There’s nothing better than soaking in a nice warm hot tub or spa. It can really melt away the worries of the day and allow all of the tension to run out of your muscles. However, that’s only true if the hot tub you get into it has been properly maintained. If it hasn’t, then the water inside the spa can quickly turn into a bacterial soup that would be a nightmare for anyone to climb into.

Fortunately, aside from a proper maintenance routine, the best thing that you can do to keep your hot tub clean is to cover it with a hot tub cover when it’s not in use. These covers keep leaves and insects out of the water when they’re not in use, which makes them easier to maintain. To help you find the perfect one for your hot tub, we’ve listed the best ones available.

Best Hot Tub Covers

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10My Spa Cover Spa & Hot Tub Cover


If you’re like most people, you’ve probably not only spent a great deal of money on your hot tub or spa, but you have probably spent a considerable amount of time on it as well. So why use a sub-standard hot tub cover to cover it, when this model is available? This model is designed to be one of the best covers currently available and is designed to fit any hot tub shape up to 96-inches in size. It’s made out of commercial-quality marine-grade vinyl and EPS insulation foam. This cover will not only keep dirt, debris and leaves out of your hot tub, but because it’s insulated, it can provide energy savings, too.

9Covermates Round 80-Inch Diameter Cover


Although this is a basic hot tub cover, it does have a number of things going for it. For example, it’s quite inexpensive, especially when it’s compared to more advanced covers, and it’s made out of 12-gauge commercial vinyl, so it’s durable as well. It also has an elastic hem that allows it to be securely fit any round hot tub up to 80-inches in diameter. For extra stability, this cover is equipped with a polyester liner, too. Even though this cover isn’t insulated, it’s a good solution for keeping bugs, dirt, leaves and other debris out of your hot tub when it’s not in use.

8Covermates Square 84x84x14 Classic Cover


Although this cover might not be as stylish as other covers, it does do a good job of protecting hot tubs from the elements. It’s made out of green vinyl and is designed to be installed on a square hot tub that’s up to 84-inches wide by 84-inches deep, so it provides good coverage. This cover has a special polyester lining that makes it more stable and helps protect it against the elements. And since it also has an elastic hem, it’s easy to fit to just about any hot tub. This cover is the perfect combination of price and function for any hot tub owner.

7Beyond Nice 4-Inch Hot Tub & Spa Cover


Even though some people may list this as a basic hot tub cover, the reality is that this cover does a better job at protecting hot tubs than some of the more “advanced” models. This cover is 4-inches thick, so it doesn’t provide a whole lot of insulation, but it does provide a good deal of protection. This product is made with marine grade stitching and fabric, so it can hold up well to moist conditions. Other features found on this model include padded handles, a one pound density and four tie-down locking straps that help to keep it in place.

6ULTCover Waterproof Outdoor Spa Cover


It’s quite obvious that this hot tub and spa cover is not only designed to look good but is also designed to protect your hot tub or spa all year round. This product is designed to fit hot tubs up to 95-inches wide by 95-inches long and is made from 600D polyester canvas complex that’s backed with vinyl. This cover is UV-resistant and is designed to keep out all weather elements including rain, snow, dirt, dust, leaves, bird dropping and even hail. It’s 100% UV-resistant as well, so even the sun won’t be able to hurt it. All of which makes this cover ideal for anyone with a large hot tub.

5Beyond Nice 6-Inch Hot Tub & Spa Cover


This replacement hot tub cover is manufactured by a company called Beyond Nice, and we think that’s a very apt name for this company because it does appear that they make some very nice products. Take this one for instance. It’s made up to 96 inches wide by 96-inches long and is made with foam cores that are 6-inches thick in the middle and 4-inches thick at the sides. It has two lifting handles for convenience and is made using marine grade polyester thread, and also marine grade mildew-resistant vinyl. It’s a very nice cover for just about anyone’s hot tub.

4Classic Accessories Veranda Large Rectangular Cover


This large rectangular hot tub cover is designed for hot tubs up to 94-inches long by 84-inches wide. It’s made out of a special fabric that repels water very well and has a laminated backing that adds a little bit of extra protection. This cover is manufactured with air vents to reduce the possibility of condensation build up, and it’s also equipped with an elastic hem cord that allows the user to fit this cover tightly on their hot tub. All of this makes this high-quality cover one that just about anyone is going to want to check out, especially if they have a large, rectangular hot tub to cover.

3Classic Accessories Veranda Square Medium Cover


One of the first things anyone will notice about this cover is that it has a very nice look to it. However, this cover isn’t just designed to look stylish, it’s also designed to be effective at keeping leaves and dirt out of your hot tub. It does this using a waterproof and UV resistant cover that can be affixed to the hot tub using its padded handles and adjustable hem cord with toggles. This allows this cover to easily be fit on hot tubs up to 86-inches by 86-inches in size for a custom fit. And since it is also fitted with air vents, it’s less likely to be pulled off by the wind or for condensation to build on it.

2EZ Leaf Cover Leaf Net


It should be noted right away that this leaf net isn’t the most advanced covering a person could buy for their hot tub, but that’s kind of the point. That’s because this cover is designed to be a simple solution for people who want to cover the hot tub when they aren’t using it but don’t want to have to use a complicated cover each time they do it. It allows the user to open and close their hot tub easily, so they can keep it covered in between uses. It’s 8.5 in diameter and is made from a micro-mesh that keeps leaves and dirt out of the spa in between uses.

