Many homeowners dream of having a hot tub on their deck or patio that they can soak in and just let the day’s tensions fade away. And it’s a dream that’s very obtainable by just about anyone. All they have to do is find the best model available, set it up, and then soak their cares away.

The hardest part of that whole scenario is finding the best spa or hot tub, and that’s where we can help. We’ve found the ten best hot tubs and have listed them below, so everyone can enjoy the health benefits and the luxury of owning a hot tub that they can enjoy for many years to come.

Best Hot Tubs

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10Essential Hot Tubs 14-Jet Cobblestone Newport Spa


One of the things that make this 61x70x29.5-inch hot tub exceptional is that it’s made from a high-quality resin that’s designed to last for years. However, that’s only one of this product’s many great features. It’s capable of seating 4-people comfortably, has 14 hydrotherapy jets that soothe aching muscles, and it doesn’t require an electrician to be setup. It also comes with a GFCI cord for safety, it’s manufactured in the United States, and it has a tapered and insulated cover that’s equipped with clips so that it can be locked during the off-season. All of these features ensure that this is one of the best hot tubs in its price range.

9Coleman SaluSpa 4-Person Portable Spa


Even though this is an inflatable hot tub, it has many of the features that more expensive resin spas usually contain. For instance, it’s equipped with 114 air-jets that help to soothe away a person’s cares and it has a temperature of 104-degrees to help muscles relax. Another key feature found on this spa includes an automatic timer and a well-controlled heating system. Since it’s made with a TriTech material and has I-Beam construction, it’s also designed to last through not just one season but through many seasons of use. It also has 2-handles built into its sides that make it easy to move from one location to the next as needed.

8Intex PureSpa Bubble-Jet Portable Spa


This hot tub has so many features it might not even be possible to list them all in one review, but we’ll certainly give it a try. This model has an inner diameter of 58-inches, an outer diameter of 75-inches, and a height of 28-inches. It’s capable of holding approximately 210-gallons of water and is designed to seat 4-people comfortable. It can also be ready to be filled with just 20-minutes of setup and when necessary, it can be deflated for storage or transport. And it features a temperature range of 68 to 104-degrees. Additional features include a 10-watt hard water system, cover straps, and high-powered jets.

7Lifesmart Rock-Solid Simplicity Spa


This hot tub may not have all of the features of more expensive spas, but it does have a price tag that some people are going to appreciate. This model has a seating capacity of 4-people and it’s equipped with 13-jets that help to work stress from its occupant’s muscles. It’s also equipped with digital controls and even has a 12-volt spa light the includes a blue/red lens cap. Another thing worth mentioning about this spa is that it has a beautiful sandstone Sahara shell that blends in quite well with the decor of most homes. And it’s convenient comfort dial allows the user to keep their tub’s water and air blend perfectly balanced.

6Essential Hot Tubs Arbor Cobblestone Model


The first thing worth mentioning about this hot tub is its construction. It made using a rotationally molded granite resin that’s durable, provides years of service, and has open-style seats that are designed to seat 6-people comfortably. It also has 20-stainless steel jets that help its occupants melt away all the stress of the day. This model is 80.5×80.5×34.5-inches in diameter, has a 250-gallon water capacity, and it comes with a durable 1.5-HP pump. It also features a 110-volt connection that’s equipped with a GFCI cord, so no electrician is needed for installation. It’s truly an all-season hot tub that comes with a tapered cover that includes locking clips, so it can be shut down when necessary.

5Essential Hot Tubs 30Jets Adelaide Spa


This spa is manufactured using heavy-duty acrylic and has the capacity of seating up to 5 people at one time. This model features a full-body lounger and captain’s chairs with mounted pillow headrests that allow the user to relax completely while they enjoy the bubbles from one of the 30-installed jets. If there’s one thing that we would like to mention about this hot tub is that it doesn’t require an electrician for the homeowner to install it. It plugs into any standard 15-Amp outdoor outlet and is equipped with a 110-volt connection with a GFCI cord for safety. That makes it an easy-to-use spa that is capable of being used in just about any home.

4Essential Hot Tubs 50-Jets Polara Spa


The Polara is a hot tub that’s designed as a luxury spa that can seat up to 6-people at a time. Although this product does require a certified electrician to hook up the 240-volt service it needs to operate, it’s otherwise an easy-to-setup spa that should provide the homeowner with the comfort and useability they desire. This tub is manufactured from durable acrylic and is available with either a Grey or an Espresso color cabinet. It also features 50-jets that are manufactured from stainless steel, and an insulated tapered cover that’s equipped with locking clips. This luxury hot tub is sure to provide anyone with the spa experience that they’ve always wanted.

