Concrete pool decks add a lot of value to a homeowner’s pool area. Not only do they help to support the pool, but they also add to the décor and provide a stable surface for swimmers to walk on. However, the elements can really take a toll on this surface, degrading its appearance and maybe even causing damage to its surface. Fortunately, this can be prevented by applying a suitable deck paint to it.

In our never-ending quest to help our readers improve their pool areas, we’ve decided to do some research and find out which paints for concrete pool decks are the absolute best ones out there. What did we find? We found the best paints for concrete pool decks and have listed them below. Now anyone can improve their pool area and protect it for years to comes.

Best Paints For Concrete Pool Decks

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10KILZ Concrete & Garage Floor Paint


This highly durable concrete floor paint can not only be used on garage floors but can also be used on pool decks and all types of different interior or exterior surfaces. This product goes on smoothly and helps to protect the surface from the elements. It’s also capable of protecting the surface from not only salt and chlorine, but also from gasoline and oil, too. Once applied, this paint dries quickly, and can be touched in about 2-hours or recoated in 4-hours. The best part about this paint, however, is that it’s capable of covering up to 300 square feet of deck area at a time.

9KILZ Over Armor Textured Coating


This product is capable of providing a double coat of paint to approximately 75 square feet of the pool deck surface. Once applied, this product will not only give the surface a uniform look, but it will also help to keep the surface beautiful for years to come and protect it from the elements at the same time. This paint is an acrylic resin formula that can not only be used on concrete pool decks but can also be used on wood as well. And once this product has fully cured, it provides a non-slip surface that will help to reduce slipping accidents from around the pool.

8KILZ Slip-Resistant Decorative Paint


Some of the best pool deck paints available are the ones that can be used for a variety of different surfaces, such as this one. This paint can not only be used on concrete deck areas, but can also be used on driveways, the floors of garages, and even porches or patio surfaces. When applied, this product will cover about 50 square feet of surface per gallon and will provide a slip-resistant surface that helps swimmers stay on their feet around the pool area. This product also helps to enhance and protect the surface it’s applied to, so the homeowner can keep their pool areas looking great for years.

7Encore Coating Cool! Deck Paint


What’s a sign that a particular deck paint is a high-quality product? Well, one sure sign is that it’s used at theme parks all over the country, kind of like this one. This product is used at theme parks, national landmarks, and even resorts, and now it can be used for residential swimming pools areas. This product is extremely easy to apply and provides a quality coating that absorbs heat, provides a non-slip surface, and protects the concrete pool deck all at the same time. That’s probably why it’s used by so many commercial locations for their pool areas.

6INSL-X Sure Step Anti-Slip Coating


This product goes on smoothly and provides a coating that not only protects the pool deck from damage but also provides a non-slip surface. It can be used as a sealing primer for another product or can be used as a stand-alone coating that can be applied to untreated surfaces and provides a beautiful Desert Sand color. This paint isn’t just suitable for use on pool decks, however. It can also be used on a number of other types of surfaces including walkways, stairs, patios, and other surfaces. When applied, it creates a crack-free coating that will protect the surface it’s applied to for many years to come.

5Liquid Rubber Polyurethane Deck Coating


This high-quality pool deck paint is not only suitable for concrete surfaces but can also be used on a variety of other surfaces. It can also be used on wood walkways, metal structures, baseboards, and plywood surfaces, too. This product is easy to apply and provides a waterproof surface that’s resistant to ultraviolet rays. Each gallon can cover up to 100 square feet per coat, with a standard application requiring a minimum of two coats. For surfaces intended to be waterproofed, it’s recommended that four coats of this product are applied. Either way, it creates a nice looking surface that provides years of protection.

4Olympic Non-Slip Deck & Patio Coating


This paint for concrete pool decks and patios allows the consumer to quickly and efficiently update the look of their pool area. This product doesn’t need to be mixed and goes on smoothly, so the homeowner can quickly get back to doing other things. It’s a paint that will cover anywhere from 80 to 120 square-feet per gallon, depending on how it’s applied and creates a surface that doesn’t peel or chip. It also creates a surface that helps to give swimmers a little bit of additional traction to help reduce slipping around the pool area. It’s a quality textured pool paint.

3Dyco 5-Gallon Low-Sheen Pool Deck


Chlorine and salt water pools can really beat up on concrete decks. They can cause pitting and other types of damage to the surface of the deck, which can degrade its appearance and performance. Fortunately, this paint is designed to solve that problem and protect the surface of the deck not only from chlorine and/or salt but also from the UV rays of the sun. This product comes in a 5-gallon bucket, is easy to apply, and creates a beautiful surface when dry. Although it’s probably best to use this paint only on rougher surfaces because it can be a bit slippery, it does provide a beautiful appearance to any concrete deck.

2In The Swim Patio & Deck Paint


This non-slip white deck is not only suitable for concrete pool decks but it can also be used for a variety of other surface and can even be used on patios. Each gallon of this product will cover approximately 100 square feet of deck surface, but consumers will need to keep in mind that first-time applications will require a double coat that will limit its coverage area. Consumers should also realize that if this paint is used on wood surfaces, then the surface has to be primed with a suitable oil primer. All things considered, this is a high-quality and versatile paint that many pool owners should end up appreciating.

