Best Above Ground Pool Cleaners of 2019 – Reviews

We’re not going to mince words; Buying the best pool cleaner for your above ground pool is an absolute necessity. If a pool owner doesn’t use a great cleaner, then they’re going to spend more time and more chemicals keeping their pool in good condition. And who wants to spend their entire summer swimming season putting in extra work? It’s certainly not us, and if you’re like the average pool owner, then it’s probably not you either.

In order to save our readers some time and prevent them from having to spend all of their hard-earned cash on pool chemicals, we’ve decided to do some research and find out which cleaners are best for use in above ground pools. What we’ve discovered are the ten best above ground pool cleaners listed below. The following are models that will save time, effort, and more importantly money.

Best Above Ground Pool Cleaners

10Floatron Solar-Powered Pool Cleaner


The Floatron Solar Powered Pool Cleaner is a bit unconventional but it does a great job at cleaning not only above ground pools but also in-ground pools as well. In fact, it can be used to clean just about anything from salt water pools to chlorinated pools. And speaking of chlorinated pools, this model is capable of reducing a pool’s reliance on chlorine. That’s because it uses solar power and a mineral electrode to kill algae in the pool naturally. As it operates, mineral ions are released from this electrode and create an unfavorable environment for microorganisms in the pool. Once this electrode is depleted, it can then be easily replaced with a new one to keep a swimming pool nice and clean.

9Dolphin Escape Robotic Pool Cleaner


This robotic pool cleaner may look scary, but don’t let that turn you away because this model is capable of doing a fantastic pool cleaning job. It has a design that’s absolutely built to handle above ground pools, and it can clean these pools a lot faster than some of its competitors. It’s capable of doing this by using a Hyperbrush that can scrub the floor of the pool to loosen debris so it can be removed. This high-quality cleaner also has tracks instead of wheels, so it can easily adapt to different pool surfaces. And because it uses a cartridge instead of a leaf bag, this little robot is a lot easier to empty when it’s finished its job.

8Aquabot Hybrid Pool Rover/Cleaner


Cartoons and science fiction programs of the past have always predicted that we would have robots in our home and this prediction has finally come true with the Aquabot Pool Cleaning Rover. This automatic above ground pool cleaner travels around the pool on its four wheels to move around the bottom of the pool and uses a water jet propulsion system that can clean the slopes and floor of a 24-foot pool in 60-minutes or less. And this advanced piece of pool cleaning technology also has a little guidance system that allows it to clean just about any above ground pool regardless of its shape.

7Pentair K50600 Kreepy Krauly EZ Vacuum


No pool owner wants to spend time cleaning out their pool, and no one knows this better than Pentair. That’s probably why they designed the Kreepy Krauly K50600 EZ suction-side vacuum. This unit is able to get pools super clean and do it in a timely fashion. It’s designed with just one moving part, so it doesn’t have a bunch of gears or springs that can break or wear out. This model also features a free skimming valve that can regulate the water flow to maximize cleaning efficiency. And since this particular model has a true randomized cleaning pattern, every square foot of the pool will be thoroughly cleaned.

6Hayward 500Y Aqua-Critter Cleaner


Using this suction-side above ground pool cleaner, just about any homeowner can keep their pool looking good. That’s because this model is capable of cleaning out both dished-out and/or flat bottom pool bottoms quite effectively. It has a special Smart Drive System that’s already programmed with the most efficient cleaning patterns available. And because it has a reusable filter saver that slips over skimmer baskets, it’s easy to use and maintain. This unit not only has a cute “bug” design but it also comes with a skimmer cone and 32-feet of hose sections for ease-of-use. Thanks to its power to clean debris out of pool water, it’s the only bug a homeowner is going to have in their pool.

5Hayward 900 Wanda The Whale Cleaner


Some people may be sick of whimsical pool cleaners that are shaped like aquatic animals, but we’re not. This is especially true when it comes to this Hayward 900 Wanda the Whale Automatic Pool Cleaner. That’s because this model not only looks cute but is also capable of really getting an above ground pool cleaner. It’s capable of pulling off this feat because it uses a unique gear system that allows it to balance water flow, so it can move efficiently through the pool’s water. It’s also equipped with a bumper that minimizes friction and keeps it on track. And since it can be installed with minimal tools and in only 10-minutes, it’s easy to use.

4Zodiac Ranger Suction-Side Automatic Cleaner


This automatic pool cleaner ships pre-assembled, so homeowners can have it up and running as soon as they receive it. This efficient cleaner can handle just about all above ground pools, except for soft-sided swimming pools or Intex pools, and it works very quietly. A key feature that can be found on this product includes a deflector wheel that prevents it from becoming trapped in corners, on ladders or on steps. And because it has just one moving part, it doesn’t make the annoying flapper sounds that many of the other pool cleaners tend to make.

3Hayward Penguin 100 Automatic Cleaner


Unless they’ve explored certain areas in the Southern Hemisphere or have been to their local zoo, most pool owners won’t get to see a real penguin in person. But with this little automatic pool cleaner, they can add a cute little penguin pool cleaner to their swimming pool. However, this cleaner just doesn’t look cute, it also has some pretty powerful features. For instance, this penguin has a smart-drive steering system that allows it to navigate the pool quickly and efficiently. It also improves water circulation by drawing pool water in through its bottom as it moves. And it also has three color customization kits that allow this penguin to be customized to its new pool home.

2Zodiac Polaris Turbo Turtle Pressure-Side Cleaner


This cute little turbo turtle will not only amuse your children with its whimsical look, but it will also keep just about any above ground pool cleaner. This model is designed to be used with standard filtering system and pumps that can be found on today’s aboveground pool. It’s capable of working in pools that are up to 5-feet deep, and it can sweep the side and bottom of a pool in approximately 3-hours. That’s because it has a patented jet assembly that automatically loosens particles in hard-to-reach areas of the pool. It can then sweep it into a filter bag, and easily removed for a super clean pool.

1Pentair Kreepy Krauly Lil Shark Cleaner


Although this above ground pool cleaner has a whimsical design, how this product look isn’t as impressive as its features. That’s because it’s designed to cut a 10-inch path through the pool to keep it nice and clean for swimmers. It features two bands of bristles that help to scrub loose debris, debris that’s easily sucked up by its vacuum. Just like a real shark, this cleaner is always moving through the pool to pick up dirt, leaves, and other debris particles that may be lingering in your pool water. And because it doesn’t need to be assembled, all the pool owner has to do is attach it to your pool’s hose, and it’s ready to work.

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