To people who aren’t familiar with them, solar pool covers kind of look like big blankets of bubble wrap. However, although they look very simple, they are in fact one of the most important tools a person can have for their pool. That’s because these covers prevent the loss of water evaporation and can help reduce the pool’s heating costs. In fact, it’s been estimated that these covers can reduce pool heating costs by up to 70%.

Before a person can realize the benefits of these covers, they first have to find one that not only fits their pool but is also well-made. Since there are so many different covers available, we’ve decided to save the pool owner a little bit of work and show them the ten best solar swimming pool covers for their pools, so they can find one that suits their needs.

Best Solar Pool Covers

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10Harris By Sun Solar 24-Foot Round Cover


This 24-foot round solar pool cover is designed to save the pool owner money on chemicals and their pool heating costs. It’s capable of doing this because it is made out of a 12-mil thick material that’s filled with thousands of tiny insulating bubbles. These bubbles help to retain the pool’s natural heat, all while the blanket itself helps to reduce pool water evaporation. And since it allows UV rays through, it’s able to raise the water temperature of the pool by up to 15-degrees Fahrenheit. No pool owner should have to worry about cold pool water or spending a fortune on pool heating bills, and with this blanket, they don’t.

9In The Swim 24-Foot Round Cover


Unlike some of the cheaply made solar blankets out there, this one is made to last. In fact, it’s made so well that it’s backed by a 3-year limited warranty from the manufacturer. They’re able to offer this kind of warranty because they’re pool cover is made from high-quality material and is 8-mil thick. It’s resistant to pool chemicals and from degradation caused by UV rays. This product is also capable of reducing pool water evaporation, helps to keep the pool warmer, and helps lower the number of chemicals that the pool owner has to use in the pool. All of which makes this cover a very good bargain for any pool owner.

8Intex 18×9-Foot Rectangular Pool Cover


Even though this solar pool cover is specifically designed for Intex above-ground pools that are 9-feet to 16-feet in size, there’s nothing preventing this cover from being used on comparably sized pools. This product is made with a durable 160-micron material that contains tiny bubbles in it that act as heat insulators. These bubbles allows this cover to help the pool retain its heat, even as the rest of the cover prevents the pool from excessively losing moisture. And for added convenience, this cover comes with a reel for reeling in the cover when it needs to be stored away.

7Sun 2 Solar 16×32-Foot Clear Rectangle Cover


Although this clear solar cover is barely noticeable when it’s placed on the pool’s water, it actually performs a very important job. Using a network of small air-bubbles, this cover is capable of retaining the pool’s heat and to prevent moisture from being lost to the atmosphere. This not only keeps the pool warmer long but can also allow the pool owner to keep the pool open well after many pools have closed for the season. And because this cover has a unique design, the user can simply cut it down and shape it to allow it to fit their pool better.

6Sun 2 Solar Blue 20×40-Foot Rectangular Cover


Capable of being used with both above-ground and in-ground pools, this solar blanket will reduce pool water evaporation by approximately 95% and can reduce pool heat loss by up to 15%. It has an innovative design that incorporates thousands of bubbles to act as the pool’s own personal insulation layer. This prevents the pool from losing water and heat and also prevents the pool from needing so many chemical supplies. And since it keeps the pool warmer longer, the pool owner can enjoy their pool for longer periods of time than would otherwise be possible.

5Thermo-Tex 15×15-Foot Round Solar Blanket


Anyone looking to extend their swimming season or lower their pool heating cost is going to want to buy the best solar blanket available. And once such blanket that’s perfect for 15-foot round pools is this one. It has a lightweight design that makes it easy to place on the pool, and it’s easy to remove once the summer swimming season is over. Since it acts like your pool’s blanket, it not only reduces heat and water loss but also reduces chemical consumption by the pool. This makes this blanket perfect for anyone looking to make their pool as economical as possible.

4Sun 2 Solar Blue 15×30-Foot Oval Cover


This attractive blue solar cover is designed to help the pool retain its water and its heat. It does this thanks to all of its tiny bubbles that act as insulation. During the day, these bubbles collect the solar radiation from the sun to heat up the pool and help to insulate the pool against heat loss in the evening. This allows less energy to be used to heat the pool and also allows for a longer swimming season. Now no family has to worry about jumping into a cold pool thanks to this cover’s impressive thermal capabilities.

3Intex 15-Foot Diameter Solar Cover


Designed for round pools that have a 15-foot diameter, this solar cover is easy to use and helps the pool retain its heat. Unlike some of the other solar covers available, this model doesn’t fit over the edge of the pool but is designed to float in place just inside the edges of the pool. This makes it extremely easy to remove once its purpose is done. This cover not only retains the heat of the pool, reducing pool heating costs, but it’s also capable of reducing the pool’s evaporation rate. In fact, it has been shown to reduce pool water evaporation by up to 95% when used properly.

2Blue Wave 16×32-Foot Rectangle Pool Cover


This rectangular solar pool cover is 32-feet long, 16-feet wide and stands only 0.5-inch tall. This 14-mil blanket is designed to be quickly installed onto the pool and to be just as easily removed. It’s designed to not only keep debris out of the pool when it’s not in use but to also to reduce evaporation of the pool’s water to the atmosphere. This cover also uses solar heating to increase the water temperature of the pool by up to 15-degrees Fahrenheit. This not only saves on pool heating bills but also extends the swimming season.