1National Pool Finishes Deck Kote


This acrylic water-based deck paint is designed to protect concrete pool decks that are either unpainted or painted. This paint goes on smoothly, is easy to apply, and provides a lasting coat that’s resistive to the chemicals used in modern pools, particularly chlorine. It’s also a Hi-Build coating, which means that it’s also designed to give the swimmer a little bit of purchase when they’re walking on a wet surface. Since this product also protects the deck surface from harmful UV rays, it will allow the surface to last many years longer than it ordinarily would if left untreated.

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A Guide To Paint For Concrete Pool Decks

Anyone looking to get started on their first step to creating a nice looking pool deck area is going to want to read this guide. That’s because we’re going to take some time to educate all of our readers on everything they need to know before purchasing and using paint for concrete pool decks. Okay, since your time is precious, let’s not waste anymore of it and just get right into this article.

The first step to improving the deck area around your pool is to select not only the right concrete deck paint but the best one available. In this section of this guide, we’re going to go over some of the things that you’ll need to think about when choosing a new pool deck paint.

Step One: Consider The Paint That’s Was Used Previously

A great way to determine the paint required for a pool deck is to examine the pain that was on the deck previously. Obviously, if the deck is previously unpainted, this is impossible, but for pools that may have been painted in the past, it’s a great way to find out what type of paint is suitable. Most paint manufacturers have programs that allow the consumer to send in a sample for them to test to see if the paint type is known. If that isn’t possible, then the consumer can do some simple tests to determine what type of paint was probably used on it.

For example, you can take a 1-inch paint chip and submerse it in denatured alcohol. If the chip ends up dissolving in the alcohol, then it’s a water-based acrylic. If it doesn’t dissolve, then move on to test two. Take a different paint chip and place it in a mixture of 75% mineral spirits and 25% Xylol. After 30-seconds, remove it from this solution and rub it between your gloved finger and thumb. If it dissolves, then it’s a synthetic rubber-based coating. However, if it doesn’t dissolve during that step, then take a different paint chip and place it in a solution of 100% Xylol. If the chip dissolves, then the paint is chlorinated rubber. If it doesn’t dissolve, then it’s an epoxy.

Step Two: Consider The Type Of Deck Paint

When it comes to concrete pool deck paint, the consumer generally has three different options available to them. These options include epoxy, premium acrylic, and water-based acrylics. Although there was a point in time in which chlorinated rubber paints were extensively used, over the past few years it has been phased out because of its potential to cause environmental problems. So taking that paint off of the table, let’s look at the 3 deck paints that you are going to want to consider before running out and buying your next deck paint.

  • Epoxy Pool Paints – These paints are solvent-based, and they tend to stand up the best. These paints have a service life of approximately 6 to 8-years, and they are resistant to most chemicals and stains. This product can be used on not only unpainted concrete but also on gunite, fiberglass and plaster pools, too. Or, if the pool has been previously painted with epoxy, it can also be repainted with an epoxy. And finally, because epoxy builds up well, it can also be used to smooth out rough pool decks.
  • Premium Acrylic Deck Paints – This type of acrylic can easily be used on unpainted concrete decks, or on decks that had been previously painted with acrylic paints. It can be applied to either dry or wet decks, and when it dries it creates a finish that has a high-gloss. When used on outdoor pool decks, you can expect them to take up to 5-days to dry with proper ventilation.
  • Water-Based Acrylic Paints – The last type of paint to consider is a water-based acrylic. Of all the paint types, this type offers the quickest drying time. It will dry in approximately 3 days, but unfortunately, it also has a shorter lifespan, so don’t expect it to last longer than 2 to 3-years at the most. This type of paint also doesn’t resist chemicals or stains very well either. That makes it the least preferable of all of the paint types.

How To Properly Paint & Seal A Concrete Pool Deck

This next section is designed to give our readers some useful tips for applying their deck paint once they have secured the best paint for their deck. Although this section doesn’t list every little detail about finishing a concrete pool deck, it does give enough information for consumers to get started on their deck painting project.

  • Step One – Make sure that your concrete pool deck is as clean as possible. This means removing all debris that might be in the area, including any leaves, dirt or dust. Also, make sure to clean up any spots or stains that might be on the surface of the concrete using a quality degreaser and scrub brush. Once all of that has been done, use a pressure washer and thoroughly rinse off the surface of the deck. Allow it to completely dry, and then do a final sweeping of the area.
  • Step Two – Add a 2-part epoxy concrete sealer to a pump sprayer according to the products’ instructions. Spray the sealer over the entire concrete deck evenly and allow it to cure according to the manufacturer’s directions. Once the proper amount of time has passed, you can then move on to step three in the process.
  • Step Three – Add concrete pool deck paint to a tray. If desired, add a non-skid additive to the paint that will provide a textured surface for people walking around the pool. Now spread the paint around the deck using a paint roller with a long handle. Start at one end of the deck and work yourself to the opposite end, making sure to spread the paint evenly during the process. Allow the first coat at least a full day to dry before applying a second coat to it.
  • Step Four – The final step is to seal the deck. Using a new roller pad, pour out a bit of concrete sealer on the deck and use the roller to apply it. Make sure to apply it evenly over the entire surface of the deck. When that’s completely done, make sure to allow the concrete sealer to dry for the amount of time recommended on the label. Although dry time varies from one brand to the next, most concrete sealers will dry in anywhere from 24 to 48-hours. Now the pool deck is ready to be used and enjoyed.