1Classic Accessories Ravenna Square Medium Cover


This medium sized hot tub cover is specifically designed to be placed upon square hot tubs that are up to 86×86-inches. This cover is 14-inches high, so it will not only cover the top of the hot tub, but it will also come down a bit around the sides for a better fit. Another thing that makes it fit better than some other covers is that it has adjustable cord lock closures that allow the user to adjust them to their hot tubs as needed. Additional features found on this cover include self-supported vents that reduce condensation, padded handles that make the cover easier to install and a UV stabilized water-resistant coating to lock out the elements.

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A Guide To Choosing The Best Hot Tub Covers

You can often tell how well maintained a hot tub is by looking at the cover that’s on it. If the cover fits well and is properly secured to the hot tub, then most likely the spa is very well maintained. On the other hand, if the hot tub cover is the wrong shape for the spa it’s installed on, or it doesn’t fit very well, then the hot tub is not being maintained properly.

We wanted to help our readers do a better job of maintaining their hot tub by writing this guide. Collectively, we know that people have ill-fitting covers on their pool not out of negligence, but because they haven’t bought the right type of cover or don’t know how it should be properly installed. And this guide is going to address those problems immediately.

Choose A Type Of Cover

As promised, the first section in this little guide is one that explains how to buy the cover for your hot tub. In our opinion, the best covers not only fit well but have unique characteristics that can help the cover keep debris out of the hot tub or solve other problems.

The first step in choosing a hot tub cover is to choose the right one for your needs. When it comes to pool covers, there are four different types available and these include soft covers, hardshell covers, solar covers, and seasonal covers. Let’s take a look at each of these cover types more closely.

  • Soft Shell Covers – These are the cheapest and easiest covers for most people to use. They are made from vinyl and can be unrolled easily to cover the hot tub. Due to their delicate nature, however, these covers are probably not suitable for outdoor hot tubs. They are more suited for hot tubs that are used indoors.
  • Hardshell Covers – These are the type of covers that many people are going to want to use for outdoor hot tubs, especially when they’re being closed for winter. They are heavier than soft-shell covers, which makes them harder to install, but they are extremely durable and will hold up to just about any weather conditions.
  • Solar Covers – Solar covers are not a long-term covering solution, but they do have their place in the hot tub owner’s supply arsenal. When used during sunlight hours, these covers can help to reduce water evaporation and heat loss in the hot tub. Solar covers reduce energy costs by up to 70% and reduce hot tub chemical use by almost 40%. This not only means increased energy savings but also savings on hot tub chemicals that need to be used.
  • Seasonal Covers – These hot tub covers are designed for people who live in colder climates. Climates that get a lot of cold, snow and ice. These covers are designed to fit not only on top of the hot tub like a lid but are designed to encase the entire hot tub. This prevents the hot tub from being damaged by large ice or snow accumulations or freezing conditions.

Some Hot Tub Cover Buying Tips

The next step to choosing the best hot tub cover is to keep a few other things in mind. Below are some of our recommendations for buying a great cover for your hot tub. A cover that will keep debris out of it and protect it against the weather.

  • Choose The Density Of The Foam Core – The density of the foam core will determine how well the cover insulates the hot tub. The higher the foam density, the more insulation it will provide. Most experts agree that a cover should have a foam core density of at least 1.5 pounds, more if the hot tub is in a colder climate. Of course, this recommendation doesn’t pertain to solar covers because they have no foam at all and keep the hot tub cool using thermal action.
  • Choose A Heavier Pool Cover – The one way that a person can tell if a hot tub cover is a quality one is by looking at its weight. If the cover has a high weight per square yard, then it’s likely to be quite thick. Most quality hot tub covers are nice and thick because they’re made with a marine-grade vinyl that holds up well to chemicals, rain, sun, and wind.
  • Choose A Quality Brand – Consumers should be wary of hot tub covers that are made by lesser-known companies, especially companies that are selling these covers at a steep discount. There’s just no way that a hot tub cover that costs under $30 is going to be capable of doing the job it was designed to do. For a quality hot tub cover, consumers should look for a cover in the $40 to $400 price range. Covers in this price range are of the highest quality, with the best ones being on the higher end of the price spectrum.
  • Measure The Hot Tub Properly – Before buying a new hot tub cover, it’s important to properly measure the hot tub to ensure that it fits the hot tub correctly. The square hot tub should be measured from lip-to-lip and then 1/2-inch added to the final measurement. This will give the consumer 1/2-inch to properly install the cover on the hot tub.
    The skirt also needs to be measured. Although the cover’s skirt length is mainly cosmetic, it is important to not allow the skirt to be too long. If it’s too long, then it can bunch up around the base of the hot tub, which could allow moisture to build up. If the hot tub has a rail, then measure from the top of the wood rail to the bottom of the hot tub’s acrylic. If no wood rail is present, then measure from the top of the hot tub to the bottom of the spa lip; Add 1/2-inch the measurement to give the cover a little bit of leeway.