 100% polyester. Its canopy is supported by 8 ribs that provide strong support against the wind. Another thing that makes this umbrella extremely stable is that it contains a wind-vent that takes some of the power away from gusting winds and prevents them from carrying the umbrella off. And since it’s available in a variety of different colors, there’s one that suits just about anyone’s outdoor area.


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