3Intex Pure Spa 6-Person Portable Model


Can an inflatable hot tub seat a lot of people, be easy to set up and use, and provide the user with years of service? If it’s this model from Intex, then it sure can. This high-quality portable spa is designed with all of these features and a whole lot more. It has an 85-inch height, a 65-inch diameter can hold approximately 290 gallons of water, and can hold up to 6-people at a time. This portable hot tub can also be set up in about 20-minutes, and when it’s no longer needed, it can be deflated for easy transport or storage. It’s even has a multi-colored LED light system that’s very comforting. And since it’s equipped with a convenient control panel, it’s also very easy to use.

2Coleman Portable Inflatable 4-Person Spa


This inflatable spa is made using durable materials, has a large capacity of 71×26-inches, and comes with everything a person needs to operate. This model can set up to 4-people, and it’s equipped with 60 surrounding air jets that soothe away a person’s cares. It also has a water temperature of 104-degrees Fahrenheit, has two lift-handles that make it easy to empty, and it even comes with a cushioned floor that’s equipped with a drain valve. And because this hot tub is manufactured using three-ply PVC and I-beam construction, it’s designed to provide years of service to its owner. It’s a great tub for any deck, patio, or backyard area and is sure to be a hit with friends and family.

1SaluSpa Miami Air-Jet Inflatable


Although some homeowners discount the prospect of owning an inflatable hot tub, the truth is that owning one of these models provides them with a few benefits. For one thing, they tend to be less expensive than other models, so they fit well into most people’s budgets. Another thing is that they can be set up easily and taken down as needed. And the third thing worth mentioning is that they work well. Take this model, for instance. It seats up to 4-people, has a rapid heat and efficient water filtering system, and it can reach a temperature of 104-degrees Fahrenheit. It also has an inflated size of 71×26-inches, and it has a 177-gallon capacity. In other words, it’s not only a great hot tub, but it’s also just an inflatable one.

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The Essential Hot Tub Maintenance Guide

Once you have bought the best hot tub that suits your budget and needs, and have set it up properly in your home, it’s time to get some good use of it. And that means that you’re in for the relaxation and entertainment that you’ve yearned for when you first bought one of these spas. Unfortunately, that also means that you need to take a few moments to learn the basics of keeping your new hot tub in good condition. If you don’t keep up on proper maintenance, then your hot tub isn’t going to last as long as it was designed to last.

Hot tub maintenance doesn’t have to be a big ordeal that eats up a lot of your time, however. It only takes a few minutes of your time every week to ensure that your hot tub is in the best working condition possible. To show you just how easy it is, and to provide you with the knowledge you need to do the job properly, we’ve gone ahead and listed some of the maintenance you should perform on your hot tub regularly to keep it in good working condition.

Step One: Keep The Water Circulating

Your hot tub’s pump passes water through its filters to remove contaminants from it. Most hot tubs do this automatically by kicking on the Automatic Circulation Cycle anywhere from 1 to 3 times a day. When this cycle kicks on, the pump will circulate water through the filter and around the tub for at least 15-minutes a day. And that keeps the water nice and clean. If your hot tub has an automatic circulation cycle, then make sure it comes on at least twice a day. If your hot tub isn’t equipped with an automatic circulation cycle, then manually run the hot tub twice a day for at least 15-minutes to achieve the best results. Sure, this will result in the filter having to be cleaned more often, but it will also mean that body oils and contaminants aren’t building up in the spa’s water.

Step Two: Keep Those Filters Clean

Your hot tub’s filters are probably collecting more debris than you think, so it’s important to clean them out regularly. The first thing that should be done is to rinse them off as often as you can, preferably 2-3 times a week. Then you should soak them in a hot tub cleaning solution once a month to remove any stuck-on debris that might be trapped in them. And once this deep-cleaning is no longer effective at getting the filter clean, it’s time to finally replace them with a new filter.

Step Three: Scrub Your Hot Tub

Removing leaves, twigs, and other debris should be done daily to keep your outdoor hot tub in the best condition possible. It’s also a good idea to scrub out the hot tub every week using a quality Hot Tub Cleaner, or white vinegar solution. That will keep the hot tub clean and help to eliminate algae growth or hard water stains that may try to develop.

Step Four: Maintain Proper Water Chemistry

The final step in maintaining your pool and ensuring that it will work well for several years is to maintain proper water chemistry. That means maintaining a pH level in the hot tub of between 7.4 and 7.6. If the pH level is too low, then use pH Up to raise it, and if it’s too low, use pH Down to lower it. It’s also a good idea to use a sanitizer regularly to keep the hot tub in good condition.

It’s also a good idea to use Spa Shock in your hot tub occasionally, especially if it has been sitting idle for a while. This product will instantly kill any nasty organisms that may have been breeding in the water while the hot tub has been shutdown. As is the case with any of the chemicals you use in your spa, however, it’s important to always read and follow all of its directions to achieve the best results possible.

One Final Note…

Now that you know everything you need to do to keep your hot tub in good condition, then all you have to do is follow-through. If you do keep up on your maintenance, you can rest assured that your hot tub is going to give you many years of use. Consider it an investment of time that will help keep your hot tub performing as well as possible.