1Thermo-Tex 16×32-Foot Pool Cover


This solar pool cover from Thermo-Tex is designed to not only lower the pool owner’s daily operating costs but to also extend their swimming season so they can enjoy their pool longer throughout the year. This cover fits pools that are 16×32-feet and has a pleasant blue “bubble-wrap” appearance. It’s lightweight, so it’s easy to install on the pool and to remove it when the pool is needed. And since this product is made from UV-stabilized polymers, it easily resists degradation from the sun or from chemicals that are the doom of many other pool covers.

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The Pool Owner’s Guide To Solar Pool Covers

Every pool owner is familiar with covers that are placed on the pool at the end of the swim season to keep out leaves and other debris during the winter. However, what some pool owners don’t realize is that there’s a cover that can be equipped on the pool and will help to keep it the right temperature all summer long. And of course, that cover is a solar pool cover.

Solar pool covers are one of the best ways for consumers to keep their pool at the right temperature and to save on heating costs. These covers are truly remarkable and are easy to use. That’s why we’ve decided to make it our mission to inform all of our readers on this subject. After reading this guide, anyone will be able to buy the best solar pool cover for their pool.

How Do Solar Pool Covers Work?

Solar pool covers work by using the power of the sun to raise the temperature of the pool’s water. Think about a glass of lemonade left on a sun dabbled table. As the day progresses, the sun’s rays heat that lemonade and that’s the same process that solar pool covers use to heat the pool. And because there are little pockets of air in the cover, it also acts as an insulator and helps to keep the heat from the pool from escaping. A warmer pool means less energy used to heat the pool and a lower chemical cost for maintaining the pool’s chemistry.

The Benefits Of Using A Solar Pool Cover

Now that we know what a solar pool cover is, it’s time to turn our attention to some of the benefits of using these products for a pool. Below are some of the things we like about these pool covers and the reasons why we think every pool owner should have one of these covers for their pool.

  • Pool water is conserved by up to 40%
  • Pool chemical needs are reduced by up to 40%
  • Reduces heating costs by anywhere from 70% to 80%
  • Most models keep debris out of the pool

The Different Types Of Solar Pool Covers

There are three different solar pool covers currently available. These covers include Bubble Pool Covers, Solar Ring Cover and the fairly new Liquid Solar Pool Covers. Each of these different types of pool covers has its pros and cons, so we decided to take a look at each one individually and find out what each one of these types of solar blanket brings to the table.

Bubble Pool Covers

These solar covers are often referred to as a solar blanket and they do a good job of helping a pool retain its heat. These covers look like tarps that have been made out of bubble wrap, but it’s this design that helps to absorb solar radiation and insulate the pool’s water against heat loss. The tiny bubbles act like insulation, so these blankets can help reduce energy costs by 70%. The bubbles also help keep the blanket afloat so it can continue to do its job.

Solar Sunlight Rings

The next type of solar pool cover that we would like to discuss is Solar Sun Rings. These covers are laid on top of the pool but unlike bubble pool covers they don’t cover the entire water’s surface. Their solar rings do work as heat magnifiers, however, and help to prevent evaporation as it keeps the pool warm. These types of covers work best for people who need to keep their pool’s water warm, but not as warm as what they would get if they used a bubble pool cover.

Liquid Solar Pool Covers

This product is such a new phenomenon that we didn’t get a chance to review them yet. What we do know about these products is that they’re easy to use, although they’re not as effective as other types of solar blankets. It’s a microscopic layer of alcohol that sits on top of the water and helps to prevent evaporation. That allows it to help keep the water warm, but it’s not as effective as a bubble or solar sunlight ring pool covers. Another drawback to this type of product is that it has to be reapplied continuously, so it can become expensive over time. And it also does nothing to prevent debris from blowing into the pool like bubble pool covers.

How To Use A Solar Blanket

The final, and probably most important, portion of this guide is this section on how to use a solar blanket properly. We hope that this section gets rid of some of the misconceptions that people have about these products and shows all of our readers just how easy these solar pool blankets are to use.

Step One: Unfold The Cover

We understand that when solar pool covers are first unpacked that they seem like they’re a pain to deal with, but that problem can easily be rectified by unfolding the blanket it next to the pool. The pool owner should make sure that the bubble size is down and the blanket is spread out. When that’s done, they can then pull it across the water’s surface. Because of the air-filled pockets in the blanket, it will stay afloat during installation, so consumers should have no trouble moving it across the pool.

Step Two: Check To See How It Fits

If the pool owner did their due diligence, then they should have no problem fitting it to the pool, but some people have oddly shaped pools, so in those instances, the blanket might require a little bit of trimming. Consumers can use multipurpose scissors to trim the blanket’s excess, so it fits properly in the pool. The pool owner should make sure that they leave a 2-3 inch flap for the skimmer, so it can be placed under the blanket. This makes removing debris from the pool possible while the blanket is being removed.

Some Final Words

We think that buying and using the best solar pool cover is not only possible but can be managed by just about everyone. And once the pool owner starts using these blankets for their pool, they will quickly find out just how useful they are and how much money they end up saving them in the long run. Anyone who owns a pool will probably want to consider getting one of these fabulous covers for their pool.